Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pelosi Appeals to Saint to Pass ObamaCare

Self-professed Catholic, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calls on one of the most prestigious patron saints of unborn children, St. Joseph, but erroneously does so claiming the occasion of 'the wrong saint.'

-- From "Transcript: Pelosi Press Conference March 19, 2010" posted at Time Magazine

"Today is the Feast of Saint Joseph, the Worker [sorry Nancy -- wrong saint for today!], particularly significant to Italian-Americans. And it is a day that we remember and pray to Saint Joseph to benefit the workers of America. And that is exactly what our health care bill will do.

". . . You see behind me an array of organizations, significant organizations, who are supporting health care reform. That list grows by the moment, since it was printed. The AFL-CIO has given its firm endorsement. The Catholic Hospital Association has endorsed the legislation. I am pleased that we got a letter representing 60 leaders of religious orders, sisters. I'm pleased to say that the School Sisters of Notre Dame and the sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, two sisters who taught me in my life are on the list. Every order that you can think of is there saying they wanted us to pass this life-affirming legislation. So as I say, that list goes on and certainly with more to come."

From "Pelosi prays to St. Joseph for Health Care bill" by Pamela Luther, Roman Catholic Examiner 3/19/10

Nancy Pelosi, self-named ardent Catholic, claims today that she is praying for St. Joseph’s intercession for passage of the health care bill this weekend.

Today is St. Joseph husband of Mary feast day.

This is a strange connection because when one thinks who St. Joseph is-- the foster father of Jesus Christ. When Joseph was told by the angel that his betrothed, Mary, was pregnant by the Holy Spirit and carrying Our Lord, he stood by her and married her.

According to Jewish law of that day, he could have had her stoned to death for adultery. But Joseph listened to God and married her. He is the patron saint of many causes. Many Catholics have a strong devotion to St. Joseph's his patronage because of his goodness and kindness. For more information see St. Joseph Statue.

For truly ardent Catholics, it would appear that Pelosi’s statement is hypocritical at the very least. This so-called Health Care Bill will allow federally paid abortions, something that our country has never embraced.

To think that St. Joseph would intercede for legislation that would promote more abortions paid by our tax dollars is quite frankly, preposterous. Those who are pro-life find this to be most repugnant.

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