Sunday, January 31, 2016

Satanists to Lead 'Prayer' in Phoenix Government

Some members of the Phoenix City Council would like to restrict Satanists and others from opening prayers at council meetings, but that may NOT be possible.
"Consistent with the U.S. Supreme Court’s direction, the city cannot dictate religious viewpoints or the content of a prayer. In addition, government may not exclude a denomination or a religion from praying under these circumstances."
-- Brad Holm, City Attorney of Phoenix, Arizona

"I strongly disagree with this group's message. However, the First Amendment protects free speech. As offensive as that message may be, the Constitution demands equal treatment under the law."
-- Mayor Greg Stanton
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-- From "Satanic group to give prayer at Phoenix City Council meeting" by The Associated Press 1/29/16

The Arizona Republic reports that the Satanic Temple submitted a request in December to give the invocation for a City Council meeting. Temple members Michelle Shortt and Stu de Haan are expected to do so on Feb. 17.

The city’s invocation has been delivered by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and people of other faiths.

De Haan says the group doesn’t intend to do anything offensive. He says they don’t believe in a literal Satan but view the biblical Satan as a metaphor for rebellion against tyranny.

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From "4 Phoenix city councilmen trying to block Satanist prayer" by Dustin Gardiner, The Arizona Republic 1/30/16

While some Phoenix leaders have objected, the city has said it will let the Satanists pray. City Attorney Brad Holm defended the decision in a statement released Thursday.

Councilmen Sal DiCiccio, Bill Gates, Jim Waring and Michael Nowakowski are pushing a proposal to change how the city schedules the invocation. The plan would let the mayor and council members take turns inviting different religious groups to give the prayer.

Waring said the proposal could prevent the Satanic Temple from turning the council's Feb. 17 meeting into "a circus." The group could still give an invocation at a future meeting, but a council member would have to personally invite them.

Other city leaders have defended the satanists' right to speak under the First Amendment. . . .

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From "Phoenix council members try to block Satanic church from giving meeting prayer" posted at KTAR-FM92.3 (Glendale, AZ) 1/29/16

[Satanist Stu de Haan] said people have been concerned about the satanic prayer, but a lot of them don’t understand the religion.

“We’ve gotten a lot of ridiculous questions, like are we going to sacrifice babies and what we’re calling ‘blood libel,’” he said. “There’s nothing ever like that in Satanism.”

“We should have our voice and we believe that reason should trump superstition in general,” he said.

De Haan said the group is not looking to shake any feathers or make changes to the city’s process. His group just wants to be included in the broader religious spectrum.

“We are Satanists and we are your friend,” he said.

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