Friday, August 30, 2013

Tennessee College OKs Homosexual Indoctrination

Columbia State Community College officials have concluded that psychology professor Dr. Linda Brunton was right to require students to participate in a "gay pride" assignment.  Christian students, referred to by Brunton as “uneducated bigots,” complained that she infringed on their constitutionally-guaranteed right of conscience.
"I don't really see why it would be much of a problem if it's an assignment, I mean people should be more open-minded, we're in college, anyway."
-- Ivan Jones, Junior at Columbia (Tennessee) State Community College
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-- From "Teacher cleared in gay rights inquiry" by Ric Bohy, Columbia Daily Herald 8/29/13

The investigation was conducted by Randy Elston, director of the Columbia State Human Resources Department, whose findings were submitted to the college in a document dated Aug. 26.

[Elston's conclusions include:]

* The issue of homosexuality is part of the course content and appears in several textbook chapters. Brunton’s comments in class could have been tempered with “more sensitivity,” he added, but were within the bounds of academic freedom.

* While many students in all three classes were uncomfortable with the assignment for religious reasons, “I also believe that (Brunton) in some cases did not consider those beliefs and the impact on students when she was dealing with this subject matter.”

* Only four of the 43 students who participated in the assignment received a grade of zero. Two of them “who allegedly received a zero because of their religious beliefs” turned in an optional assignment that they knew was not written according to instructions.

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From "Professor Orders Students to Support Gay Rights" by Todd Starnes, 6/18/13

A Tennessee community college professor ordered her students to wear ribbons supporting gay rights and said those who believed in the traditional definition of marriage are just “uneducated bigots” who “attack homosexuals with hate,” according to a legal firm representing several of the students in the class.

Students in a general psychology class at Columbia State Community College were directed by their professor to wear “Rainbow Coalition” ribbons for an entire day and express their support for the homosexual community, said Travis Barham, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom.

According to her faculty page, Brunton is a member of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Educators Network and lists diversity issues among her professional interests.

The students were also barred from defending or explaining any other views regarding homosexual conduct, dismissing such arguments as “throwing Bible verses” at her,” the attorney said.

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From "Tenn. Professor Requires Students to Support Gay Rights, Calls View of Those Opposed to Assignment 'Ignorant'" by Alex Murashko, Christian Post Reporter, 6/19/13

When several students objected to being forced to support conduct that violates their faith convictions, Brunton brushed aside their concerns, described their views as "ignorant and uneducated," and explained that she hoped this assignment would cause them to change their beliefs, ADF stated. Regardless of their convictions, students had to express the views in a paper about the assignment she mandated in order to receive class credit.

The ADF letter explains that "for at least seven decades, the Supreme Court has consistently ruled that the government may not compel a citizen to say what he does not want to say." The letter points out that the Supreme Court has specifically ruled that "the First Amendment protects the right of individuals…to refuse to foster…an idea they find morally objectionable."

"College officials must respect their students' constitutional freedoms, including freedom of speech and freedom of religion," added Senior Counsel Kevin Theriot. "Compelling students to utter government-approved ideas is not education, but an abuse of power. We hope Columbia State acknowledges this and ensures that its professors stop forcing any students to endorse views with which they disagree in order to receive a passing grade."

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