Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Please respond to this request from Karen Hayes of CWA related to this post:
In addition to blocking the Child Custody Protection Act, Senator Durbin voted "no" on the bill,(so did Senator Obama) while many of his Democratic colleagues supported the common-sense measure to avoid adults from circumventing state laws by bringing minor girls across state lines for an abortion.

He also reportedly said that he had not received a single letter on this issue, yet Fran Eaton and I personally lobbied his office on it in April, and others have called or written. Although many heard him, his office denies that he said that, and offered that he meant he was not hearing about this as a pressing issue in Illinois.

Since Illinois has no enforceable parental notification law, girls are being brought into our state for abortions from surrounding states. That is why Illinois has been referred to as the abortion dumping ground of the Midwest.

If you have contacted Senator Durbin in the past on this issue, please let me know.

I also encourage everyone to call or write again - and keep a record of it.

Thank you,
Karen Hayes
Concerned Women for America of Illinois