Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kansas Abortionist Not Guilty (per jury, anyway)

A jury in Wichita acquitted late-term abortion doctor George Tiller of 19 abortion-related charges Friday, but his legal troubles are far from over.

-- From "Jury finds abortion doctor not guilty on 19 charges" by Jim Sullinger, The Kansas City Star 3/28/09

Numerous complaints against Tiller, 67, have been on file with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts and are active. Most were filed by anti-abortion groups such as Operation Rescue and Kansans for Life.

The board announced Friday it was moving ahead with a complaint that alleges 11 counts of violations of the Healing Arts Act. Those include performing an abortion of a viable fetus without a documented referral from a physician not legally or financially affiliated with him.

The complaint was filed in December but not released until Friday.

The 19 misdemeanor charges considered by the trial jury involved similar allegations. Prosecutors had alleged that a doctor he used for second opinions, Ann Kristin Neuhaus, was essentially an employee of his and not independent as state law requires. The jury didn’t agree.

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