Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More Abortionists Admit Killing Kids After Birth

The liberal media's worst nightmare: Abortionists caught in videos describing their infanticide techniques.

Kermit The Abortionist, on trial for eight counts of murder, is not a "lone wolf" killer of babies born alive during botched abortions.  Lila Rose of Live Action, famous for other undercover stings on Planned Parenthood, has released video showing that Kermit Gosnell's "house of horrors" abortion practices can also be found in New York and D.C.

Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo backs legislation to repeal all abortion restrictions for all nine months of pregnancy.

For background, read about the on-going murder trial of Kermit Gosnell, and the learn the plumbing fix when too many fetuses are flushed down the toilet.

Also read, Live-Birth Abortion? Just Kill the Baby Afterwards, Says Planned Parenthood as well as Lead Abortionist Joins Obama Full-time

In addition, read Obama Asks God to Bless Planned Parenthood

Remember that Barack Obama is on record opposing any oversight of late-term abortionists like Kermit Gosnell.

UPDATE 2/17/14: Texas Yanks Abortionist's License for 268 Killed

UPDATE 6/10/13: Florida Law Protects Infants that Obama Would NOT

-- From "Group Shows Covert Video of a Bronx Abortion Clinic" by Vivian Yee, New York Times 4/28/13

An anti-abortion group that previously released several videotapes of undercover visits to abortion clinics released another video on Sunday of a staff member at a Bronx clinic describing late-term abortion procedures. The group likened the practices to those at the clinic of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia doctor charged with killing viable fetuses.

“The gruesome and inhuman practices exposed in Gosnell’s ‘House of Horrors’ are business as usual for the abortion industry in America,” [Lila Rose, president of Live Action] said in a statement, calling on the New York State Health Department to investigate Dr. Emily and other clinics performing late-term abortions. Both the Health Department and Dr. Emily center did not respond to requests for comment.

When a pregnant woman posing as a patient asked what happens if the fetus accidentally “comes out” at home before the final procedure, a staff member replied, “If it comes out, it comes out. Flush it.”

The woman also asked what happens if the removed fetus is still “twitching” or “breathing.” The staff member said all aborted fetuses are placed in jars of solution and sent to a laboratory for weighing; if the fetus is still moving, “the solution will make it stop.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Antiabortion group releases videos of clinic workers discussing live births" by Sandhya Somashekhar and Lena H. Sun, Washington Post 4/28/13

Live Action . . . claims that the videos show that abortion doctors are willing to kill babies in violation of the federal Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002, which requires them to try to save a child born during a failed abortion using the same measures used in miscarriages or preterm births at the same stage of pregnancy.

One video features a D.C. doctor, Cesare Santangelo, who said that in the unlikely event that an abortion resulted in a live birth, “we would not help it.” Santangelo was answering repeated questions from an undercover operative about what would happen, hypothetically, if she gave birth after an unsuccessful abortion.

“I mean, technically, you know, legally, we would be obligated to help it, you know, to survive, but . . . it probably wouldn’t,” Santangelo is shown telling the woman, who was 24 weeks pregnant. “It’s all in how vigorously you do things to help a fetus survive at this point.”

In an interview with The Washington Post, Santangelo said he was trying to reassure the woman, who turned out to be an undercover operative of the group, Live Action. In reality, he said, he would call 9-1-1. But he said he stands by what he said on tape.

“What I said is, basically I wouldn’t do anything extraordinary,” he said Saturday. “We would call EMS. We would call 9-1-1. But I wouldn’t do intubation or anything. . . . You let nature take its course.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Undercover video: abortion worker tells woman to flush baby down toilet" by John Jalsevac, LifeSiteNews.com 4/29/13

. . . The undercover investigator then asks what to do if the baby comes out while she is at home.

“If it comes out, then it comes out. Flush it…if anything, you know, put it in a bag or something or somewhere and bring it to us,” the counselor says.

. . . the counselor also explains that the abortion is a suction abortion, and says that it is unlikely the baby would come out in one piece. “We never had that for ages,” she says.

The counselor also discourages the woman from going to the hospital if she experience complications, explaining that the hospital won’t want to finish an abortion that the abortion clinic started.

