Sunday, August 24, 2014

Child Pornography Allowed by Illinois Library Vote

Library trustees in Orland Park, IL voted, again, to allow unfiltered Internet access in the computer lab as a First Amendment right to local perverts, however the revised policy allows librarians to intervene if one patron's masturbation is legitimately disturbing another patron.
"There is no child pornography crisis here."
-- Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Deputy Director, American Library Association's Intellectual Freedom Office
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-- From "Orland library told to revote on Internet access policy" by Dennis Sullivan, Special to the Chicago Tribune 8/15/14

The Illinois attorney general's office has directed the Orland Park Public Library board to revote on public access to online pornography and several other policy changes approved and at a March meeting.

The Attorney General's Public Access Bureau found that the board agenda and elected officials failed to adequately inform the public "of the nature of the matters under consideration and the business being conducted."

The state agency's decision responds to a complaint by Mokena resident Megan Fox who, with Chicago resident Kevin DuJan, has been trying to get the library board to modify policies that allow unrestricted online access, including to pornography, on library computers.

The Orland Park library, with the backing of the American Library Association, has cited the First Amendment as one reason for its policy that does not restrict Internet access in its adult computer area.

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From "Orland Park Public Library keeps Internet access policy" by Mike Nolan, Southtown Star (Chicago Sun-Times) 8/19/14

Before the 4-2 vote, some patrons asked the board to install a filter to prevent people from being able to view pornographic material while online, and two library trustees said they supported the use of filters.

Trustee Dan Drew told his fellow trustees that a firewall or filter “protects us, protects our community,” and that visitors to the library “don’t need to be looking at nasty stuff.”

He was supported by Trustee Julie Ann Craig, who said patrons want “to enjoy and feel comfortable” in the library, and that “my job is to protect the community.”

Board members Beth Gierach, Nancy Healy, Diane Jennings and Denis Ryan voted to continue to allow unfiltered access.

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From "Orland library revotes to keep Internet policy permitting porn" by Lauren Zumbach, Chicago Tribune reporter 8/19/14

In a 4-2 vote, trustees again settled on a compromise: keep Internet access unrestricted in the adult computer lab while strengthening a patron behavior policy to make it easier for librarians to intervene if one patron's computer use disturbs another.

The library's most vocal critics, including Fox and DuJan, have accused library staff and trustees of covering up incidents of public masturbation and child pornography access and supporting policies that make the library unsafe for families.

[Trustee] Jennings said a majority of more than 100 northern Illinois libraries that displayed Internet policies on their websites did not filter Internet access on computers used by adults, according to research by library staff.

"If we could find a filter that covered only child pornography and things considered obscene by local standards, I'd have no hesitation. Unfortunately, no one has come up with that," Jennings said.

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