Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quebec Requires Christian Schools and Home-Schoolers to Teach Pro-Gay Curriculum

Also requires children to question their own religious upbringing...

From "Quebec Mandates Relativistic Ethical and Religious Education For All Students in Province" by John-Henry Westen

As of the beginning of the 2008 school year, all students in the province of Quebec whether in public school, private school or even homeschooled will be mandated to take a program on "Ethics and Religious Culture" which runs from grade one till the end of high school. The program is completely relativistic and includes positive presentation of homosexual families and requires children to question their own religious upbringing.

Several parent groups have joined forces to protest the mandatory nature of the program demanding an opt out for parents who do not wish to have their children in the courses.

A peaceful march and rally before the National Assembly building in Quebec City is being planned for October 20, 2007, from 01:00 P.M. to 04:00 P.M., calling for freedom of religion and conscience in schools.

The Coalition pour la liberté en éducation (CLÉ) is inviting all concerned citizens to join in and insist that the Government respect the right of parents to choose the type of religious and moral education they want for their children in school.

According to official announcements, the current right to choose between moral/religious education from a Catholic or Protestant perspective on the one hand, or a course on ethics without religious content on the other hand, will be suppressed in favor of the new government program.

"As of 2008, parents would completely lose their right of choice," Jean Morse-Chevrier of the Association of Catholic Parents, a partner in CLÉ, told "This would have a huge impact since 80% of parents of primary school students and almost 60% of parents of secondary school students have until now chosen moral education or a Catholic religious education for their children," she said.

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