Sunday, August 25, 2013

Homosexualists Persecute Florida Christian Official

After Miami-Dade County commissioners advocating for an expanded "gay rights" ordinance were forced to drop it due to public pressure generated by Christians, homosexualists have now launched a smear campaign against Lynda Bell, the lone commissioner of twelve who publicly voted against the measure.  Bell is an outspoken pro-life Christian who was key to the reinstitution of prayer at Commission meetings in December 2012.
"The Miami-Dade Commission deferred, then finally dumped this misguided, discriminatory ordinance. Meanwhile voter opposition to this type of legislation continues to grow nationwide."
-- Dr. Eladio Jose Armesto, Chairman, Florida Democratic League (FDL)
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-- From "Miami-Dade Fails To Pass Transgender Amendment To Human Rights Ordinance" by Vanessa Martin, Huffington Post 8/14/13

In May, the county's largest gay rights group, SAVE Dade, introduced a "TransEquality" campaign "to pass a trans-inclusive countywide Human Rights Ordinance" that would amend Miami-Dade's 1998 anti-discrimination law. The law protects gays and lesbians, but doesn't include language for transgender rights.

The proposal seemed on track when, sponsored by Commissioners Bruno Barreiro and Audrey Edmonson, it passed on its first reading with an 11-1 vote -- with Bell casting the lone vote against it, according to the Miami Herald.

The amendment then went to the Health and Social Services Committee, of which Bell is a member.

The committee then decided to defer the discussion; Tuesday, its co-sponsors were forced to drop the proposal when it didn't have enough committee votes.

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From "SAVE Dade: Commission Vice Chairwoman Lynda Bell responsible for failed gender identity law" by Steve Rothaus, Miami Herald 8/14/13

"Time and again Commissioner Bell has taken the side of bigotry and discrimination," SAVE Dade Deputy Director Maria Barth said in a news release after commission co-sponsors dropped a proposed addition to the county’s gay-rights ordinance.

Bell struck back by calling the SAVE Dade attack “dishonest and slanderous.”

“I am one vote on the commission, and I do not have the power to single-handedly derail any piece of legislation,” Bell said in a statement to the Miami Herald. “To indicate or suggest otherwise, based on the results of one preliminary vote is misleading at best and divisionary and inflammatory at worst.”

After lobbying by Miami-Dade's statewide Christian Family Coalition, the committee declined to discuss the proposal at its July 8 meeting and originally decided to defer until Aug. 26. Realizing the committee votes weren’t there, co-sponsors dropped the proposal on Tuesday.

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From "Not having enough votes, Miami-Dade County drops plan for trans-inclusive human-rights ordinance" by Steve Rothaus, Miami Herald 8/14/13

“The commission has decided to withdraw the item in order to allow more time to educate the county commission on this important issue,” said Maria Barth, deputy director of SAVE Dade, the county’s leading gay-rights group.

The county’s existing gay-rights law that passed in 1998 doesn’t cover transgender people. Monroe County and Key West updated their human rights ordinances in 2003, Miami Beach in 2004, Palm Beach County in 2007 and Broward County in 2008.

Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, said Tuesday’s decision “is the step that needed to be taken.”

“It’s fairly apparent the education failed and the politics failed,” she said. “They now know who they need to educate and who they need to advocate with.”

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From "Miami-Dade Commission defers, then finally drops, harmful proposal" posted at Christian Family Coalition (CFC) 8/14/13

[CFC's] organized field and lobbying effort effectively communicated the message that the proposed "Transsexual" ordinance was discriminatory, unnecessary, and undermined public safety. The campaign culminated on July 8th, when more than two-hundred and fifty pro-Family, Human Rights advocates showed up at Miami-Dade County Commission chambers calling for a "NO" vote on the harmful, ideologically-based measure.

Miami-Dade is not alone in rejecting this dangerous and discriminatory "Transsexual" ordinance. Just this year, the Florida legislature rejected a similar proposal as did the City of Jacksonville last year along with at least half a dozen other municipalities across the country.

Our thanks to the entire coalition of human rights organizations and individuals that generously worked in this effort, especially Florida State Representative Daphne Campbell (D) North Miami.

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From "Bathroom wars: Transgenders get flushed" by John Aman, World Net Daily 8/24/13

The victory in liberal Miami-Dade “is really landmark,” said Christian Family Coalition executive director Anthony Verdugo . . . “Last Wednesday, August 14, to the glory of God, the sponsors publicly announced that they were withdrawing it.”

The Miami-Dade campaigners developed a coalition of 17 Republican, Democrat, human rights and religious organizations and worked with numerous churches to educate and mobilize the opposition.

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From "Miami-Dade LGBT activists to pursue passage of gender identity non-discrimination law" by Steve Rothaus, Miami Herald 8/18/13

Realizing last week that they didn’t have the votes, SAVE Dade members asked commission co-sponsors to pull the proposal. The group immediately blamed Bell for the defeat, and the next day thanked [Audrey] Edmonson, [Bruno] Barreiro, [Sally] Heyman and [Barbara] Jordan.

State and national LGBT activists believe eventually the law will pass.

“We’re going to meet with commissioners again to make sure the support is there, and the education is there, as well,” said Maria Barth, deputy director of SAVE Dade, the county’s leading LGBT rights group. “Then we’re going to continue with our ground game, our advocacy work within the county. Our staff is completely committed to passing this ordinance.”

Miami-Dade, where singer and Florida orange juice spokeswoman Anita Bryant led a 1977 repeal of the county’s original gay-rights ordinance, again banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in 1998. Voters upheld the law in 2002.

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