Thursday, March 31, 2016

NJ Parents Reject School's New Transgender Policy

Unlike the parents in several New Jersey school districts which recently enacted the Gay/Transgender Agenda open-bathroom policies, parents of the Pascack Valley Regional High School District are not standing still for a policy that allows students to hide an alternative "gender identity" from their own parents, and also requires the school to accept every child's sexual whim.
The Board of Education believes the responsibility for determining a student's gender identity rests with the student . . . Therefore, the Board will accept a student's assertion of his or her gender identity when there is consistent and uniform assertion of the gender identity, or any other evidence that the gender identity is sincerely held as a part of the student’s core identity. The Board of Education will not question or disregard the assertion of a student’s gender identity.
The Board also recognized a transgender student’s right to privacy, and therefore, if a student represents that his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) is unaware of the student’s gender identity, the school and district staff must obtain consent from the student prior to communicating with his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) regarding the student’s transgender status.
-- Board of Education, Pascack Valley Regional High School District
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UPDATE 4/2/16: Toilets NOT in Restrooms will be New Design for Transgender Agenda

-- From "Transgender rights under debate in Pascack Valley schools" by Myles Ma, The Star-Ledger 3/30/16

A crowd of more than 100 people debated the issue Tuesday night at Pascack Hills High School [in Montvale, NJ].

The policy would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, allow transgender students to participate in physical education classes and sports, as well as provide access to restrooms and locker rooms based on their gender identity.

Pascack Valley school officials plan to introduce the policy next week and vote on it the following week.

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From "Bergen School District Designs Policy To Protect Transgender Students" by Daniel Hubbard, Patch Staff 3/31/16

A new proposal by the Pascack Valley Board of Education would permit district students to use locker rooms and restrooms based on their gender identity and require staff to address students by the name and gender pronoun a student identifies with.

A student would be permitted to take physical education classes "consistent with their gender identity."

A student's records, including grade books and their permanent record, would be required to reflect the gender as well. Official student records would be changed if a parent documents a legal change of a student's name or gender.

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From "Pascack Valley enters national debate on transgender rights" by Andrew Wyrich and Abbott Koloff, staff writers, The Record (Bergen County, NJ) 3/30/16

Theresa Jordan, a Hillsdale resident and mother of a Pascack Valley High School student, said her objections over the issue of restroom use were centered on her religious beliefs, adding that she was “looking out for the rights of my daughter not to be exposed to something I don't want her to be exposed to.”

Pascack Valley temporarily tabled the proposal last month after parents at a Feb. 22 Board of Education meeting opposed it, with one woman questioning whether it opened the door to “sexual immorality.” . . .

The Pascack Valley proposal is similar to model school policies that have been circulating around the state. In North Jersey, North Arlington, Carlstadt, East Rutherford and Mahwah have adopted such policies. The North Arlington policy, approved earlier this year, uses the same language as the one in Pascack Valley. Last month, Toms River school officials put a similar proposal on hold after it met with opposition from parents and local religious leaders.

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From "Board tables transgender policy after public outcry" by Staff Writer, Pascack Valley Community Life, The Record (Bergen County, NJ) 3/3/16

At the meeting, held at Pascack Valley High School, Hillsdale resident Bernadette Orso, a mother of a teenage son, called that part of the policy an "invasion of privacy" and not "proper or respectful."

Sherry Silk, a Montvale resident, agreed. In the instance of an anatomical boy identifying as a girl, she said it may "open a door" for "sexual immorality."

Carolee Adams, another Montvale resident, concurred, telling the board to postpone the vote and that the policy needs "further investigation and time."

While the board moved to table the policy after much public outcry, Board President Jeffrey Steinfeld told parents that the district's two principals, as well as the board attorney, told the board that they should have the policy in place, for one to avoid litigation. Board Member Arnold Scher was opposed to tabling the policy.

[Steinfeld] added that the policy committee reviewed the policy and a "tremendous amount of thought" went into it. Superintendent Erik Gundersen explained that the needs and rights of transgender students is a "significant factor for the policy."

"We have a strong policy in place," said Gundersen. "You have to allow [transgender students] the right to have access to a locker room. They have the legal right to have access. We don't have the legal right to say no."

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Transgenderism Presented to Texas Kindergartners

Teachers at Imagine International Academy of North Texas in McKinney, Texas deemed it appropriate for high school students to explain mature topics, including transgenderism, to the youngest elementary students in the Collin County charter school.
“I don’t think my 8- and 10-year-old are prepared to tackle those things without significant questions.  I want to be able to walk through those things with them and not be surprised.”
-- Melissa Marrow Carlisle, Princeton, Texas parent
UPDATE 9/5/16: 'Sex Change' Surgery is Toddlers' Choice, Schools Say

UPDATE 6/5/16: Secret School Transgender Training via Washington State Edict

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-- From "Young sons exposed to inappropriate subjects at McKinney charter school, mother says" by Tom Steelem, The Dallas Morning News 3/25/16

Each year, the 10th-graders at Imagine International Academy of North Texas work extensively on projects that they then present to the entire K-12 student body, KTVT-TV (Channel 11) reports.

Julia Brady, the central administration officer at the public charter school, said that teachers reviewed all the projects beforehand and determined they were appropriate.

But, Brady told KTVT, the school is addressing parents’ concerns and will consider handling the projects differently next year.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Less Painful Baby Killing: New Utah Abortion Law

Yesterday, Utah became the first state to require that pregnant women at or past 20 weeks gestation be anesthetized before an abortionist can be permitted to torture the unborn baby to death.
"The governor is adamantly pro-life.  He believes in not only erring on the side of life, but also minimizing any pain that may be caused to an unborn child."
-- Jon Cox, Spokesman to Republican Governor Gary Herbert of Utah
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-- From "New Utah law requires anesthesia for abortions after 20 weeks" by Ed Adamczyk, UPI 3/29/16

Utah now has a law on the books requiring doctors to give anesthesia to abortion patients 20 or more weeks into pregnancy in an effort to reduce pain felt by the fetus.

