Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Must read to believe...

According to "California Legislature Sends Same-Sex 'Marriage' Bill to Governor" posted 9/10/07 at Citizenlink.org the California legislature has approved and sent an unbelievable set of bills to the governor's office to sign. Among the provisions of this legislation are the following:

1. allow HIV-positive men to donate sperm, with no guarantee that the child
conceived in the process would be HIV-free (And what about the woman? One must not discriminate - even when it endangers people's lives?)
2. legalize same-sex “marriages"
3. teach public school children age 5 and older to be accepting of homosexuality, cross-dressing and bisexuality
4. end local oversight of school discrimination policies

Here is an actual excerpt from the bill:
Sperm whose donor has tested reactive for HIV or HTLV-1 may be used for the purposes ofinsemination or advanced reproductive technology for a recipient testing negative for HIV or HTLV-1 only after the donor's sperm hasbeen effectively processed to minimize the infectiousness of the sperm for that specific donation, where informed and mutual consent has occurred...
Processed to MINIMIZE infectiousness? Mutual consent? Are they kidding? Even if a woman is foolish enough to do this, what about the child? What consideration does he/she get?

The politicians go who have signed off on this are apparently nothing more than prostitutes of the worst sort - not selling themselves for money, but selling the welfare of their constituents to the highest bidder - in this case the almighty gay lobby...

Will Pr. Rick Warren be speaking out about this? AIDS is one of his top issues. (At least AIDS in Africa is...)

Please pray that righteousness will prevail, the governor will veto this terrible legislation and the people of California will wake-up and exercise the freedom they've been blessed with to this put a stop to this evil.