The counselor also suggests that people at the hospital might force the woman to have the baby and keep it.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Lesbian Methodist Fired from Ohio Catholic School

Carla Hale, 57, a gym teacher for 19 years at Bishop Watterson Catholic High School in Columbus, was fired after she subtly outed herself (as being partnered with Julie, another woman) in the obituary of her mother, printed in the local newspaper.  In response, the Diocese of Columbus is being pounded by national media and liberal "catholics" to reinstate Hale, and thus ignore the Bible and Church doctrine.  Also, diocese leaders could face fines or jail time if a city anti-discrimination ordinance is deemed enforceable against the Church by a court.
“[Being a lesbian] had nothing to do with my ability to teach and coach. I don’t think I’m immoral; I don’t think I’ve done anything that’s unethical.”
-- Carla Hale to the media
Other teachers have sued Christian schools for being fired over immorality issues, but the U.S. Supreme Court ruling over President Obama's DOJ gives churches freedom to fire & hire.

Remember the assurance from Pope Benedict XVI: Public Opinion Won't Liberalize the Church and also read that Pope Francis I Says the Gay Agenda is Work of the Devil

-- From "Diocese affirms need for Catholic fidelity after teacher fired" posted at Catholic News Agency 4/26/13

Speaking “in general terms,” the diocese said in a statement, all Catholic school personnel agree at the beginning of their employment to “abide by the rules, regulations, and policies of the Catholic Diocese, including respecting the moral values advanced by the teachings of Christ.”

“The Catholic Church respects the fundamental dignity of all persons but also must insist that those in its employ respect the tenets of the Church,” the diocese continued. “Personnel who choose to publicly espouse relationships or principles that are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church cannot, ultimately, remain in the employ of the Church.”

In 2008, the city [of Columbus] passed an ordinance barring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. However, according to the NBC TV affiliate WCMH, the school’s principal explained to Hale that her termination was not due to the fact that she was a lesbian, but because she had was a relationship with another woman, an action that violates Church teaching.

Morals clauses have been invoked to end the employment of heterosexual teachers at Catholic schools as well.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Columbus Diocese Takes Heat for Firing Lesbian Teacher" by Peter Jesserer Smith, National Catholic Register 4/25/13

“The Catholic diocese is facing a situation where simply living according to its long-held, very open and very public religious beliefs could somehow be a crime in the city of Columbus. That’s very disconcerting,” Daniel Blomberg, legal counsel with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, told the Register. The Becket Fund is a Washington-based law firm that specializes in cases involving religious liberty, but it is not representing the Columbus Diocese at this time.

Blomberg said the Columbus anti-discrimination ordinance goes far beyond standard federal and state non-discrimination laws by imposing criminal penalties on employers, especially religious employers who “might require a statement of belief regarding marriage and family that some might find offensive.”

Blomberg said the law was “unclear” as to whether Bishop Campbell and other diocesan personnel would be liable for jail time or fines.

An agreement between the diocese and its teachers' union, the Central Ohio Association of Catholic Educators (COACE), states that the diocese has the right to terminate an employee’s contract “at any time” for engaging in “immorality, for serious unethical conduct or for willful and/or persistent violations of reasonable regulations” set by the school or diocese.

Diocesan policy also states that employees “are expected to be examples of moral behavior and professionalism” in keeping with “the tenets of the Catholic Church.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Furor over gay teacher’s firing may pit city of Columbus against Roman Catholic diocese" by Kirsten Andersen, LifeSiteNews 4/22/13

Now, Hale wants her job back.  She has filed a grievance with the teachers’ union, and her lawyer, Thomas Tootle, told the Columbus Dispatch that if Hale’s union grievance does not succeed, her next step will be to sue under the city’s anti-discrimination law.

That means the diocesan officials who fired Hale may soon face legal action from the city of Columbus, fines, and possibly even jail time.

Hale’s is the latest in a series of firings of Catholic school teachers who have publicly opposed Church teaching on homosexuality.  Another Ohio Catholic high school teacher, Mike Moroski of Cincinnati, was let go in February after posting on his blog that he supports same-sex “marriage.” Rather than fight the diocese, Morski launched a political career.  Al Fischer, an openly homosexual music teacher in St. Louis, was fired from a Catholic school and church last year after announcing he was traveling to New York to “marry” his same-sex partner.

