Sunday, December 08, 2013

Penn. Catholic School Fires Homosexual Teacher

When Michael Griffin told administrators of Holy Ghost Preparatory School near Philadelphia that he would be "marrying" another man, the leaders told him that such action would result in him being fired for breaching the employment contract requirement to live in conformance with Catholic teaching.  After taking such action, and being fired, Griffin went before media cameras criticizing the school for holding him to his contract, thus advocating President Obama's insistence on passing new legislation (ENDA) to force Christian schools to hire anti-Christians.

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Many teachers have sued Christian schools for being fired over immorality issues, but the U.S. Supreme Court ruling over President Obama's DOJ gives churches freedom to fire & hire, therefore, in order for President Obama's Gay Agenda to take precedence over the Supreme Court, Congress would have to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

-- From "Catholic school teacher fired for gay wedding" by The Associated Press 12/7/13

Father James McCloskey, the school's headmaster, said in a statement that faculty at the school are required to follow church teachings, NBC Philadelphia reported.

He said in the statement that Griffin's decision "contradicts the terms of his teaching contract at our school, which requires all faculty and staff to follow the teachings of the Church as a condition of their employment. In discussion with Mr. Griffin, he acknowledged that he was aware of this provision, yet he said that he intended to go ahead with the ceremony."

Griffin, who graduated from the school and has taught French and Spanish there for 12 years, said that his relationship with his partner of 12 years wasn't a secret from the school and that his partner had even been to McCloskey's house.

Griffin lives in New Jersey, which became the 14th state to recognize same-sex marriage in October.

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From "Holy Ghost Prep teacher: I was fired because I'm gay" by Chad Prdelli, WPVI-TV6 (Philadelphia) 12/6/13

Michael Griffin says he emailed the principal of Holy Ghost Prep earlier in the week saying he may be late Friday, that he was applying for a marriage license. After an in-service day he says he was called into the office of School President Father James McCloskey, along with Principal Jeffrey Danilak.

Griffin explains, "He said, 'It's not really a secret here that you're gay.' I said, 'Correct.' He said, 'I assume this is a same sex marriage.' 'Yes.' He said if I go through with it, he had no choice but to terminate my position."

In tears, he left. His over a decade-long tenure at Holy Ghost was over.

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From "Holy Ghost Preparatory Teacher Allegedly Fired For Getting Gay Marriage License: Report" by Hunter Stuart, The Huffington Post 12/7/13

Holy Ghost Preparatory is a 116-year-old all-boys private Catholic high school in Bensalem, Pa., about 15 miles northeast of Philadelphia. Griffin graduated from the school in 1996 and taught French and Spanish there for nearly 13 years before being fired on Friday, according to the school's website.

While Griffin's fate may sound outrageous, the U.S. still has a long way to go to protect homosexuals from workplace discrimination. Under federal law, Pennsylvania state law, and by law in 28 other states, it is still perfectly legal to fire someone because of their sexual orientation.

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