Republican Gov. Gary Herbert signed the bill, HB 0234, into law Monday. . . .

Republican State Sen. Curt Bramble, sponsor of the bill, said he sought a ban on abortion after 20 weeks but was informed such a bill would likely be tested on constitutional grounds. His bill, which requires that doctors "eliminate or alleviate organic pain to the unborn child," was the next best option, he said.

Proponents of the law say the anesthesia prevents any suffering by the fetus during the abortion procedure. "Pain-capable unborn protection" laws exist in 12 states, although Utah's law is the first to demand that anesthesia is provided.

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From "Utah governor signs bill requiring doctors to give abortion anesthesia" by The Associated Press 3/28/16

Dr. Sean Esplin of Intermountain Healthcare in Utah said anesthesia or an analgesic would need to go through the woman in order to reach the fetus. Doctors could give a woman general anesthesia, which would make her unconscious and likely require a breathing tube, or a heavy dose of narcotics.

No other U.S. state has passed this same law, said Elizabeth Nash, a policy analyst at the abortion-rights nonprofit Guttmacher Institute. Montana lawmakers passed a similar law in 2015 requiring fetal anesthesia before surgeries, including abortions, performed after 20 or more weeks of gestation, but its Democratic governor vetoed the measure.

Twelve states ban abortions after around 20 weeks of gestation, while a handful of other states give women the option of having anesthesia.

Previous Utah law gave women the choice to have anesthesia during an abortion.

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From "Utah gov. signs bill requiring anesthesia in certain abortions" by Steph Solis, USA TODAY 3/29/16

The state Senate amended the bill before passing it earlier this month to make sure the anesthesia was not mandated in cases where it could hurt the mother.

. . . supporters of the law say a fetus should be protected if there’s even a chance it can feel pain. [Republican Sen. Curt] Bramble believes the evidence suggesting a fetus can feel pain by 20 weeks outweighs opponents' arguments.

The law makes sense in Utah, he said, where convicts sentenced to death and animals facing euthanasia receive anesthetics.

"We go to extraordinary lengths in Utah to prevent the pain of an individual sentenced to death," he said. "With euthanasia, we make every effort to not inflict pain on that animal....(mandating anesthesia) it is consistent with other policies we have in the state of Utah."

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Colorado Schools: Satanic, Atheist Books Provided

The Delta County School District has agreed to allow materials from the Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers and the Satanic Temple to be available for distribution to middle and high school students on April Fool's Day after the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) complained that Gideon Bibles were previously made available to students.
“[Our school] policy says we cannot discriminate what is handed out. We just have to follow the process.”
-- Kurt Clay, Assistant Superintendent
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-- From "Satanic Pamphlets Soon Available In Delta County Schools" by Jake Ryan, KVNF-FM90.9 National Public Radio (Paonia, CO) 3/24/16

A district policy allows for the display of pamphlets about programs not related to school such as Boy Scouts or a 4-H. The district is now under fire for that policy because it also allows for Bibles and Satanic coloring books.

The rule permits any material to be made available to their students, as long as it doesn’t cross certain lines. Gideon's International recently set out free Bibles for students to take home. . . .

Assistant Superintendent Kurt Clay says there’s a lot of discussion in the district about this. He points out that no material is allowed to be handed out, only made available.

They’ve also been consulting their legal counsel about changing the policy. He doesn’t want to ban all material because it would prevent rural students from finding out about afterschool programs and sports teams. They’re still unsure if they can legally make a rule against just religious material.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Atheist Group to Distribute Satanic Books at Colorado Schools" by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post Reporter 3/24/16

Candi Cushman, education analyst at the Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family, told The Christian Post that she felt "common-sense standards of decency should apply to these."

"From the images displayed on recent television reports on this story, it appears that some of the materials may be disparaging of other religious viewpoints and even lewd in their depictions," said Cushman.

Cushman of FOTF also told CP that it "is commendable that the school is making an effort to avoid unconstitutional discrimination in a public forum against a group simply because of its faith-based perspective."

"It would be unfortunate to let intimidation from groups — with an apparent agenda of shutting a public forum down — to succeed in censorship for all."

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hindus Praise Obama's Yoga at Easter Celebration

This year, the White House Easter Egg celebration includes an opportunity for "yoga professionals" to influence the 35,000 attendees.  It's all in keeping with President Obama's past sacrilegious, nominally Christian gestures:

President Obama's Homosexual Easter at the White House

President Obama's Homosexual Christmas Proclamation

President Obama Reads Easter Message Speech

President Obama's Apostate Easter Sermon at D.C. Episcopal Church

President Obama's National Cathedral is the Seat of Apostasy

-- From "Yoga Sessions To Be Part Of Easter Celebrations" posted at NDTV 3/26/16

Professional Yoga instructors will have sessions with thousands of Americans who are expected to throng the sprawling White House lawns in Washington on Monday for Easter Egg celebrations, the final Easter for Obama Administration.

A "Yoga Garden" is one of the 10 different zones that has been created for the event for which some 35,000 tickets have been issued for the people to come and enjoy the festivities.

On Friday the White House announced the full programme, activities, and talent line-up for the 2016 White House Easter Egg Roll, a tradition in its 138th year and the largest annual public event at the White House.