. . . As of this writing, more than 40,000 people have signed an online petition demanding the Diocese of Columbus reinstate Hale’s employment and issue a public apology.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read President Obama Redefines 1st Amendment Freedom of Religion as well as Obama's National Cathedral is the Seat of Apostasy

Rightfully, Catholic Bishops Slam Obama: Criminal in Eyes of God

It comes down to Religious Liberty vs. Anti-Christian Totalitarianism in America

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Education Experts Say Use Porn in Teaching Sex Ed

Isn't this exactly what you'd expect in today's hedonistic culture?

Saying that children grow up amid a flood of pornography, Britain's Sex Education Forum is providing schools with recommendations of how to introduce "good pornography" to the classroom, starting in Kindergarten, in order to develop students' core values and to properly guide their (premarital) sexual experiences.

UPDATE 3/17/15 The educator chorus grows: Pornography Belongs in Classroom, More Experts Say

UPDATE 12/19/14: Teen Students Across America Learn to Produce & Distribute Child Pornography

UPDATE 8/9/14: California School Pushes Pornographic Sex Ed, Parents Outraged

UPDATE 6/13/14: Kinky Planned Parenthood Sex Advisor Caught, Fired

UPDATE 6/9/14: X-Rated Sex Ed for California 8th Grade; Parents Livid

UPDATE 6/4/14: Secret Sex Training of 6th-Graders in Oregon

UPDATE 2/26/14: Sex in New Jersey Kindergarten, Nobody Blames Culture

UPDATE 5/6/13: President Obama Funds Condom Delivery Service to Pre-teens

For background, click headlines below for previous articles:

Schools Give Sex Ed Porn to 4 year-olds

Kids Choose Porn as Better Teacher than School

School Sexualization Standards by NEA, Abortionists

Obama Education Adviser Recommends Pornography to Children

Children are Sexual Beings, Says White House - Masturbation OK

Government Teaches Children to Enjoy Sex - Daily Orgasms Recommended

Teen Sex Performance Education in New York

Sex Training Sweeps Campuses on Taxpayers' Dime

President Obama Enables Pornographers

Pornography Creates 5-year-old Sex Offenders

Also read about Planned Parenthood's Sexual Assault on Kids: Business Model is Hooking them on Sex

-- From "School pupils should be taught 'not all porn is bad', advise experts" by Melanie Hall and Graeme Paton, UK Telegraph 4/25/13

[The Sex Education Forum] suggests using a website called TheSite.org, an advice forum for young people, which tells teenagers that “porn can be great” and aims to tackle a series of “myths” about the subject. “Sex is great. And porn can be great. . . .

The publication follows the Government’s announcement that it will no longer include personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE), which is commonly used to deliver sex education lessons, in the National Curriculum. Instead, schools will be left to draw up their own syllabuses.

On Thursday the SEF released the first edition of the online publication Sex Educational Supplement — The Pornography Issue, which is intended to help schools teach sex education, providing resources on how to broach the “potentially difficult and controversial subject” of pornography.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Schools 'should teach how to view porn', sex forum says" by Judith Burns, BBC News education reporter 4/26/13

Teachers need to know that pornography is not necessarily 'all bad' and can sometimes be 'helpful', a group of sex education experts has suggested.

A new publication advocates pupils being taught how to view pornography in school sex education lessons.

The Sex Education Forum wants pornography taught in terms of "media literacy and representation, gender, sexual behaviour and body image".

. . . [Students of] Teacher Boo Spurgeon, of Forge Valley Community School in Sheffield . . . helped compile a list of what they felt students should learn about pornography. They said that some films could be "helpful" but cautioned that they were not a model for good sex.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Teachers should give lessons in pornography and tell pupils 'it's not all bad', experts say" by Mario Ledwith, UK Daily Mail 4/25/13

The recommendations, included in an educational guide, suggest that teachers confront 'myths' about porn and inform children as young as five about sexualisation.

The 'wish list' section, which aims to create the 'ideal environment' for teaching about sexual issues, also advises teachers to 'speak frankly and confidently' about pornography.

In a model lesson plan, it is suggested that children are told about the differences between what is 'real' and 'unreal' in pornography, using a device known as the 'planet porn game'.

