Friday, December 12, 2008

Iowa Drops Employee Ban on Christian Charities

Lawsuit persuades Iowa officials to allow state workers to choose Christian causes for payroll deductions

-- From "State ban on Christian charities dropped" © 2008 WorldNetDaily 12/12/08

It's at least the fourth state in which the dispute has arisen, according to officials.

The newest situation has been resolved with an agreement from the Iowa Department of Administration to let state workers contribute to faith-based charities under the state's Iowa One Gift program, the [Alliance Defense Fund] said.

"Religious charities providing critical social services should not be discriminated against simply because they practice their religious beliefs and hire persons who share them," said M. Casey Mattox, litigation counsel for the Center for Law & Religious Freedom of the Christian Law Society, which also worked on the case.

Officials said the state agreed to correct rules that previously excluded faith-based organizations from getting voluntary donations through a payroll deduction system.

The same issue also has arisen in Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin, officials said.

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