Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gay Savage Sells Sex App for Univ. of Oregon

The Health Center at the University of Oregon has launched sexual performance training demonstrations including computer applications to teach teenagers, especially virgins, how to have sex of all kinds, with any and all genders.  To kick off the virtual orgy, taxpayers funded a $24,000 fee to well-known profane and obscene homosexual gossip guru Dan Savage.
“The idea is to bring the conversation of sex out of the dark. This is something that is not only important but fun, too.”
-- Sarah Sprague, University Health Promotions Department

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-- From "UO pays sex, relationship columnist Savage $24,000" by The Associated Press 11/2/13

The university released Savage's contract to the Eugene Register-Guard following a public records request. Savage helped launch a new UO smartphone app called SexPositive to help educate students about health and sexuality.

Keith Van Norman, marketing manager for the University Health Center, says the Savage event filled a 300-seat ballroom and drew 150 additional students to an overflow room.  Savage also met with students, filmed an episode of a UO video series, was interviewed by the media and had dinner with health program interns.

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From "What happens when my breast touches a stuffed animal? The Health Center’s SexPositive App knows" by Paulina Liang, Daily Emerald (UO student newspaper) 10/5/13

SexPositive, which was originally called O Spot, is designed to inform users about S.T.I. risks, communication with sex partners and sexual concerns. The app consists of two wheels that can either be manually or randomly spun to align two body parts or a body part and a sex toy. When aligned, the device displays information potential S.T.I. risks, safer sex practices and communication advice.

SexPositive is created with the intent to give students the right information and to demystify the subject of sex. Health Promotion Marketing Manager Keith Van Norman wants to make sex a subject that students can be comfortable discussing.

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From "University of Oregon Health Center Launches SexPositive App" posted at PRWEB 10/21/13

"SexPositive is an amazing, fun and completely addictive sex ed app," said Dan Savage, New York Times bestselling author and sex advice columnist.

The app aims to combine technology, language and tone that appeal to 18-23 year olds to help students make healthy sexual decisions. The goals of the app are to decrease transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and sexual violence, increase healthy communication, and establish the Health Center as a trusted resource of information for students.

According to Keith Van Norman, health promotion marketing manager at the UO Health Center, the app expands the definition of “safer sex” to encourage not only protection but also partner communication. Additionally, the app provides video content of conversations about sex and ways to express explicit consent.

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From "Sex columnist Dan Savage visits UO" by Savannah Wasserman, Daily Emerald (UO student newspaper) 10/16/13

When Savage strolled onto the stage, members of the audience cheered and praised his presence. There was not an empty seat in the Lee Barlow Giustina ballroom at the Ford Alumni Center.

“You guys are setting the agenda tonight, so however dirty or inappropriate the conversation gets — it’s your fucking fault,” Savage said followed by laughter and amusement from the audience. And from there, the night progressed.

Savage has been writing his advice column Savage Love since 1991, touching on issues relating to his passion, opinion and beliefs of sex and relations. He has been known to push the boundaries of sexuality and the pursuit of sexual desires by opening people’s minds to the many different representations of sex. This is his second visit to the UO since 2011.

Throughout the lecture, Savage addressed questions of a wide variety of sexual topics including the importance of sexual education, to kinks and fetishes, experimentation and communication as well as same-sex marriage.

As he flipped through from card to card, he answered questions dealing with the sexual act of fisting to gorilla suit fetishes; the roaring response from the audience was unanimous.

“It’s really important to make his time as rich of an experience as possible and I think this really did that, which was really great,” Van Norman said. “The crowd seemed really stoked to have him.”

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