The Family Education Trust's Norman Wells criticised the guide, saying: 'The intention appears to be to steer children and young people away from a belief in moral absolutes and to encourage them to think that there are no rights and wrongs when it comes to sexual expression.'

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read Abstinence Education Yields Lowest Teen Birth Rate Ever as well as Abstinent Teens the Norm, Moral Sex-Ed Works: Study

UPDATE 3/7/14: President Obama Wants an End to Abstinence Education, Favors Anal Sex

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pres. Obama Asks God to Bless Planned Parenthood

America's most pro-abortion president ever, speaking at Planned Parenthood's annual convention, vowed to continue to pour taxpayer dollars into the nation's largest abortion business, and excoriated nearly every state government in the nation for enacting laws that limit abortion in the least.

UPDATE 8/5/15: Planned Parenthood is 'Doing God's Work,' Say Liberal Clergy

Also read about Planned Parenthood's Prayer Vigil for More Abortions

Remember that Barack Obama is on record opposing any oversight of late-term abortionists like Kermit Gosnell (charged with seven counts of infanticide).

For background on the abortion murder trial, read Fetuses Plugged Kermit The Abortionist's Toilet

 UPDATE 4/30/13: More Abortionists Admit Killing Kids After Birth

UPDATE 8/16/13: ObamaCare Covers Abortion & Pays Abortionists

 -- From "Obama vows to defend abortion rights at Planned Parenthood event" by Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post 4/26/13

President Obama spoke to nearly a thousand Planned Parenthood supporters Friday . . .

The appearance underscored the central role women played in helping to reelect Obama in November. It also marked the first time that a sitting U.S. president has delivered a keynote address to Planned Parenthood, one of the nation’s largest providers of abortions and other women’s health services.

. . . abortion opponents sharply criticized Obama for his decision to speak to the group, saying it was particularly inappropriate given the ongoing controversy about a Philadelphia abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell, who is on trial on charges of killing one adult patient and four infants in his care. Some women who had initially visited Gosnell’s clinic later complained to Planned Parenthood staff in Philadelphia about the unclean conditions there.

“It is outrageous that President Obama addressed the Planned Parenthood gathering this morning, at a time when Planned Parenthood has been exposed for having known about the Gosnell horrors, yet took no action to report this abuse of women and babies,” said Maureen Ferguson, senior policy adviser for The Catholic Association, which opposes abortion.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Obama celebrates Planned Parenthood, avoids saying abortion" by Associated Press 4/27/13

President Obama Friday avoided the word "abortion" in a speech to a Planned Parenthood conference at a Washington hotel.

Obama talked of newly adopted laws in North Dakota and other states restricting the "right to choose." But he spent most of his time praising Planned Parenthood for the cancer screening, contraception and other services it provides to women of modest means.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Did you know that Planned Parenthood Kills a Baby Every 94 SecondsAnd do you know how they get a steady stream of customers?

From "Obama Pledges Full Support to Planned Parenthood; Blasts Abortion Restrictions" by Melissa Barnhart, Christian Post Contributor 4/27/13

In his speech, the president chastised members of Congress who want to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood and expressed his disapproval of state legislatures that have voted to place restrictions on abortion. Obama vowed to Planned Parenthood supporters that as long as he's in the White House, "you've got a president who's going to be right here with you, fighting every step of the way."

Obama also spoke to the audience about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and told Planned Parenthood employees that he wants them to promote the program, especially to young girls, and to get them signed up on a health care plan. He also thanked the organization for campaigning for his re-election and for promoting Obamacare.

Planned Parenthood spent $15 million to campaign for Obama's re-election, and out of that, in 2012, just under $5 million went toward advertising and other campaign activities to oppose his challenger, Mitt Romney.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read Federal Government Probes Planned Parenthood for Fraud

From "Remarks by the President at the Planned Parenthood Conference" posted at WhiteHouse.gov 4/26/13


THE PRESIDENT:  I love you back.  Thank you.  (Applause.)

Cecile [Richards, president of Planned Parenthood], thank you for the warm introduction, and thank you for the outstanding leadership that you’ve shown over the years. You just do a great, great job. (Applause.)

