Monday, May 02, 2016

Prayer Banned in Washington Town — Nobody Cares

The Vader City Council in Washington state voted on Thursday to eliminate the invocation at public meetings. As the local newspaper reported, they "voted to ban the practice of performing a Christian prayer."  Only Mayor Ken Smith spoke in favor of the invocations, but both he and Councilor Joe Schey, who said he believes public prayer is constitutionally protected, quickly yielded their position.

No one in the community of several hundred people bothered to comment.

For background, read U.S. Supreme Court 2014 Ruling Allows Christian Prayer in Civic Meetings, in fact Supreme Court Justice Scalia Said Government Should Favor God of the Bible

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-- From "Vader City Council Votes to Ban Prayer at Meetings" by Jordan Nailon, The Chronicle (Centralia, WA) 4/29/16

Councilor Judi Costello was the first to speak out about the practice of invocation, stating her belief that conducting a prayer at the beginning of city council meetings represented a violation of the necessary separation of church and state.

Councilor Jason Dailey also disapproved of the invocations due to issues arising from the constitutionally prescribed separation of religion and government.

Councilor Andy Wilson noted that he was also against the practice, although he cited time constraints as the lone reason.

There were no comments from the crowd regarding the practice of meeting invocations.

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