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From "Hindus welcome Yoga Garden in White House Easter Egg Roll event" posted at MENAFN Press 3/27/16

Commending the White House gesture to include yoga in Easter Egg Roll events the largest annual public event at the White House Hindu statesman Rajan Zed in a statement in Nevada today said that although introduced and nourished by Hinduism yoga was a world heritage and liberation powerhouse to be utilized by all.

Rajan Zed who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism pointed out that yoga referred as "a living fossil was a mental and physical discipline for everybody to share and benefit from whose traces went back to around 2000 BCE to Indus Valley civilization. According to Patanjali who codified it in Yoga Sutra yoga was a methodical effort to attain perfection through the control of the different elements of human nature physical and psychical Zed noted.

According to US National Institutes of Health yoga may help one to feel more relaxed be more flexible improve posture brthe deeply and get rid of stress. According to a recently released "2016 Yoga in America Study" about 37 million Americans (which included many celebrities) now practice yoga; and yoga is strongly correlated with having a positive self image. Yoga is the repository of something basic in the human soul and psyche Rajan Zed adds.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Florida Defunds Planned Parenthood, Liberals Fume

Yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill (HB) 1411 to eliminate all state funding of any organization that performs abortions.  The new law that takes effect July 1st also bans sale of aborted fetus remains and enacts requirements for fetus disposal.  Planned Parenthood, which is spending about as much money fighting the legislation as it receives annually from the state, may contest the law in court as unconstitutional.
“Abortionists will finally be held to the same standard as all other physicians who perform invasive procedures in a non-hospital setting by the requirement to have admitting privileges or a transfer agreement with a nearby hospital.  It is incomprehensible that opponents suggest the bill makes women less safe.”
-- Ingrid Delgado, Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops
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-- From "Florida Governor Signs Law to Cut Funding for Abortion Clinics" by Liam Stack, New York Times 3/25/16

State funding of abortion was already prohibited in Florida, but the law signed by the Republican governor also cut off funding for preventive services at clinics that also provide abortions.

The law appeared to be aimed at Planned Parenthood, which said on Friday that it could mean the end of birth control, cancer screenings, tests for diseases and other services for thousands of low-income women in Florida.

Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a statement that the new law seemed “designed to rip health care away from those most at risk.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Gov. Rick Scott signs abortion restrictions, medical marijuana laws" by Michael Auslen, Miami Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau 3/25/16

Starting July 1, abortion clinics will be required to have admitting privileges or transfer agreements with a nearby hospital. They also will face annual inspections by the state as part of a law that sponsor Sen. Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, said is about ensuring women’s safety.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, which has an ongoing lawsuit over a mandatory 24-hour abortion waiting period passed last year, said it hasn’t decided whether it will sue the state over the new law. The organization did decry Scott’s decision in a statement by executive director Howard Simon.

The law redefines the trimesters of a pregnancy, validating claims by state regulators last summer alleging Florida’s Planned Parenthood sites violated their licenses. And the funding cuts could affect six Planned Parenthood clinics.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Florida governor signs law tightening abortion clinic restrictions" by Margie Menzel, Florida Times-Union 3/25/16

The bill, which passed largely along party lines, restricts state agencies, local governments and Medicaid managed-care plans from contracting with organizations that own, operate or are affiliated with clinics that perform elective abortions. Duval County is one of the health departments with a Planned Parenthood contract that may be affected by that provision.

Senate sponsor Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, said on the Senate floor that the bill would likely close six of Florida’s 65 abortion clinics.

Additionally, the bill changes the definition of a first trimester to the period from fertilization through the end of the 11th week of pregnancy. That’s a different definition than the state has used in the past, but it’s consistent with an administrative action last year by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, which alleged that five clinics — including three Planned Parenthood facilities — performed second-trimester abortions without the proper licenses. Clinics have filed challenges, contending that the state changed the definition of a first trimester without notice.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Gov. Rick Scott Signs Abortion Bill Into Law" by Lynn Hatter, WFSU (PBS & NPR Tallahassee, FL) 3/25/16

“Would I like a bill that outlaws abortion? Sure. But that’s not what this bill does. Because that’s unconstitutional. Because we’re allowed to have a woman’s right to choose," Stargel argued prior to the bill passing the Senate.

Meanwhile, the Florida Family Policy Council is claiming a major victory. Last year the council’s John Stemberger criticized Governor Rick Scott for not banning state funding from flowing to Planned Parenthood after false accusations last summer that planned parenthood was illegally selling fetal remains caused a national uproar.

“We would have liked for him by executive order to de-fund Planned Parenthood without having to go through this process," Stemberger said. "But we are pleased he signed this today. He did the right thing, and so we’re happy about that. We wish he would have exercised leadership, but he followed the leadership of the legislature and the same result has occurred.”

Florida’s Planned Parenthood Clinics say they’ll weather the coming storm. Public dollars are already prohibited from funding abortions, but the bill would cut off reimbursements for routine preventive services as well if they are done by an abortion provider.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Gov. Rick Scott signs abortion restrictions bill into law" by Gray Rohrer, Orlando Sentinel 3/25/16

The law, which takes effect July 1, requires doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, requires annual licensure inspections for clinics and bans the purchase, sell or transfer of fetal remains. The law upgrades the failure to properly dispose of fetal tissue from a second-degree misdemeanor to a first-degree misdemeanor.

A similar law in Texas, which women’s health activists say has helped shut down several abortion clinics there, is under review by the U.S. Supreme Court. During a debate on the Senate floor earlier this year, sponsor Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, said the bill would likely close six of Florida's 65 abortion clinics.

