Thursday, February 15, 2007

214 School Board President on Upcoming Election: Challengers are "Far Right Wing" and "Narrow Minded"

You may remember the controversy over required reading in District 214 last spring when lone school board member, Leslie Pinney, objected to the presence of certain books (containing pornographic passages) on a required reading list for District 214 high school students. Ms. Pinney was viciously berated and belittled at a public school board meeting for her concern -- before being outvoted by her fellow school board members.

Well it's nearly election time, and three men have been inspired by that debacle to challenge incumbent School Board President Bill Dussling, Vice President Alva Kreutzer and fellow board member Bob Zimmanck for their seats. An article in the Pioneer Press says:

Challenging the incumbents are Prospect High School parent and businessman Dennis Konczyk, former educator Ken Frizane and recently retired District 214 night school administrator Jim Harbaugh.

But Dussling (incumbent school board president), among others, contend some of these candidates would like to limit District 214's curriculum and impose a "far right" agenda on the district.
Wow. What a thought. "Limiting" the reading material for teenagers to the non-pornographic variety. Certainly it will stunt their intellect...

Dussling went on to say:

"There are people out there with a narrow mindset and the way I see it, the excellence of District 214 is being challenged," he said.

Apparently it takes a "narrow mindset" to believe that academic excellence does not require exposing children to literary depictions of anal intercourse, oral sex, sex with cows, sex with dogs, and even sex with hotdogs...

Oddly enough, the article focused on the amount of money being spent on the campaign. Not surprising I suppose, since I'm certain neither the Pioneer Press nor Bill Dussling care to dwell on the real problem in District 214 which is the sexualization of kids.

Need more proof there is a problem? Just two weeks ago, the
Wheeling High School student newspaper printed an article descriptively titled: "Oral Sex, the New Romantic Norm."

Hmmm. If parents and taxpayers start connecting the dots, they will realize this election is about a lot more than just money.