Friday, September 14, 2007

The ENDA Christian Schools???????

Legislation that puts your children/grandchildren at risk!

You may be hearing about legislation coming to a vote this week or next in the US House of Representatives entitled “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” or “ENDA (H.R. 2015). Christians and pro-family organizations oppose ENDA because it forces employers to accept and support open homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgender behavior in the workplace.

But one important consequence of ENDA has received little consideration so far — one that may be of direct consequence to you and your children/grandchildren.

If ENDA becomes law it will severely undermine the autonomy of Christian schools and colleges.

How? Because ENDA would force Christian schools, colleges and daycare centers to employ homosexuals and cross-dressers. ENDA does have a religious exemption; however, it is so narrowly written that only limited positions in the church would be exempt.

As a result:

1. A Christian school or ministry could not refuse to hire practicing homosexuals, bisexuals, cross-dressers, or transsexuals.

2. A Christian school would be powerless to discipline or dismiss a teacher if they suddenly announce they are homosexual, bisexual, or transgendered.

You might be wondering: Are you just being sensational? Come on — a transsexual would never want to work in a Christian school anyway!

But this has already happened: John Nemecek, a 55 year old male, a married father of three, was an associate professor at Spring Arbor University, a Christian college in Michigan when he began dressing as a woman and calling himself “Julie.” Fortunately, since ENDA is not yet law, the school was able to take appropriate action and refuse to renew the professor's contract, saying:

“Our curriculum integrates faith in all aspects of our liberal arts education, and we expect our faculty to model Christian character as an example for our students.”
Under ENDA, the school would have been required to keep Mr. Nemecek on staff. They might have been sued for expressing expectations for integrated faith and character. It is possible they would have been forced to pay for “sex reassignment surgery” as part of his “medical treatment.”

One determined homosexual activist in a Christian school could impact many, many children. Homosexual activists have much disposable income and time (since they don't generally have families). Pro-“gay” ideology is their religion. If ENDA becomes law, homosexual activists will target high profile Christian schools in order to initiate law suits and intimidate all others into submission. Do you know any Christian schools that can afford an expensive lawsuit?

Perhaps you are thinking that your local school could adjust to this as long as curricular content would be unaffected. Ask yourself this: What would be the net effect on students of a popular teacher modeling outright disobedience to God? How can someone who obviously does not believe the Bible possibly communicate a Biblical worldview? To do so would be to condemn themselves. ENDA would effectively institutionalize hypocrisy in our Christian schools.

Here's the bottom line:

A Christian school that cannot maintain Biblical standards among teachers and administrators is no longer a Christian school.

ENDA is an egregious encroachment on religious freedom. The people crafting this legislation believe that religious freedom consists only in the ability to privately believe certain things and attend church on Sunday. They do not understand that for a Christian, true religious freedom is the ability to LIVE according to Biblical live with integrity.

If we don't speak up, most of our Congressmen will NOT understand why a lesbian shouldn't be teaching math in a Christian school.

ENDA is coming up for a vote in the House of Representatives by the end of September. We must contact our legislators NOW!!!

Send an email to your pastor, your local Christian school administrators and teachers, and any parents you may know with children in Christian schools or colleges.

Mail a letter to those without email.

To CALL your congressman CLICK HERE (no searching required -- your specific congressman's phone number will appear)

To E-MAIL your congressman CLICK HERE

To hear Robert Knight, Director of the Culture and Media Institute for the Media Research Center, discuss ENDA with Sandy Rios, click here to download the .MP3 audio file.

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