Friday, August 05, 2016

Satanic Clubs in Public Schools to Counter Jesus

The Satanic Temple has launched a nation-wide campaign to force public schools to sanction “Educatin’ with Satan” after-school programs in every school that allows Christian clubs.  Stu De Haan, a spokesman for the Satanic Temple’s Arizona chapter, said he has received expressions of interest in the new clubs from parents, teachers and students.
“[Schools] cannot prohibit students from forming an After School Satan Club on the same terms as the [Christian] Good News Club.”
-- Richard Katskee, Americans United for Separation of Church and State
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-- From "Satanist after-school clubs planned in Washington elementaries" by Ann Dornfeld, KUOW-FM94.9 (Seattle, WA) 8/4/16

The Satanic Temple says it’s bringing the After-School Satan club to schools across the country that now host the evangelical Christian Good News Club, including Centennial Elementary in Mount Vernon and Point Defiance Elementary in Tacoma.

Tarkus Claypool, a spokesman for the Satanic Temple’s Seattle chapter, said the Good News Club indoctrinates children into superstitious, fear-based religion. In contrast, Claypool said, "we’re indoctrinating them into scientific, logical, rationalist, non-superstitious worldview. The program includes an art project and a curriculum that is based in free inquiry.”

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Constitution allows Good News Clubs [sponsored by the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)] to meet on school grounds.

The Satanic Temple opposes religion in the schoolhouse, but says if it’s allowed, the same privilege must be granted to all religions.

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From "Several school districts say After School Satan clubs likely in line with policies" by Katherine Stewart and Moriah Balingit, Washington Post 8/1/16

Several U.S. school districts indicated Monday that they think the Satanic Temple’s plan to open “After School Satan” clubs in elementary schools probably conforms with their policies and local laws, and the Prince George’s County, Md., school system said it is reviewing a request to open such a club.

Parents and administrators have reacted coolly to the idea of setting up a Jesus-vs.-Satan fight in their elementary schools, with many showing curiosity and skepticism. School officials in Prince George’s said they have received a request to start a club and are reviewing it, but the school system has not had any discussions with the Satanic Temple about it. The Temple said it wants to open a club at Bradbury Heights Elementary School, which is in the Capitol Heights neighborhood just outside the southeast edge of Washington.

Martha Wright, executive director of CEF of Maryland, acknowledged that the Satanic Temple has a right to have clubs in schools but also said she doesn’t really want the group there.

CEF actively works to counteract Satan in its work, and a CEF instruction book titled “Guard Your Heart” promises “a flocked lesson helping kids ages 6-11 guard against Satan’s attacks.”

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From "After School Satan Club proposal spurs debate on religious activity in public schools" by Katherine Stewart, Washington Post 8/4/16

The Satanic Temple’s proposal to start After School Satan Clubs in schools across the country already has sparked conflict with at least one school district and has led a legal group to offer free assistance in fighting the emergence of the clubs.

The Roskruge Bilingual K-8 School in Tucson is one of eight schools that received a written proposal to establish an After School Satan Club on Monday, and on Tuesday, lawyers for the Tucson Unified School District demanded that the Satanic Temple remove the school’s name from its website. The temple listed Roskruge as a place where it has offered to present its curriculum, but the district argues that no club has been approved there.

Lucien Greaves, co-founder of the Satanic Temple, said the group does not intend to take the school’s name off its website. . . .

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From "Schools receive requests for after-school ‘Satan club’" by The Associated Press 8/4/16

Mat Staver, founder of a Christian legal aid group that has represented the Child Evangelism Fellowship, said Greaves’ organization was illegitimate and an “atheist group masquerading” as religious. Greaves described Satanism as an atheist philosophy whose believers “feel it provides everything a religion provides to be legitimized as such.”

Greaves said his group could pose tough legal fights if its requests are denied.

In Utah, the Granite School District said that if the group meets set requirements, including paying rent, there’s nothing the district can do to stop it. District spokesman Ben Horsley said the group won’t be able to put up fliers in schools or talk to students during school hours, the same arrangement given to the Good News Club.

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