Wednesday, February 20, 2008

UK: Anglican Bishop Fined $92,000 for Refusing to Hire Homosexual Youth Worker

In addition, the diocese's costs in fighting the case are expected to be around $97,000

From "Bishop fined in gay discrimination case" by Nick Britten, posted 2/2/08 at

A bishop has been ordered to undergo equal opportunities training and to pay a gay youth worker nearly £50,000 ($97,000 US) for refusing him a job because of his sexuality.

John Reaney, 42, had his appointment at the diocese of Hereford blocked by the Bishop of Hereford, the Rt Rev Anthony Priddis, despite being told by his interviewers that he was the outstanding candidate for the post.

During a two-hour interview with Bishop Priddis, Mr Reaney claimed he asked intrusive questions about his sexuality which had left him feeling embarrassed, upset and "a total waste of space".

He was so upset he broke down in tears on the way home. Three days later the bishop telephoned him to say his application had been unsuccessful.

He took the Hereford Diocesan Board of Finance to an employment tribunal and said today he was "delighted" with the payout.

He added: "Lesbian and gay Christians working within the Church of England are entitled to be treated with humanity."

Ben Summerskill, chief executive of the gay rights pressure group Stonewall, added: "We're delighted that the tribunal has sent such a robust signal, both to the bishop and other employers.

"The substantial level of compensation sends out a very clear message. Not even a bishop is above this law."

The compensation includes £25,000 for future loss of wages, £8,000 for future pension loss, £7,000 damages for psychiatric injury, £6,000 for injury to feelings, £1,320 for counselling and £25 for costs incurred seeking work.

The diocese's costs in fighting the case are expected to be around £50,000 ($97,000 US), but a spokesman said this was being met by an anonymous donor.

But the diocese will have to pay the £47,000 compensation award from its own funds.

Perhaps you have wondered if you would have the faith and courage to die for Christ. That is not the right question for American Christians to ask themselves. The more pertinent question appears to be, are you willing to sacrifice your financial prosperity for Christ?

Unless the Church wakes up and shouts a resounding NO! to this nonsense, some of us will have to answer that question sooner than we think...

Choose whom you will serve and start serving Him NOW by standing up for righteousness and speaking the truth about the homosexual 'rights' movement in the circumstances of your own life - at work, in your childrens' school, your church, your local government, the local newspaper, etc. - wherever the lies are being told...Be a witness.

We ought not think that we will be able to muster up the faith and courage in a big decision for Christ if we have compromised all along the way in the small ones...

God will grows us through our small choices so that when and if the day comes that we are forced to choose between continued financial prosperity or the truth, witnessing to the truth will be just one more step in a "long obedience in the same direction..."

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