Saturday, August 16, 2014

Arizona Court: 'Pregnant Man' Can Divorce 'Wife'

The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that an Arizona mother of several children, who lives as a bearded man after having her breasts removed, is free to divorce the co-mother of three of her children, whom she "married" in Hawaii — now desiring to marry a third woman — despite the Arizona constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one person with male DNA and another person with female DNA.

These days, "you can't tell the players without a scorecard."

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-- From "Arizona Appeals Court: 'Pregnant Man' can get a divorce" by Michael Kiefer, The Arizona Republic 8/14/14

[Thomas] Beatie, 40, was born female, but in 1997, he began testing to determine his psychological gender, and in 2002 underwent the first of his gender-reassignment surgeries. Under Hawaiian law, he was able to have his birth certificate amended and be legally recognized as male. He subsequently married.

Because his wife was unable to conceive children, and because Beatie still had female reproductive organs, he was artificially inseminated and became pregnant.

Then he hit the talk-show and tabloid circuit as the "The Pregnant Man," posing with his manly beard and chest and his very pregnant belly. He gave birth to his first child in 2008 and had two more by 2011.

But in March 2013, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Douglas Gerlach ruled that Beatie's marriage was between two females because Beatie had given birth. Same-sex marriage is illegal in Arizona.

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From "Same-sex-marriage ban can't stop transgender divorce" by Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services 8/13/14

Thomas obtained an amended birth certificate after getting what Hawaii required: an affidavit from a doctor testifying that psychological and medical testing determined his “true gender” to be male. He also went through some surgery to change his appearance.

In an unusual decision, the judges said the only relevant fact for an Arizona judge to consider is whether the state that solemnized the marriage recognized the spouse as male.

Judge Kenton Jones, writing for the unanimous appellate court, said it would be a constitutional violation for Arizona to fail to accept Hawaii’s decision this was a heterosexual couple.

But the court made it clear that it was not saying that same-sex couples legally married elsewhere could seek a divorce in Arizona.

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From "VICTORY! Marriages of Transgender People Ruled Valid by Courts in Arizona and California" posted at Transgender Law Center

The Arizona Court of Appeals echoed the arguments made in Transgender Law Center’s amicus brief that because “the right to have children is a liberty interest afforded special constitutional protection”—“one of the basic civil rights of man”—it would not interpret the Arizona or Hawaii gender-change statute as “prohibit[ing] giving birth as a prerequisite to gender redesignation.” The court also held that to deny Thomas Beatie legal recognition as male “would run afoul of the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.”

“Divorce is hard enough as it is. Nobody expects the government to contest it. After two and a half long years, I’ve finally been legally vindicated and validated not only as a husband, father, and a man, but as a human being,” said Beatie. “Hopefully now, other transgender people in Arizona and throughout the country don’t have to live in fear of their marriages, families, and identities being challenged and disrespected just because of who they are.”

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