Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Take a Stand Against the 'Day of Silence"

The stated goal of the Day of Silence is to stop bullying. Their unstated goal is to teach our children to think of homosexual and cross-dressing people as an oppressed minority instead of a group of people seeking validation for their particular sort of sexual behavior. Now hear this: It is not necessary to promote homosexuality in order to oppose bullying.

If you intend to join many parents who will take a stand against this year's Day of Silence (April 25, 2008) by keeping your children home from school that day, here's an easy way to communicate your intentions to your local school district administrators: CLICK HERE to add your name to the list of parents from your local school.

Your name and E-mail address will NOT be shared with anyone other than your own local school district, and you will NOT suddenly receive E-mails from any organization. You know that you can trust Culture Campaign to protect your E-mail address from undesired usage.

This is your chance to really DO SOMETHING practical in response to the Day of Silence.
Protect your child and send a message to educators. School administrators and teachers should NOT permit the public school classroom to be used as a platform to advance the homosexual 'rights' agenda.

Please USE THIS LINK to pass this on to every parent you know who would like to join in this effort.