Friday, December 19, 2008

Homosexual Boots Salvation Army Off Post Office

Salvation Army bell ringers' 25-year tradition at the Brea, CA post office ended by activist complaint

-- From "Man sought to have Salvation Army collectors moved from post office" by Lou Ponsi, The Orange County Register 12/16/08

Postal Service regulations prohibit any organization from soliciting on its properties.

On Nov. 24, when Sean Thomas saw the iconic bell ringers at the Birch Street post office – staffed by employees of the Evangelical Christian Credit Union – he decided to speak up. The Salvation Army is a Christian organization.

. . . the 65-year-old Brea resident . . . is chairman of human resources for the Unitarian Universalist Church in Fullerton.

Thomas, who is gay, said he was partly motivated because he views the Salvation Army as anti-gay. A Salvation Army official today disputed that characterization.

Brea Mayor Don Schweitzer [said,] "First off, I don't believe that it is a church-and-state issue. . . It's an issue of a charity raising funds for the needy of the community. It saddens me that there is a member of our community that would take action and reduce those funds that we've been counting on for 30 years."

Salvation Army spokesman Barry Frost said bell ringers are still posted in front of post offices in Placentia, La Habra and Huntington Beach.

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