[Last year, Gov.] Scott’s investigation . . . did cite three clinics for performing abortions after the first trimester. Planned Parenthood disputed those allegations, and the case is still pending in court. A separate criminal investigation prompted by House Republicans turned up nothing.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Indiana Outlaws Killing Disabled, Abortionists Sue

Yesterday, Gov. Mike Pence signed House Enrolled Act 1337, which makes it illegal to perform abortions on babies based on fetal genetic abnormalities or the fetus's race, sex or ancestry, and mandates that otherwise aborted babies must be buried or cremated.  Planned Parenthood has announced it will seek a court injunction to continue its butchery status quo.
"I believe that a society can be judged by how it deals with its most vulnerable — the aged, the infirm, the disabled and the unborn."
-- Gov. Mike Pence, Indiana
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-- From "New Indiana law bans abortions based on fetal genetic abnormalities like Down syndrome" by The Associated Press 3/24/16

Republican Gov. Mike Pence signed the measure just hours ahead of his deadline to take action on the proposal approved by the Republican-dominated Legislature two weeks ago, the governor's office said. It is due to take effect in July, but Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky said it will ask a court to block the measure before that can happen.

Pence called the bill "a comprehensive pro-life measure that affirms the value of all human life."

Pence was a prominent abortion rights opponent while serving in Congress before being elected governor in 2012 and received perfect scores from Indiana Right to Life for his record of opposing abortion.

Pence is also facing a tough re-election campaign in a rematch against Democrat John Gregg and will be counting on a strong turnout from his evangelical base in November. Gregg said Thursday he would have vetoed the measure.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Indiana Governor Signs Abortion Bill With Added Restrictions" by Mitch Smith, New York Times 3/24/16

The law, which passed both chambers of the Republican-controlled General Assembly with large majorities, builds on Indiana’s already restrictive abortion rules, and was cheered by anti-abortion groups that had encouraged Gov. Mike Pence to sign it.

In addition to holding doctors liable if a woman has an abortion solely because of objections to the fetus’s race, sex or a disability, like Down syndrome, the law restricts fetal tissue donation and requires doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital or to have an agreement with a doctor who does.

The measure drew a sharp rebuke from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and other abortion rights groups, and the law returned Indiana to the center of a national debate about social issues.

The law could also put some doctors who perform abortions in jeopardy if it is learned that a woman told them that she chose to end her pregnancy because of gender, disabilities or other reasons limited by the law.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Pence signs new abortion restrictions into law with a prayer" by Chelsea Schneider and Tony Cook, Indianapolis Star 3/25/16

It's a divisive issue that's once again placed the state at the center of a national debate. And a legal challenge to the law, which takes effect in July, is already in the works. Less than half an hour after Pence signed the measure, Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky said it plans to request a preliminary injunction to block the new restrictions . . . [by] working with the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana in its plans to file a legal challenge.

“By enacting this legislation, we take an important step in protecting the unborn, while still providing an exception for the life of the mother. I sign this legislation with a prayer that God would continue to bless these precious children, mothers and families,” Pence said in a statement.

The controversial and potentially unconstitutional measure further restricts abortion in Indiana — already one of the most restrictive states in the nation. . . .

Social conservative groups, including Indiana Right to Life and the American Family Association of Indiana, had advocated for the new restrictions. Micah Clark, the leader of the family association, has said the measure “protects these special needs children from an intentional abortion based upon their genetics” in an email to supporters.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Indiana Bans Abortions Based On Gender, Race And Prenatal Diagnosis Of Disabilities" by Reuters 3/25/16

Republicans ushered the bill through the state legislature over the last three months despite opposition from some conservative lawmakers, including Representative Cindy Kirchhofer, who felt the measure was too restrictive.

North Dakota is the only U.S. state that prohibits abortions based on fetal anomalies. Seven states ban those based on gender, and Arizona prohibits those based on race, according to the Guttmacher Institute, an organization that tracks abortion laws.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Indiana Becomes Second State to Ban Abortions Based on Down Syndrome" by Steven Ertelt, Micaiah Bilger, 3/24/16

. . . The bill also has several other abortion-related measures, including a requirement that aborted or miscarried babies’ bodies be cremated or buried and another requirement that abortionists who have hospital admitting privileges renew them annually. The burial/cremation requirement backs up a law passed in 2015 by Gov. Pence requiring that aborted babies’ bodies be disposed of in a humane way.

Indiana state Sen. Liz Brown, who worked with [Sen. Travis] Holdman on the measure, said previously that many families face pressure to abort from doctors or other health care professionals when their babies are diagnosed with an illness or disability in the womb. LifeNews has documented numerous cases of families saying the same thing.

“What we hear from doctors is — it would really be better off if you were not born,” Brown said. “If you are born, we will love you, and we think you have equal rights and should be a member of society. In fact, we have the Americans with Disabilities Act and have to make accommodations. But we don’t want to make the accommodation before you’re born, and in fact, it would really be easier if you were not born.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Pence signs new abortion restrictions into law" by Chelsea Schneider, Tony Cook and Shari Rudavsky, Indianapolis Star 3/24/16

. . . questions remain about whether the bill will have much of a practical impact on the decisions women make or on Indiana's abortion rate, which has declined 20 percent in the past five years and is below the national average.

. . . it's unclear how the law would play out in real life. The proposed ban on abortions would apply only when the sole reason for seeking the procedure is because the fetus may have a disability or is of a certain gender, race, color, national origin or ancestry.

Beth Cate, a public policy professor at Indiana University, questioned whether doctors would be left to infer a woman’s reasons for seeking an abortion based on her medical questions.

How do you know the reason a woman is seeking an abortion unless she explicitly states it — or does the doctor try to read her mind?