. . . Somewhere there’s a young woman starting a career who, because of you, is able to decide for herself when she wants to start a family. (Applause.) [So, young women need Planned Parenthood in order to decide WHEN to have SEX?]

. . . after decades of progress, there’s still those who want to turn back the clock to policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century. . . .

Forty-two states have introduced laws that would ban or severely limit access to a woman’s right to choose [abortion] . . .

In North Dakota, they just passed a law that outlaws your right to choose [to abort your baby], starting as early as six weeks, even if a woman is raped.  A woman may not even know that she’s pregnant at six weeks.  In Mississippi, a ballot initiative was put forward that could not only have outlawed your right to choose, but could have had all sorts of other far-reaching consequences like cutting off fertility treatments, making certain forms of contraception a crime.

That’s absurd.  It’s wrong.  It’s an assault on women’s rights.

. . . Thank you, Planned Parenthood.  God bless you.  God bless America.  Thank you.

To read the entire transcript, CLICK HERE.

For further background, read Live-Birth Abortion? Just Kill the Baby Afterwards, Says Planned Parenthood and also read Lead Abortionist Joins Obama Full-time

In addition, read President Obama Praises Killing 55 Million Babies over 40 Years besides Making a Promise to Fund Killing Even More Babies

Watch President's entire 4/26/13 address to Planned Parenthood (including introduction):

Friday, April 26, 2013

Army Computers Label Baptist Website as 'Hostile'

After myriad recent instances of military hostility toward Catholics and Evangelical Christians, the Army was quick to blame the most recent debacle on the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Hundreds of military personnel reported that their base computers responded with a warning of "hostile content" when they tried to access the SBC website, which Army officials say was caused by Army computers detecting malicious software on the SBC website.

For background, read Obama's Army Says Christians are Worst Terrorists and also read West Point Study Warns of Christian Terrorists

In addition, read Air Force Engages War on Christianity, Say Lawmakers as well as President Obama Denies Leading War Against Christianity

-- From "Defense Department blocks Baptist website, calls content ‘hostile’" by Cheryl K. Chumley, The Washington Times 4/25/13

Chaplains with the Southern Baptist Convention said the U.S. military has blocked access to its website on bases around the nation, calling the content “hostile” and inappropriate.

Chaplains told Fox News that SBC.net had been censored, and those trying to access the site at various military bases were greeted with a warning: “The site you have requested has been blocked by Team CONUS … due to hostile content,” Fox News reported. Team CONUS is in charge of the computer network for the Defense Department, Fox News said.

“The Department of Defense is not intentionally blocking access to this site,” Lt. Col. Damien Pickart said on Fox News. “We are working diligently to investigate what might be causing access issues for some of our service members and to correct the situation as quickly as possible.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Southern Baptist website blocked by malware, not Army" by Bob Smietana, The Tennessean 4/26/13

Lt. Col. Damien Pickart, a Defense Department spokesman, said the military has software filters to ban pornography and gambling sites and to detect malware, malicious software that can harm other computers. One of those filters caught the malware on the Baptist site.

That malware has since been removed, said Pickart, and the Baptist site was unblocked Thursday afternoon.

But the incident has revealed cracks in the traditionally close ties between the military and conservative Christians.

Southern Baptist spokesman Roger “Sing” Oldham called the situation “deeply disturbing” in a statement Wednesday.

Oldham said he was glad the military was able to find the problem. He said SBC employees were working on removing the malware and updating the system to better protect it from viruses.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Pentagon Blocks, Says it Will Free Access to Southern Baptist Website" by Todd Starnes, Foxnews.com 4/25/13

Hundreds of Southern Baptist military personnel and chaplains across the nation reported earlier this week they could no longer access the SBC.net website on base computers. Instead, they received a message saying the website had been blocked due to “hostile content.”

The block was first made public by an Army officer who contacted the American Family Association. They sent an action alert urging its members to contact the Pentagon and ask them to “stop the military’s alarming trend of hostility towards faith and religious freedom in our military.”

Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, told Fox News that Southern Baptist military chaplains were among those unable to access the website.

