Monday, February 08, 2016

Feminists vs. Super Bowl Ad 'Humanizing Fetuses'

The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) lambasted a Doritos commercial that aired during the 50th Super Bowl yesterday because an unborn child was depicted in an animated ultrasound image as being aware of his/her surroundings, including of the father with his Doritos snack chips.  The recognition of a fetus as a functioning human being (personhood) is the antithesis of abortion advocacy.

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-- From "NARAL goes on angry Super Bowl tweetstorm" by Kristen East, Politico 2/7/16

NARAL Pro-Choice America, a leading advocacy group on the issue of abortion, started firing a string of tweets about ads running during Super Bowl 50 on Sunday night, criticizing several in particular as "transphobic" or "sexist."

The group had announced it would be live-tweeting the event to call out "sexist" advertisers and their creations. . . .

Snack companies couldn't catch a break, apparently. NARAL called out a Snickers commercial for being "transphobic" and a Doritos ad for "humanizing fetuses" . . .

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From "Abortion rights group is mad at Doritos Super Bowl ad" by Jennifer Brett, Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2/8/16

In the commercial, a guy munching away on a bag of Doritos during his wife’s ultrasound attracts the attention of their unborn child, who makes a hasty exit, presumably to share Dad’s snack.

NARAL also complains that the ad reinforces “sexist tropes of dads as clueless and moms as uptight.”

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From "Super Bowl Ads Are a Hit for Mountain Dew, Miss for Doritos" by Gerry Smith, Bloomberg Business 2/7/16

Don’t mess with babies. Unless they are attached to puppies and monkeys.

That is one of the marketing lessons to come out of Super Bowl 50 . . .

For better or worse, Pepsi’s Doritos brand certainly knows how to create some buzz. In one of its Super Bowl spots, a woman is getting an ultrasound while her partner stands by, eating Doritos. She gets upset at his lack of decorum and throws a chip across the room. Her unborn fetus goes after it, and everyone screams. . . .

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From "Abortion group attacks Super Bowl ad showing ultrasound" by Kelly Sloan, Trunews 2/8/16

One of the biggest abortion groups in the U.S. has attacked one of Sunday’s Super Bowl ads for being “anti-choice”, but the commercial was about Doritos.

The National Abortion Rights Action League also accused Snickers of being “transphobic” for an ad which depicts a grumpy man wearing the white dress made famous by Marilyn Monroe. Once he ate the candy bar, he turned into the real Monroe, because he wasn’t hungry any more, according to Breitbart.

The group also blasted a Hyundai ad on Twitter, calling it “sexist” and “misogynistic”, when an advertisement aired about a dad following his teenage daughter on a date. They claimed his concern for his child was taking away her autonomy and “stalking her”, as The Daily Caller reported.

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