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Christmas, Easter Jettisoned from Omaha Schools

School board member Paul Meyer received zero support from fellow board members in his effort to restore Christian holidays scratched from the calendar by administrators of the Millard School District of Omaha, Nebraska.  In fact, Meyer was forced to apologize after being lambasted in the local media for suggesting that Christmas-hating atheists can "crawl back into their hellhole."
“[I'm] a little bit tired of a minute minority in this country that keeps pushing Christmas out, keep pushing God out, keep pushing Christ out, when the majority is still a Judeo-Christian country. . . . I’m getting sick of these atheists trying to take over this country.”
-- Paul Meyer, Millard School District Board of Education
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-- From "Effort to rename Millard Public Schools' winter break fails" by The Associated Press 3/22/16

Meyer was concerned that the calendar didn't place enough significance on the religious holiday.

Board President Mike Kennedy said he appreciated Meyer's position, but said he didn't believe the administration made an intentional effort to remove Christmas from the calendar.

None of the board members present - Kennedy, Mike Pate and Pat Ricketts - seconded Meyer's motion. The board then adopted the calendar on a 3-1 vote without specifying a name for the break. Meyer was the dissenting vote.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Millard school board member wants winter break called Christmas break, says atheists who disagree can 'crawl back into their hellhole'" by Joe Dejka, Omaha World-Herald staff writer 3/23/16

[Paul Meyer] expressed disappointment that the administration had not labeled the break on the calendar — Dec. 25, 2017, through Jan. 5, 2018 — as Christmas break.

“I would like to make a motion that we rename this period Christmas break, and those atheists who don’t like it can crawl back into their hellhole, because I, for one, will not put my Lord, my God, aside for a few atheists,” Meyer said. “And if they don’t like it, the ACLU doesn’t like it, the heck with them.”

“I do know, as a Catholic, I have no problem the way the calendar is,” [Board President Mike] Kennedy said. “I celebrate Christmas. I know other people on this board do too. People are free to celebrate what they want to believe.”

“I don’t think anyone’s trying to take away Christmas from any child,” he said.

[Board member Mike] Pate said he and fellow board member Ricketts recently raised the issue about why spring break is not aligned with the Easter holiday.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Schools often try to align spring break with Easter, but holiday's hopping around makes it a tricky feat" by Joe Dejka, Omaha World-Herald staff writer 3/22/16

Although they no longer call it Easter break, some Omaha area public school officials still schedule spring break to coincide with the Christian holy day.

Next year, with Easter occurring late in the school year, eight of the 12 districts will do so.

District administrators told the Millard board that in recent years they have scheduled spring break earlier to avoid the period of time when students take statewide math, reading and science tests. This year, the Nebraska State Accountability testing window runs from Monday through May 6.

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From "Atheist groups decry 'hate speech' from Millard school board member who wants winter break called Christmas break" by Joe Dejka, Omaha World-Herald staff writer 3/23/16

[Paul] Meyer used “unprofessional and derogatory language” during the discussion, which amounted to “hate speech against a minority group,” according to a letter Amanda Novotny wrote Tuesday to the school board and the superintendent. She identified herself as the Nebraska director for American Atheists and the marketing director for Omaha Atheists.

[Paul Meyer] doesn’t hate them, he said. “What I hate is their sin.”

Meyer said he is Lutheran and said his father was a Lutheran minister. He said the country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and said he thinks it’s OK for public officials to express their religious beliefs.

“Definitely, I wish more did,” he said.

“This is just what it’s been throughout the ages,” he said. “It’s been considered Christmas break. Why do we even break at this time of the year? What is the purpose? This is why the break was even established, because of the Christmas holiday.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Millard school board member apologizes for controversial remarks about atheists" by Joe Dejka, Omaha World-Herald staff writer 3/24/16

In a letter to district staff, [Paul Meyer] wrote that after reflection he realized his comments “have been hurtful to many people.”

“This is not what I intended, and I am sorry,” he wrote.

Then Wednesday, Meyer said in a phone interview that he decided to apologize after reflecting on the situation.

“I don’t want to bring a bad light on the district,” he said.

Meyer was elected in 2012 to a four-year term. He is not running for re-election.

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And read Loud Muslim Prayer: Takeover of Michigan Town

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Evangelist Wins Lawsuit vs. San Fran. Police, ESPN

Gino Emmerich and a Christian law firm will be paid $10,000 because Emmerich was forced by San Francisco police and sports TV outlet ESPN to cease holding a “John 3:16” sign outside of the Giants ballpark in July 2014.  Emmerich was singled out for holding a Christian sign among a plethora of signs and expressions of free speech by others in a crowd.

For background, read FOX Censors John 3:16 NFL Super Bowl Commercial

Also read Court Forces Maine City to Pay $56,500 for Muzzling Pro-lifers

-- From "Minister carrying sign before Giants game settles suit" by Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle 3/22/16

A traveling minister who carried his “John 3:16” sign to Willie Mays Plaza at AT&T Park before a Giants game, and said he was told to leave or face arrest, has settled his lawsuit for $10,000.

Gino Emmerich sued the city of San Francisco, but the settlement funds — $2,500 to Emmerich and $7,500 to his lawyer — will come from ESPN, which was filming the pregame activities and hired city police to keep order, City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s office said Tuesday. As part of the settlement, the city agreed to review the status of the plaza and the extent of the public’s right to carry signs or express opinions there.

. . . an ESPN producer walked up with four uniformed police officers and told [Emmerich] he would be arrested if he displayed his sign.

