Thursday, August 13, 2009

CA Homosexualists Admit Losing in Marriage Battle

Bowing to the advice of political consultants and pollsters, officials from a major gay rights advocacy group announced Wednesday that they will wait until 2012 to return to California voters with an initiative legalizing gay marriage.

UPDATE 8/14/09: Homosexualists battle over waiting or not waiting

-- From "Gay rights group will wait until 2012 to challenge Prop. 8" by Jack Chang, Sacramento Bee 8/12/09

The leaders of Equality California, which calls itself the largest gay rights advocacy group in the state, said they won't try to qualify a measure on the subject for the 2010 ballot despite demands from many gay and lesbian activists seeking quicker movement on the issue.

That decision, however, hasn't stopped a liberal advocacy group, Courage Campaign, from collecting signatures for a 2010 ballot initiative on the subject. According to that group's Web site, it has already raised about $136,000 to "invest in research, polling and focus groups to repeal Proposition 8," the ballot initiative passed last year banning same-sex marriage.

Other gay rights groups are also working to put a same-sex marriage initiative on the 2010 ballot.

"Waiting until we're confident we can win is understandable but not acceptable," said [Equality California Marriage Director Marc] Solomon. "We need to start doing the work now until we win marriage back."

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