Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Georgia Fugitive Abortionist Captured in Germany

Charles Rossman, 68, pled guilty yesterday of criminal abortion after leading authorities on an 11-year world-wide manhunt, then finally being arrested earlier this year by German police with the help of INTERPOL and others. Rossman received a ten-year sentence for illegally giving a woman abortifacients in an attempt to kill her baby -- a baby born shortly thereafter in his office in Valdosta, Georgia in 2003.
“Another Gosnell-like abortionist has been convicted of crimes and is behind bars. This is a victory for justice, for the women Rossman preyed upon, and for the innocent babies whose deaths from which Rossman profited.”
-- Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue
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-- From "Fugitive Georgia Abortionist Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Criminal Abortion" posted at Canada Free Press 6/17/14

The case stemmed from an incident in 2003 when Rossman dispensed a handful of abortion pills to a 23-year-old woman who was beyond 30-weeks pregnant, then coldly walked out of the office and locked the door, leaving the woman in labor and alone.

After receiving a 911 call from the woman, police arrived and broke into Rossman’s office in time to see her giving birth to a baby boy. Both required emergency hospital care.

The case was particularly shocking due to the callous nature of Rossman’s treatment of his patient and the advanced stage of her pregnancy. Unlike some states, such as New Mexico and Maryland, abortions that late in pregnancy are a crime in Georgia.

Facing certain criminal charges and the possible revocation of his medical license, Rossman fled the country and evaded capture by moving from one European country after another.

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From "Valdosta doctor arrested, extradited from Germany" by Colter Anstaett, WALB-TV10 (Albany, GA) 2/16/14

At a press conference today, Valdosta Police chief Brian Childress said Police responded to what was at the time Rossmann's office on Patterson Street in Valdosta on May 9, 2003.

Upon arrival Rossmann was nowhere to be found. They did find a female patient at the office.

"A few days later," Childress continued, "[the] Valdosta police Department, based off our investigation, obtained an arrest warrant for one count of performing a criminal abortion by Doctor Rossmann. During that time, we determined that Doctor Rossmann had fled the country."

Detectives from the Valdosta Police Department along with an Investigator from the State of Georgia Medical Composite Board investigated the case and discovered many more issues which led to the multiple criminal charges against Rossmann.

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From "Physician’s days as fugitive are over" by Kay Harris and Adam Floyd, The Valdosta Daily Times 2/12/14

Rossmann is facing charges on multiple counts of criminal abortion, drug charges, and a Federal Bureau of Investigation warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, according to the VPD. Childress said more charges may be added. Rossmann is not eligible for bond.

Officials began investigating Rossmann in May 2003 when a 23-year-old woman called 911 following what was described as a botched late-term abortion which resulted in a live birth. The male infant, born at 31 weeks, died 12 days later after being transferred to Shands Hospital in Florida.

In Times articles chronicling the allegations and investigation in 2003, it was reported that on May 3, 2003, a 23-year-old woman allegedly seeking an abortion in her third trimester met Rossmann at his office. He reportedly supplied her with medicine to induce an abortion, but at some point, for reasons that were not explained, the woman was left alone in the building. When she could not reach Rossmann, and in the process of giving birth, she called 911 and paramedics reportedly had to break into the office to get to her and the child. The infant survived for 12 days.

When reports of the incident became public, several other women contacted authorities with similar stories, prompting an investigation.

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