After the producer left, Emmerich said he nevertheless held the sign up in front of an ESPN camera. One of the officers then grabbed him from behind and moved him out of camera range, where police issued another arrest warning and let him go. All the while, Emmerich said, fans were in the plaza, some displaying other types of signs, though none with religious messages.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "First Amendment Victory: San Francisco Settles Lawsuit Over Activist's Right to Peacefully Display Sign in Willie Mays Plaza in Front of Giants Ballpark" posted at The Rutherford Institute 3/22/16

A settlement has been reached in a First Amendment lawsuit filed by The Rutherford Institute against police officers who allegedly intimidated and threatened to arrest a man who was lawfully and peacefully exercising his First Amendment rights in the Willie Mays Plaza prior to a Giants v. Dodgers game by holding up a “John 3:16” religious sign in the public plaza in front of the San Francisco Giants ballpark. The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on behalf of Gino Emmerich, alleged that police officers violated Emmerich’s right to free speech and assembly when they forcefully removed him from Willie Mays Plaza, surrounded him and threatened him with arrest if he did not cease displaying his “John 3:16” sign. Under the settlement agreement, the City and County of San Francisco have agreed to conduct an investigation about the status of Willie Mays Plaza in connection with the rights of citizens to exercise their First Amendment rights there.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Rutherford Institute Sues California Police for Threatening Man Who Was Peacefully Displaying a 'John 3:16' Religious Sign in Front of S.F. Giants Ballpark" posted at The Rutherford Institute 7/9/15

On Sunday, July 27, 2014, prior to the start of a Giants v. Dodgers baseball game, Gino Emmerich arrived at Willie Mays Plaza carrying a “John 3:16” sign, a religious reference to a central tenet of Christianity. Other people were in the plaza, some displaying signs and otherwise communicating messages. Also in the plaza was a makeshift broadcast booth put together for a live broadcast and discussion of the Giants v. Dodgers game for ESPN SportsCenter. . . . Emmerich stationed himself in view of the camera, behind the commentators, and held up his John 3:16 sign. While Emmerich was holding up his sign, a police officer grabbed him from behind by his shirt and neck and moved him out of the view of the camera. Once Emmerich was clear of the cameras, he was surrounded by four police officers and warned, “If you go over there and hold that sign again, we will arrest you and the sergeant will come over here and decide where we are going to take you.” Emmerich then left the plaza as to avoid the possibility of arrest and turned to The Rutherford Institute for help.

“Much of what used to be great about America—especially as it pertains to our love of freedom and our commitment to First Amendment activities—has been overshadowed by a greater desire for security and an inclination towards political correctness,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of Battlefield America: The War on the American People. “That this incident, with its police intimidation tactics, overt discrimination and censorship, took place in a public plaza dedicated to Willie Mays, a legendary baseball player who lived through an era of police tactics, discrimination and censorship, is a powerful indictment of all that is wrong with America today.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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Also read how prayer is being banned from Christian school sporting events.

And read how Christmas is being censored from public schools across America.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

NFL, Businesses Declare War on Georgia Christians

The Georgia legislature has passed a very weak, watered-down version of a religious freedom bill (RFRA) but the former Democrat, now Republican Governor Nathan Deal may veto the bill as every sexual revolutionary force available is threatening to cripple the state economically if Christians are allowed to live as their faith dictates.
“If the governor did make the decision to veto the bill, that most definitely does not end the debate.  The faith community is not just going to say, ‘Oh well. He vetoed the bill. Let’s pack up and go home.’ It becomes more intense in 2017.”
-- State Senator Josh McKoon
For background, read Homosexualists Launch Commerce Attack on Indiana to get Gay Rights

In fact, last year homosexualists forced Indiana Republicans to jettison their religious liberty law and also read how the weak Arkansas Religious Freedom Law was deemed not gay enough by the homosexualists.

The fact is:  Religious Liberty is in the Homosexualists' Crosshairs

Also read Women's Voices Silenced: Washington State Transgender Restrooms

-- From "Georgia legislature passes controversial religious freedom bill" by Matthew Santiago, JURIST 3/18/16

The Georgia state legislature on Thursday approved a bill to allow faith-based establishments, including churches, schools and other organizations, to refuse service or employment to same-sex couples based on their religious beliefs. While groups such as the Georgia Baptist Mission Board see the bill as a First Amendment victory, opponents argue that the bill promotes discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Currently more than 400 businesses, including large corporations such as Microsoft and Virgin Atlantic, stand against the bill and could threaten Georgia's status as a leading business state.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "NFL: Atlanta’s chance of landing Super Bowl could be in jeopardy over Georgia bill" by Carla Caldwell, Morning Edition Editor, Atlanta Business Chronicle 3/22/16

The National Football League says Atlanta's chance of landing a Super Bowl could be in jeopardy if Gov. Nathan Deal does not veto the controversial religious freedom bill, which was approved last week by Georgia lawmakers.

The NFL released a statement last week that said the NFL emphasizes tolerance and inclusiveness and prohibits discrimination.

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank responded with a [similar] statement.

The Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks and Metro Atlanta Chamber also released statements that address HB 757.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "CEOs oppose Ga. push to let faith-based groups refuse certain services" by Jena McGregor, Washington Post 3/18/16

. . . The bill, which has undergone several changes, says faith-based organizations can refuse to provide certain services to those who violate their "sincerely held religious belief." It also says faith-based groups could not be forced to hire or retain employees whose beliefs are contrary to their own and that the government must prove a "compelling governmental interest" before it interferes with a person's exercise of religion.

Business leaders and major corporations urging Gov. Deal to veto it, threatening to pull business from the state, or criticizing it as out of step with the times. This time, they include both high-profile leaders sounding off on Twitter, as well as large coordinated groups of businesses that have formed in opposition to the bill. CEO Marc Benioff, who was active in the fight against similar legislation in Indiana a year ago, has been among the most vocal . . .

. . . Apple issued a statement saying “our stores and our company are open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love. We urge Gov. Deal to veto the discriminatory legislation headed to his desk and send a clear message that Georgia’s future is one of inclusion, diversity and continued prosperity."

