Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Homosexual IL State Rep Retires, HIV+

IL State Rep Larry McKeon will not seek re-election. At 62, he is HIV+ with AIDS and cancer. He has asked Democratic committee members to name Illinois Commission on Human Rights attorney Jim Snyder to replace him on the November ballot.
...One of his major legislative accomplishments was spearheading the drive to have an amendment to the Illinois Human Rights Act adding sexual orientation to the laws prohibiting discrimination in employment and housing passed in the House.
I am very sad to hear of Mr McKeon's fate, but it is no surprise given his lifestyle. Disease is robbing him of 10-20-30 years of life. Very sad indeed.

The human body is not designed for anal sex. Anal sex results in disease.

Why would anyone promote such a fate for our young people? Wake up, people! This is the end result of steering a little boy to the Gay-Straight Alliance, of telling him that God approves of homosexual sex.