Friday, June 07, 2013

New Yorkers Could Become Extinct due to Abortions

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced a plan to increase abortion in New York state, already the abortion capital of America.  In New York City, the majority of black children never make it out of the womb alive and nearly half of all pregnancies end in abortion.
“If Cuomo’s legislation succeeds, New York will be sanctioning unrestricted, virtually unregulated, and taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand, making it the most radically pro-abortion state in the nation.”
-- Dr. Charmaine Yoest, Americans United for Life
For background, read Black Genocide in New York City (nearly 2 of 3 killed in womb) and also read New York City Liberals Choose Abortion NOT Procreation

-- From "Cuomo to push his abortion proposal amid obstacles" by The Associated Press 6/3/13

Cuomo drew swift opposition in January after he issued his rousing, repeated battle cry of: "Because it's her body, it's her choice!" in his State of the State address that ignited supporters seeking expansion of abortion rights. But Cuomo has framed his proposal as simply protecting the current rights under the Roe v. Wade court decision in 1973, which is widely supported in public opinion polls and in the Senate and Assembly.

"The women's equality bill language has been crafted in a way that creates a real litmus test on Roe v. Wade for members of both parties, making it impossible to vote against for anyone who wants to say they support a woman's right to choose," said Cuomo spokesman Matt Wing.

New York state law enacted three years before Roe v. Wade allows late-term abortions after 24 weeks only when a woman's life is danger. The 1973 federal law allows late-term abortions if a woman's health is danger — a lower hurdle.

Supporters of Cuomo's proposal also see a need to protect women in the event Roe v. Wade is struck down by a more conservative U.S. Supreme Court.

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From "Cuomo Women’s Rights Plan May Hinge on Abortion Proposal" by Jesse McKinley, New York Times 6/5/13

The governor has made the proposal a central part of his plan to reclaim New York’s progressive mantle . . .

In the Assembly, where Democrats have a big majority, the abortion measure is likely to pass. But in the Senate, where Democrats hold a narrow numerical majority but do not have a functional majority, even if the measure came to the floor for a vote, it is not clear what would happen; most but not all Senate Democrats support abortion rights, and most but not all Senate Republicans oppose abortion.

Senator Jeffrey D. Klein, a Bronx Democrat who leads the four-member Independent Democratic Conference that shares control of the Senate, said he supported an even broader plan for women’s rights than the governor’s 10-point act, but also hoped “that abortion does not become a political football used to divide legislators.”

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From "Poll: Two-thirds support Cuomo’s abortion plan" by Jimmy Vielkind, Capitol bureau, Times Union (Albany, NY) 6/6/13

A poll released this morning by Quinnipiac University finds two-thirds of New Yorkers surveyed back Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to create an affirmative right to an abortion and codify in state law federal court rulings that allow women to have a late-term abortion for health reasons.

Quinnipiac broke down its response to the Cuomo-proposal question by age, race, gender and party affiliation. Republicans were split, with 46 percent of those surveyed indicating support compared to 45 percent who were opposed and 9 percent who were unsure. Support among men and women was roughly the same — within the poll’s three percent margin of error. The poll found 58 percent of self-identified Catholics supported the proposal, compared to 32 percent who said they oppose it.

Different polls, including one commissioned by the pro-life Chiaroscuro Foundation, have phrased questions differently and found less support for abortion.

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From "Cuomo’s Bill for Late-Term Abortions Would Protect Kermit Gosnells" by Steven Ertelt, 6/4/13

“The technical impact of Gov. Cuomo’s efforts would be to block commonsense regulations of abortion—an often dangerous medical procedure, especially later in pregnancy,” said [AUL's Charmaine] Yoest. “He essentially creates a ‘Back-Alley Abortionists Empowerment Act’ that will remove the few legal protections in place in New York and sanction an environment where more women will be victimized and hurt by an unregulated and unrestrained abortion industry.”

. . . abortion advocates have argued that New York needs Governor Cuomo’s legislation to ensure that abortion is permitted and protected in the state should Roe v. Wade be overturned or further undermined. However, in the 1994 decision Hope v. Perales, the due process provision of the New York Constitution was interpreted as protecting a woman’s right to abortion in the state.

“In light of recent, tragic deaths at the hands of Big Abortion, advancing legislation that enables abortionists to harm more women and girls makes no legal sense at all,” said Dr. Yoest. “The headlines are full of news of women’s health being neglected in abortion clinics. Governor Cuomo should not champion a bill that would unleash such victimization on New York women.”

The Reproductive Health Act would . . . Allow non-physicians to perform abortions; Prevent any limitation on use of taxpayer funds to curtail New York’s Medicaid policy of paying for abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy . . .

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From "Statement of the Bishops of New York State on Abortion Bill" by Timothy Cardinal Dolan and the Bishops of New York State 6/4/13

We are profoundly distressed by the introduction of a bill in New York State today that would ease restrictions in state law on late-term abortion and runs the serious risk of broadly expanding abortion access at all stages of gestation. This legislation would add a broad and undefined “health” exception for late-term abortion and would repeal the portion of the penal law that governs abortion policy, opening the door for non-doctors to perform abortions and potentially decriminalizing even forced or coerced abortions. In addition, we find the conscience protection in the bill to be vague and insufficient, and we are concerned about the religious liberty of our health facilities. While the bill’s proponents say it will simply “codify” federal law, it is selective in its codification. Nowhere does it address the portions of federal laws that limit abortion, such as the ban on taxpayer funding, the ban on partial birth abortion or protections for unborn victims of violence.

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