Thursday, October 04, 2007

Public Sex in the Streets of San Francisco

Policemen instructed not to interfere as people engage in oral sex, masturbation, and sado-masochism in the streets of Democratic Party Chairman Nancy Pelosi's district.

Peter LaBarbera and Allyson Smith of Americans for Truth traveled to San Franciso to chronicle the Folsom Street Fair last Sunday. What they saw happening in the streets of San Franciso in broad daylight, in full view of patrolling policemen and even children (see photo above) was beyond shocking...

Peter has received some criticism from fellow Christians for displaying the photos on his website -- but if people should not see them, then surely these activities should not take place. Years ago, a woman wrote a letter to the Trib upset because her young children had seen a pro-life poster that showed an aborted fetus. She called the photos "shameful." A friend responded that the photos were repugnant: the procedure that makes them possible is shameful.

Similarly, the photos on AFT are repugnant, while the Folsom spectacle that made them possible is shameful. If we have greater outrage at the exposure of this public travesty than we do at the public travesty itself there is something seriously wrong with US.

The photos are disgusting and some should not view them (e.g. children, adolescents, men who struggle with same-sex attraction) Please do not view these photos if you should not. Most of us do not fall into the ‘should not’ category…

Photos can generate a righteous anger that mere verbal descriptions do not. And we desperately need such anger.

Read the article and view the photos.