Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Christian Lawmakers, Gov. Overturn Charlotte Radicals

North Carolina legislators, along with Governor Pat McCrory, intend to overrule the Gay/Transgender Agenda ordinance that passed this week 7-to-4 in the Charlotte City Council, which takes effect on April Fool's Day.
“The Charlotte City Council has gone against all common sense and has created a major public safety issue by opening all bathrooms and changing rooms to the general public.  I join my conservative colleagues and Governor McCrory in exploring legislative intervention to correct this radical course."
-- Tim Moore, Speaker, North Carolina House of Representatives
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-- From "N.C. city's vote to expand transgender rights draws state opposition" by Colleen Jenkins, Reuters 2/23/16

The Charlotte City Council expanded the city's nondiscrimination ordinance late on Monday to add protections for marital and familial status, sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity.

State House of Representatives Speaker Tim Moore, a Republican, said he would consider legislation to block the measure, which some critics fear would allow sexual predators to gain access to women's bathrooms.

Charlotte was one of the largest U.S. cities without a law explicitly protecting the LGBT community from discrimination, according to the Human Rights Campaign, a civil rights group based in Washington. The revised law takes effect on April 1.

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From "NC lawmakers vow to overturn Charlotte transgender law" posted at WRAL-TV5 (Raleigh, NC) 2/23/15

[Gov.] McCrory, a former mayor of Charlotte, said changing restroom rules could "create major public safety issues."

About 140 members of the public got one minute each to offer their opinions to the Charlotte City Council before Monday's vote. The council chambers were filled to capacity, and some speakers had to await their time outside.

Several hundred people stood outside in a wind-driven rain to protest, holding signs saying "No Men In Women's Restrooms" and "Keep Kids Safe."

Chris Williams, a 30-year-old father of three, passed out "No" stickers to the crowd, saying most Charlotte residents "stand with religious values."

Conservative activists have called on lawmakers to pass legislation to protect what they say are the religious rights . . .

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From "After LGBT vote, NC House speaker says lawmakers will ‘correct this radical course’" by Steve Harrison and Jim Morrill, The Charlotte Observer 2/23/16

When the ordinance goes into effect, a baker would no longer be able to refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Other vendors would have to cater LGBT events, even if it is against their religious beliefs.

The city couldn’t revoke a business license if someone violated the ordinance. But it could seek an injunction that would force a business to comply.

If only the bathroom provision were removed, the other protections would stay, including those for transgender individuals.

A year ago, council members voted to remove the bathroom provision from the ordinance. But two council members, John Autry and LaWana Mayfield, voted against that version of the ordinance out of principle. They said they wouldn’t leave some members of the LGBT community behind.

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From "Conservatives push back on transgender bathroom rights in North Carolina" by Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times 2/24/16

As LGBT activists around the U.S. turn their attention toward expanding rights for transgender Americans, they have met growing opposition from lawmakers in conservative states who have repeatedly focused on bathrooms.

Forty-four bills that limit bathroom and locker room use or allow business owners to deny service to transgender people are currently under consideration in 16 states, according to a report released Monday by the Human Rights Campaign, a national LGBT advocacy group.

The City Council first deliberated over a package of LGBT protections in March 2015 . . . But in the next local election, last November, the Human Rights Campaign and other advocacy groups got involved and helped elect two new council members who supported protections for transgender people.

"I think it's just inappropriate," Republican Sen. David Curtis, who represents a district outside Charlotte, told the Lincoln Times-News. "We have rules in our society and that's just one of the rules in our society. This liberal group is trying to redefine everything about our society. Gender and marriage — just the whole liberal agenda."

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From "Franklin Graham Says Charlotte Transgender Bathroom Bill Is 'Wicked, Filthy'" by Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor 2/24/16

"Shame on Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and the city council members" for passing the ordinance, [Billy Graham Evangelistic Association president Franklin] Graham wrote Tuesday, after the vote on the measure, which also says businesses can't discriminate against gay, lesbian or transgender customers and applies to places of public accommodation, such as bars, restaurants, stores as well as taxis.

If the ordinance were put to a vote in Charlotte, "I'm sure it would be overwhelmingly defeated by Democrats and Republicans alike," Graham wrote, praising council members Ed Driggs, Claire Fallon, Greg Phipps and Kenny Smith who voted "No."

"Are people just not thinking clearly? This law would allow pedophiles, perverts, and predators into women's bathrooms. This is wicked and it's filthy. To think that my granddaughters could go into a restroom and a man be in there exposing himself … what are we setting our children and grandchildren up for? There's not a public restroom in Charlotte that would be safe!"

Graham added that Charlotte's mayor and the supporting City Council members have perhaps "succumbed to the pressures from depraved sexual activists and are willing to put women and girls at risk like this."

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