. . . Unilever CEO Paul Polman tweeted that he fully supports Benioff . . .

Meanwhile, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce has spoken out against the bill . . .

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Business to Play Key Role as Georgia Weighs Bill on Religion and Gay Rights" by Alan Blinder, New York Times 3/22/16

The bill, which lawmakers approved on Wednesday, now faces the scrutiny of Gov. Nathan Deal, a Republican. But it is clear that companies and sports organizations, including Apple, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines and the National Football League, will have a significant effect on public debate and the governor’s decision to sign or veto the measure.

Supporters of the bill, which Georgia lawmakers named the Free Exercise Protection Act, say it is a bulwark against pressure for people of many religious faiths to endorse, or at least accept, same-sex marriage.

Georgia Prospers, a coalition of corporations based in Georgia or with deep ties to the state, said more than 480 companies agreed that the bill “could harm our ability to create and keep jobs that Georgia families depend upon.”

Corporate opposition, strategists said, will be central to the efforts to defeat the bill with Mr. Deal, who is known for his careful cultivation of the business community. Supporters of the law said corporate involvement would be meddling.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Georgia Guts Religious Freedom Bill" by Ryan T. Anderson, posted at The Daily Signal 3/18/16

The new version of the bill [that passed] provides Religious Freedom Restoration Act levels of protection for certain protected persons, but it explicitly says these protections cannot apply in cases of “invidious discrimination.” Of course, no one is in favor of invidious discrimination, but the problem is that in the hands of a liberal judge, everything looks like invidious discrimination even when it is not, such as religious universities or adoption agencies that want their policies to reflect their teachings on marriage. This apes the bad “fix” that gutted the Indiana religious freedom bill.

What this “fix” means in practice is that if a new or existing law creating special legal privileges based on sexual orientation and gender identity conflicts with a sincere religious belief, the Georgia religious freedom bill may provide no protection—not even the standard balancing test that is the hallmark of religious freedom restoration acts. So in an area where we most need religious liberty protection, the new Georgia law goes out of its way to disclaim it.

. . . the new Georgia bill provides no protection for bakers or florists or other similar wedding professionals who cannot help celebrate a same-sex wedding. While it does provide protections for priests and pastors not to have to perform same-sex weddings and for everyone not to attend them, the U.S. Constitution already provides such protections. So the bill doesn’t protect those who most need it, but it protects those who already have it.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Women's Voices Silenced: WA Transgender Restrooms

Last year, when the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties in Washington state decided to open women's locker rooms to men, citizen Autumn Bennett publicly announced that she would cancel her YMCA membership.  Then in 2016, this open-door-to-the-bathroom policy became state law, and as Bennett continued to speak against it, the political correctness police shut down her right to speak publicly, and the YMCA started firing female employees who opposed having men in the women's room.
“Morality, liberty, and freedom are still a thing in this country, and I will be damned if I let them shut me up.  I won't lie, it is a bit scary, especially the fact that they [are] seeking to find out where I work and [making] violent threats, but I believe that truth is on my side and I see no reason to back down.  This is for our kids and our future as a country.”
-- Autumn Bennett

“I let my concerns be known.  I'm a survivor of sexual assault and trauma, so for me, the danger posed by this policy was like immediately obvious.  [But the YMCA administration] weren't really having any of that, so they needed a communications director who would be willing to sell what they were trying to do.”
-- Kaeley Triller, YMCA employee fired for opposing open bathrooms

“The reality is there are sex predators.  This is just a big welcome mat. [When authorities tell us] You can’t say, ‘Oh, you’re 6-feet-5-inches, 270 pounds and you have a beard, therefore you’re a man.’?”
-- Joseph Backholm, Family Policy Institute of Washington
For background, read All Ladies' Rooms Open to Men in Washington State -- even in 2012, a Naked Man in the Girls Locker Room Was OK'd

Also read President Obama's OSHA Teams Up with EEOC to OK Perverts in Employees' Restrooms and his Department of Education Demands Communal Nudity in Public Schools and now Hillary Clinton Promises Even MORE 'Transgender/Gay Rights'

And in Virginia, the Bathroom Privacy Bill Was Defeated in the Legislature

While Transgender Restrooms Evolve for South Dakota Schools

UPDATE 4/2/16: Toilets NOT in Restrooms will be New Design for Transgender Agenda

UPDATE 6/5/16: Secret School Transgender Training via Washington State Edict

-- From "Facebook Censors Woman For Criticizing Gender-Blind Bathrooms" by Pardes Seleh, The Daily Wire 2/23/16

A group called “Keep Locker Rooms Safe,” which advocates for sex-assigned locker rooms, is being censored by Facebook because of a post criticizing gender-blind bathrooms.

Autumn Bennett, a manager of the Keep Locker Rooms Safe Facebook page, told The Daily Wire her page has been repeatedly censored by Facebook after she and her four colleagues posted about a Washington state bill mandating unrestricted access to male and female locker rooms based on "self-identified" sex affiliation. Bennett’s account was blocked while her colleagues were censored and reported by leftist Facebook activists who were offended by her posts.

Facebook protocol reserves the right to remove posts which are considered "credible threats to public figures, as well as hate speech directed at them - just as we do for private individuals."

Autumn said her post, which simply emphasized that men of all types are now legally permitted into women’s locker rooms, was hotly contested by trans activists and LGBTQ allies using social media to fight back. . . .