“It’s a concern for the Dept. of Defense to block the website of one of the major evangelical denominations in the country,” Crews told Fox News. “The Southern Baptist Convention has the largest number of chaplains in the military representing Southern Baptist soldiers and churches. Those chaplains need access to their denomination’s website.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lesbianism Taught at Middle School as Anti-Bullying

Parents at Linden Avenue Middle School of the Red Hook (NY) Central School District are fuming over not being notified in advance that Bard College students with “extensive training” would be teaching their young children about deviant sex and “gender identity,” including forcing girls to kiss each other, all under the guise of a so-called anti-bullying workshop.

At a subsequent meeting with parents, principal Dr. Katie Zahedi claimed the students weren't taught anything that they didn't already know, but said the workshop was necessary because “we do have to protect sexual orientation.”

For background, click headlines below of previous articles:

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Illinois Parents Cause School to Drop Gay Agenda 'Anti-bullying' Books

Pro-gay Teacher Bullies Christians on Anti-bullying Day

Tennessee Struggles for Freedom of Religion - Bullying

Maine Middle School Students Taught Homosexual Foreplay

School Sexualization Standards by NEA, Abortionists

Alabama School Doesn't Back Gay Agenda, Obama Investigates

-- From "8th grade gender workshops ignite furor" by Adam Shanks, Red Hook / Rhinebeck Observer 4/23/13

The school began the program this year in an effort to comply with the 2012 state law called the Dignity for All Students Act. Whether or not this new law, meant to protect students from bullying, requires programs like the one given in Red Hook was the subject of some debate at the meeting.

In the girls class, one parent wrote in a Facebook forum for Red Hook parents, “… they had 2 Bard students come in to talk to just the girls. They [proceeded] to tell them that they can start having sex at their age and there is nothing anyone can do about it, not even their parents.”

In the boys’ class, another parent whose son attended the boys workshop wrote, “Questions were asked about what constitutes girls as sluts, such as what they wear or how many boys they sleep with.”

Part of the program’s purpose, according to LAMS Guidance Counselor Ryan Carney, was to confront gender stereotypes such as “guys never ask for directions,” and for the boys, to tell them “they really can express emotion.”

One of the most contentious issues of the meeting was a page of specific definitions of LGBTQ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning] that was handed out to the students. One parent commented that she didn’t even know the meaning of “pansexual.” Another pointed out that including the name of the organization ALLY in the title could mean that the school district had an agenda.

To read all of the VERY thorough local news account above, CLICK HERE.

From "Anti-bullying lesson puts parents on edge in Red Hook" by Sarah Bradshaw, Poughkeepsie Journal 4/17/13

Paul Finch, superintendent of the Red Hook Central School District, told the Journal that the workshop focused on improving culture, relationships, communication and self-perceptions. These are issues schools are obligated to address under New York’s Dignity for All Students Act, he noted. Future workshops of a similar nature “may require more notification to parents,” he said.

Bard College spokesman Mark Primoff said the students were volunteers who were invited by the middle school to give a workshop on communication.

Effective in July, the Dignity for All Students Act represents the state’s effort to create a safe and supportive environment, free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment and bullying.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Middle School Anti-Bullying Lesson Includes Lesbian Role Play" by Todd Starnes, Foxnews.com 4/18/13

“I am furious,” said Mandy Coon, whose daughter was in the class. “I am her parent. Where does anyone get the right to tell her that it’s okay for her to have sex?”

“They also picked two girls to stand in front of the class and pretend they were lesbians on a date,” Coons said.

“I was absolutely furious – really furious,” said the parent of a 13-year-old who asked not to be identified. “They were teaching the boys how to decipher if a girl is a slut.”

The parent told Fox News that boys were also instructed to always have a condom in their wallet.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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In addition, read Homosexual Bully Slams Pope in Illinois College Chapel

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Homosexuals Fail to Defeat Religious Liberty in KY

Although Democrat Gov. Steve Beshear jumped aboard the homosexualists' bandwagon to veto the Kentucky Religious Freedom Act, an overwhelming bipartisan chorus in the legislature overturned the veto.

The new law is seen as a major blow by Gay Agenda advocates attempting to force Christians to celebrate homosexuality in schools, businesses, and everyday life.

