Saturday, February 02, 2008

Intrusive Gay Bill Moving Through CA Legislature

Critics say it's the first step toward establishing quotas for homosexuals

From "Intrusive Gay Bill Moving Through CA Legislature" by Terry Phillips, posted 2/1/08 at

When first written, the California bill would have required a private foundation to gather information about its operations pertaining only to race and gender. Becky Burgoyne, legislation analyst with the California Family Council, says it was soon amended.

"They have now expanded that to all foundations. And so they're all included now, but they also put in sexual orientation."

Jeff Johnston, a gender analyst at Focus on the Family, finds the demand, to gather information on sexual orientation, ironic.

"On the one hand, you have people on the left saying, for years, that they don't want the government in the bedroom. And then here they are trying to collect information about what happens in the bedroom."

The current proposal only requires information be "gathered." Johnston says that won't last

Tragic and astonishing in its absurdity...A quote by Christian author and researcher, Allan Dobras, says it all,

“It should be abundantly clear to even the most casual observer that the homosexual rights movement is out of control and has gained immense momentum. Homosexuality in its several forms (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender—GLBT) has become the cause celebre of our time and shredded the fabric of rational thought."

–Alan Dobras, “Is Anybody There? Does Anybody Dare?”

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