Sunday, December 29, 2013

Abortion Clinic Closings Set Record; Admit Defeat

Even liberal media sources would admit, although rarely report, that America is turning against abortion in favor of life at a record pace, as an all-time high of 87 abortion clinics closed in 2013.
“These numbers show that the pro-life movement is gaining ground and that the abortion industry is collapsing – mostly due to its own negligence and greed, which has been exposed by their unwillingness and inability to comply with even the most rudimentary safety standards.”
-- Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue.
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-- From "The Year Anti-Choicers Found Success by Arguing Abortion Is Too Dangerous to Allow Women Access" by Amanda Marcotte, Slate 12/23/13

In state after state, but most notably Texas, anti-abortion legislators passed a series of laws designed to make legal abortion care seem incredibly dangerous for women (it's actually very safe and much safer than continuing a pregnancy) and therefore requiring extensive regulations that just happen to be out of the reach of most clinics, forcing them to close down. One popular new regulation is requiring abortion clinics to meet ambulatory surgical standards that cost clinics millions of dollars to satisfy . . . Another is forcing doctors to have hospital admitting privileges to perform abortions. Problem is that many abortion doctors can't get them . . .

The faux concern for women's health, unfortunately, looks like an effective strategy so far. Since 2011, 73 abortion clinics have closed or stopped performing abortion, and roughly half of the closures are due to the new regulations. A big chunk of the clinics are in Texas, where a court battle to block the hospital admitting privileges regulation was lost, forcing at least a dozen clinics to stop performing abortion.

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From "Pro-Life Victory: A Record 87 Abortion Clinics Closed in 2013" by Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue, 12/23/13

The total number of surgical abortion clinics left in the U.S. is now 582. This represents an impressive 12% net decrease in surgical abortion clinics in 2013 alone, and a 73% drop from a high in 1991 of 2,176.

Of 87 clinics that discontinued surgical abortions, 81 are permanently shuttered while 6 abortion businesses ceased surgical abortions, but continued to sell that abortion pill. The figures do not include the 11 abortion clinics that were closed temporarily in 2013, then reopened later in the year.

. . . In November, the Centers for Disease Control released its latest abortion figures that showed a 3% decrease in abortion numbers in 2010. This decrease is in keeping with a 20 year abortion trend.

While national abortion numbers are three years behind, some states have more recent abortion numbers that confirm that additional oversight and watchdog efforts by pro-life groups close abortion clinics and save lives.

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From "The Vanishing Abortion Clinic" by Esmé E. Deprez, Bloomberg Businessweek 11/27/13

At least a dozen clinics in Texas have closed their doors or stopped offering the procedure in the past month after a federal appeals court and the U.S. Supreme Court let the new statute take effect. The Texas law is emblematic of a shift in the tactics of abortion opponents: State-level laws targeting women and providers have become a more effective tool than the past noisy clinic blockades and violence against doctors. Since 2011, legislatures in 30 mostly Republican-controlled states have passed 203 abortion restrictions, about as many as in all of the prior decade. At least 73 clinics have closed or stopped performing abortions. New laws are responsible for roughly half of the closures, while declining demand, industry consolidation, and crackdowns on unfit providers have also contributed to the drop.

In 1992 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled states could pass restrictions that don’t present an “undue burden” to women seeking abortions, made legal in all 50 states by the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

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