Saturday, March 07, 2009

Student Inundates Catholic College with Condoms

The very liberal Boston Globe newspaper, presents a non-catholic student, who disagrees with Catholic teaching on birth control, as some sort of savior to the abstinence-only "student oppression."

-- From "Catholic college bars student's free condoms" by Peter Schworm, Boston Globe Staff 3/5/09

Frustrated that her college does not distribute birth control, Stonehill College senior Katie Freitas decided she would do it herself.

After collecting hundreds of free condoms from two family-planning agencies, she and about 20 classmates placed boxes of the contraceptives in student dormitories across the Easton campus last month.

But when administrators at the Catholic school learned of the effort, they quickly intervened and collected the condoms, citing the college's ban against distributing birth control on campus.

"We're a private Catholic college," Martin McGovern, Stonehill's spokesman, said yesterday. "We make no secret of our religious affiliation, and our belief system is fairly straightforward. We don't expect everyone on campus to agree with our beliefs, but we would ask people, and students in particular, to respect them."

The dispute at Stonehill echoes debates on access to birth control on other Catholic campuses in the region.

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