Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Miss. Police Chief: City Prayer Meetings Thank God

Jackson, Mississippi Police Chief Lee Vance invited everyone to gather in the courtroom for the regular civic prayer meeting to thank God Almighty for the falling crime rate, and to ask Him to guide police to reduce crime further.  This power-of-prayer event included songs by Brown Elementary School students.
“We asked for help and help was received.  This was simply an opportunity for [us] to give a public acknowledgement that we received help and that we are thankful to the Creator for it.”
-- Lee Vance, Chief of Police, Jackson, MS

“Jackson is a good example for every other city in the state to begin to have city prayer.”
-- Jim Sullivan, resident
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-- From "JPD Chief Lee Vance addresses crime in prayer meeting" posted at WJTV-TV12 (Jackson, MS) 1/15/16

The event saw law enforcers from several different agencies joined together through prayer for the Metro.

Each leader that headed to the podium led the crowd in a different prayer. Participants included Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber, councilman DeKeither Stamps and many others [including Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Cedrick Gray].

The Jackson Fire Department chief said the number of fire deaths had dropped 90% since last year.

The prayer meeting started one year ago. Chief Vance says the goal is to eventually do them every three months.

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From "The Power of Prayer: Jackson Leaders Call on a Higher Power for Change" by Terrance Friday, WJTV-TV12 (Jackson, MS) 1/15/16

Some say the prayers are needed now more than ever. While there was a 17 percent reduction in felony crimes, that still equals out to almost 20 a day. Vance says his focus is on making a difference.

This is by no means a declaration of victory,” Chief Vance said. “What the numbers represent is an affirmation that the tactics we use are having some positive affect. Our job is not done until we have little or no crime at all.”

“I believe in the power of prayer and so we will join with them in prayers for Jackson,” [Alexis Episcopal Church Priest, Chuck] Culpepper said. “We want to be here. We want to be a part of the redevelopment of downtown Jackson. . . .”

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