Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Carolers Attacked by Pro-abortion Protesters

-- From "Peaceful Singing and Disruptive Counter-Protest Mark League's 6th Annual 'Empty Manger' Caroling Day" posted at Pro-Life Action League 12/22/08

The Pro-Life Action League's sixth annual "Empty Manger" Christmas Caroling day was by far the most eventful year yet. For the second year, the League sponsored two tours, one in Chicago and one in DuPage county, visiting abortion clinics singing Christmas carols to bring light and hope to those dark places.

As the carolers began to arrive at American Women's Medical Center, so did the opposition. The League had found out the day before that a group was trying to organize a "counter-protest." But since efforts to organize protests of League events in the past had usually been unsuccessful and poorly attended, no one was concerned.

As soon as the protesters saw they outnumbered the carolers—and that a reporter from a local radio station and a video camera from a TV station had arrived—they began chanting their usual slogans: "Who decides? Women decide."

Several or the pro-abortion protesters placed themselves right next to carolers, shouting in their faces. But the carolers continued to sing, ignoring their opposition. "These people are trained to anger pro-lifers and get them to respond," Ann Scheidler said. "It is so important that we do not take the bait, that we do not respond to their anger with our anger. We cannot give them that kind of power." In spite of their best efforts, the protesters could not start a fight.

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