Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Christian Talk About Bible Banned at School

"When the whole class is done working, other kids can talk about what they want and not get in trouble." . . . no one seems bothered when students use that time to talk about doing drugs, having sex or drinking.
-- From "Park sophomore finds himself in principal’s office after religious ‘debate’" by Janine Anderson, Journal Times (Racine, WI) 2/28/10

Nathan De La Garza keeps one book close at hand these days: His Bible. . . . He makes a point of carrying it at Park High School, where he is a sophomore.

With his Bible out, Nathan said, there's always the potential for a talk about religion. Several students have tried out his church's youth group after talking with him.

He has had some real conversations about religion, he said. A friend who is a Jehovah's Witness offered to trade Bibles, Nathan said. A Muslim girl in his class has talked to him about her faith.

But one day, a teacher didn't seem to approve of his discussion with a friend, he said, during time when students were allowed to talk. The teacher asked him to stop talking about religion, Nathan said, and when he came to class the next day, she handed him a pass to talk with an assistant principal.

He said the principal told him - "in a nice way" - to stop talking about religion during class and "to keep it to lunch and out of school."

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