Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is Polyamory (Multiple Partners) Going Mainstream?

From Hollywood to the Chicago Suntimes: new 'family forms' are being normalized...

From "Wedded to variety: Polyamory, one partner not enough for those who practice 'responsible non-monogamy,' or multiple committed relationships" by Paige Wiser, posted 3/18/08 at the Chicago: Suntimes

When Tilda Swinton won the best supporting actress Oscar for "Michael Clayton," there wasn't too much talk about what designer she was wearing.

But people were curious about her date.

Best supporting actress winner Tilda Swinton created a buzz when she arrived at the Oscars with a date that wasn't her husband.

Swinton, 47, brought along 29-year-old Sandro Kopp, an actor and artist she met while filming "The Chronicles of Narnia."

Nowhere in sight was playwright John Byrne, 67, her husband and father of her twins.

Both men know about each other. And both are OK with it.

You might call the arrangement "awfully messy." Or you might call it by its proper name: polyamory. That's the practice of having more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

"Tilda's relationship situation is exactly like the relationships of many people I know," says polyamory activist Anita Wagner. "Except for the fame and money."

Some people have the capacity to love more than one person, and somehow they have the energy to work at more than one committed relationship, too. Open marriages probably have been around as long as marriage.

It's not a higher love, says Cunning Minx, an Oak Park polyamorist who hosts a weekly podcast at Poly people get jealous just like everyone else. "It's not more evolved, it's just a little more complicated," she says. "People do this because it's an orientation. For some, it's a lifestyle choice."

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This Chicago Suntimes article treats polyamory (multiple partners) as if it’s a perfectly legitimate option. It goes on to mention Warren Buffet and Jada Pinkett Smith as having 'open marriages.' A polyamorist is also quoted in the article describing polyamory as an ‘orientation.’ Where have we heard that before?

Remember, many school anti-discrimination policies now include the term "sexual orientation." So, in the not too distant future, can we expect that school administrators, in the service of making polyamorist teens "feel safe" and to stop the abuse and harassment of polyamorist teens will be inviting polyamorist panels to come to share their stories of suffering and woe with our children?

In addition, Oprah and Lisa Ling did an entire show on poly “marriage” that re-aired last night — and it was presented as though it’s all about silly prejudices.

Remember also that mainstream left wing activists came out with a manifesto 2 years ago calling for legal recognition of polygamists, polyamorous and homosexual unions. "Beyond Marriage" was signed on to by all the mainstream major players on the left, including Gloria Steinham, Cornel West, LGBT activists and loads of law professors from very prestigious law schools around the country. Here's a quote from the document:

"We advocate close attention to such efforts to provide material support for the widest possible range of household formations."

Stanley Kurtz has written an excellent article, "Beyond Gay Marriage, the road to polyamory" regarding the inevitability of the slippery slope of legalized same-sex marriage leading to to polyamory (group marriage).

While the public is digesting the idea of “GLBT” the real goal is total “sexual freedom” AKA sexual anarchy...