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Facebook Shuts Down Page For Criticizing Gender-Neutral Bathrooms" by Pardes Seleh, The Daily Wire 3/18/16

Autumn Bennett, the administrator of the page advocating for safety and privacy in locker rooms through sex-assigned bathrooms, told The Daily Wire the threats she has been receiving since the incident have gotten increasingly more aggressive. Trans activists have formed their own fake “Keep Locker Rooms Safe” Facebook pages in opposition to her group, mocking the group’s cause and harassing administrators.

One activist even posted a call to action for activists to investigate Bennett’s personal information, such as where she works.

Bennett and her colleagues decided to publicize the insults and threats from opposing activists by creating an album on their page filled with screenshots of the language that was used against her group, including phrases such as “Go f*** yourself” and “I hope your teeth fall out.” . . .

Although Bennett and her colleagues reported the aggressive language used against her group, Facebook responded by shutting their page down for having publicized what was being said to them.

Several trans activists bragged for having been the reason for Facebook’s censorship of Bennett and her colleagues.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "State’s rules for transgender restroom access set off debate" by Nina Shapiro, Seattle Times staff reporter 1/11/16

On Dec. 26, a state regulation went into effect that guarantees access to restrooms, locker rooms, and other such facilities according to a person’s gender identity [NOT actual biological sex]. It affects public and private buildings, including schools, restaurants, stores and most places of employment.

The state Human Rights Commission says its new regulation is not introducing a new right, but clarifying a 2006 state law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Hit by funding cuts, the commission just got around to rule-making.

Yet among some legislators and members of the public, it has generated an uproar. Sharon Ortiz, Human Rights Commission executive director, said state officials are “getting bombarded with calls.”

At the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties, the controversy came to a head in September, when a thousand calls and emails led the organization to scale back its original decision — only to readopt it in December after yet more discussion and consultation with the state attorney general’s office.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "New Pierce, Kitsap YMCA policy change for transgender members raises concern" KCPQ-TV13 (Tacoma, WA) 12/18/15

A new policy was set in place in April that allowed members to use the facility of the gender they identified with. But after news of the policy spread months later, many members became upset.

A second policy was put in place with more complex rules. This time, however, members of the transgendered community became upset because the new policy tied the revision to fears of child abuse.

The YMCA leadership says the purpose of the new policy changes is to be more inclusive in the community, but there has been backlash, with some fearful this will open the door to a lot more than those who are transgender.

This week, Autumn Bennett plans to cancel her family's YMCA membership due to the policy change.

“This for me has nothing to do with discrimination against any other sort of groups, it has everything to do with the safety of children,” said Bennett. “Any pedophile, potential pedophile, rapist can pose and say 'Hey, I identify as this particular sex, and I can go in there and take pictures or assault someone.'”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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Also read about state-by-state momentum for Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRA) to counter the anti-Christian Gay/Transgender Agenda.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Arrested for Boy Orgies: Gay Teacher of the Year

Jared Anderson, 28, was recognized in January for excellence as an English teacher at Judson High School, but after being arrested by San Antonio police, he confessed to a variety of lewd group sex acts with about a dozen minor boys he had lured to his home from his local Mormon church.  Anderson is the third teacher in the Judson Independent School District (Converse, Texas) in the past two months to face child sex charges.
“If there's that many, there's always a possibility there could be more. These are disgusting, graphic acts that he’s been accused of doing, and we need to protect our children, and it’s best that we try to get as much information as we can so that we can make as strong a case as possible against this guy.”
-- Sgt. Jesse Salame, San Antonio Police Department
For background, click headlines below to read previous articles:

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Homosexual, Lesbian Teachers Arrested for Sex with Students

Louisiana Lesbian Teacher Arrested for Sex with Minor Girl

Homosexual Teacher Arrested for Watching Anal Sex in Florida Classroom

Also read Most Americans Say Gay Men Untrustworthy with Boys

-- From "Teacher hosted sex parties for boys in Texas: Police" by The Associated Press 3/18/16

San Antonio police say 28-year-old Jared Anderson was being held Thursday on charges of indecency with a child and two counts of sexual performance of a child.

Police say Anderson encouraged boys to engage in sexual activity with him and each other during several parties at his home. Anderson texted apologies to some parents amid the investigation.

A statement from the San Antonio Police Department said one of the parties involved the suspect hosting a "bros night" Feb. 12 at his house, which was attended by seven boys, ages 15 to 17. A sign at the door at the party read, "The last one to get naked has to get the first dare," the department said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Local church leader, teacher accused of luring teen boys into sex acts" by Marvin Hurst and Justin Bourke, KENS-TV5 (San Antonio, TX) 3/17/16

"He's having parties where he's encouraging these kids to strip naked, to perform sex acts on each other, sometimes on him," said Sgt. Jesse Salame, San Antonio Police Department. "Sometimes taking photographs, very graphic, disgusting sexual things going on."

Police said on March 12 they started investigating parties Anderson hosted for 10 to 12 boys from his church over the past few months.

An arrest warrant richly detailed the vulgar, lewd games performed at Anderson's home. Amongst the challenges encouraged by Anderson, who submitted the most daring suggestions, included, having the teens touch each other, hug, wrestle, and hug him while disrobed.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Third Judson High teacher accused of multiple sexual offenses" by Mark D. Wilson, San Antonio Express-News 3/17/16

“This all stems from a report that came in a few days ago where two victims presented themselves over at one of the substations and reported that this individual had hosted them for some parties at his house,” SAPD spokesman Sgt. Jesse Salame said.

Salame said the alleged victims told investigators that Anderson played games with numerous boys at those parties that involved sexual activity over the course of several months.

“Another incident involved suspect challenging a 17-year-old to see who can be the most obscene. It involved the suspect and the 17-year-old sending pictures of their genitals to each other [a.k.a. sexting]. The incident was reported last week to (a) church, and the church banned suspect from returning,” police said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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