Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nudists Petition UK Government for Equality like Homosexuals

Clearly, much of Europe is past the point of no return on the slippery slope . . .
“The presumption of many in society that a person without clothes is always up to no good is archaic and discriminatory.”

-- From "Harriet Harman eyes up naturists’ claim for equality protection" by Robert Watts, London Times 8/23/09

The Government Equalities Office, which is overseen by Labour’s deputy leader [Harriet Harman], is promoting claims that devotees of skinny dipping and nudist campsites suffer prejudice equivalent to that experienced by gays, ethnic minorities and the elderly.

A submission written by British Naturism has been included in a review into discrimination. “Naturists encounter prejudice in employment,” it reads.

“This is a particular problem for people in the caring professions and education. Any occupation requiring an enhanced Criminal Record Bureau check is potentially a serious problem.”

British Naturism has 16,000 members but claims there could be 1.2m naturists in the country, with many choosing to cover up their hobby.

It is urging the government and other authorities to make “affirmative statements” in favour of naturism and combat the financial penalties endured by those who pursue clothes-free leisure pursuits. Entry to naturist nights at council swimming pools is often twice as expensive as admission on other nights.

Andrew Welch, commercial manager of British Naturism, said the type of discrimination suffered by naturists today was similar to that endured by gay people before the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967.

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