Monday, February 18, 2008

E.R. Discovers the Problem With Postmodernism

From "E.R. discovers the flaw of post-modernism" posted on

Prime-time tv is not a place where we would expect to find a 'rubber meets the road' dramatization of the problem with the post-modern worldview. This remarkable video clip shows clearly the emptiness, shallow platitudes and uncertainty inherent in modern day spiritual wisdom...

Watch the video clip here.

Would you be capable of answering this man's questions? Could you explain the Gospel to him (or someone like him) clearly if you had the opportunity? Could you tell him how he could be forgiven? If not, you need to learn how.

A great but simple way to explain the Gospel comes to us from Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron at Way of the Master ministries. Click here to learn.

We must all be prepared with an answer for the hope that we have...