For background, read State Sues Christian Florist for Being 'Anti-Gay' and also read Colorado Senator Says Christians Who Oppose 'Gay Marriage' Belong in Monastery as well as Oregon Says Christian Baker Must Do Lesbian 'Wedding'

In addition, read about the Colorado baker and myriad other Christians sued in states with same-sex unions/marriage laws.

UPDATE 2/22/14: Homosexualists Admit Goal to End Religious Liberty as Arizona Republicans Cower

-- From "Lawmakers override religious freedom veto" by Ben Finley, Associated Press 3/27/13

The law will give stronger legal standing to people in court who claim the government burdened their ability to practice their religion. The legislation protects “sincerely held religious beliefs” from infringement unless there is “a compelling governmental interest.” The courts will still consider and rule on each matter.

Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear vetoed the bill Friday over concerns that someone’s claim of religious freedom could undermine civil rights protections for gays and lesbians and lead to costly lawsuits for taxpayers.

But sponsors of the bill said it would only provide a higher level of legal protection that already exists on the federal level and in at least 16 states. They said the law isn’t intended to discriminate against anyone, adding that the courts will have the final say on each claim.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Kentucky's religious freedom bill divided politicians, public, ministers" by Jack Brammerand Beth Musgrave, Lexington Herald-Leader 3/30/13

The vote in the House was 79-15; in the Senate, 32-6. Almost all of the legislators siding with the governor were from urban areas or are minorities.

Most lawmakers were afraid politically to let the governor's veto stand, said Democratic consultant Danny Briscoe of Louisville, "because they feared it would hurt their chances of getting re-elected. This state is becoming increasingly conservative, so politicians are reluctant to do anything to go against that trend."

. . . Rep. Stan Lee, R-Lexington, said House Bill 279 was needed because religious freedoms were being curtailed in Kentucky.

Prayer and the Bible have been taken out of schools, and people can no longer practice their faith in public, he said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Ky. Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto of Religious Liberties Bill" by Katherine Weber, Christian Post Reporter 3/28/13

Those supporting the bill, including the Family Foundation and the Catholic Conference of Kentucky, argue that its purpose has been skewed by interest groups and the liberal media and that it in no way threatens civil liberties.

"The ACLU and the Fairness Alliance, along with a compliant liberal media, distorted this bill beyond recognition," said Martin Cothran, spokesman for the Family Foundation, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

"The magnitude of this vote should send a message to these groups that this kind of deception is not appreciated by the majority of the state's elected lawmakers."

Proponents of the house bill also argue that it works in accordance with the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a federal law aimed at preventing government laws which limit religious expression.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Lessons From Bruising Passage of Kentucky Religious-Freedom Bill (1079)" by Joan Frawley Desmond, National Catholic Register 4/24/13

. . . the battle underscores the growing clout of homosexual-rights activists, who have become crucial players in political coalitions in Kentucky and across the nation.

. . . as mainstream and homosexual-rights websites picked up the story, [the bill's sponsor, state Rep. Bob] Damron began getting “hate mail from people as far away as New Jersey and New York.”

By the time the bill was brought to the floor of the Kentucky House, the American Civil Liberties Union had signaled its opposition. Legislators who attacked the bill raised questions about the Catholic bishops’ motives for supporting it and expressed concern about the alleged threat it posed to individual civil rights, though these critics did not focus on any perceived fears.

The ACLU was the most prominent civil-rights group opposing the bill, joined by the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, and the Fairness Campaign, a state homosexual-rights group.

Father Patrick Delahanty, executive director of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky, told the Register that the unexpected opposition to the bill underscored the growing political strength of homosexual activists.

“The gay community … has allied themselves with every progressive group in Kentucky,” he said, adding that, after the bill was introduced, it was “the time for payback: ‘We helped you, and now you have to help us.’”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "The Next Big Battle Over Gay Rights" by Wendy Kaminer, correspondent at The Atlantic 3/27/13

The battle over same-sex marriage isn’t ending. It’s morphing into a fight over religious freedom, as secular businesses and individuals claim First Amendment rights to discriminate against gay couples. Religious institutions and clergy have indisputable rights not to sanctify gay unions (or any unions to which they object for any reasons). Should wedding planners, florists, or limousine drivers enjoy similar rights to refuse to serve gay couples?

About one third of the states have enacted religious freedom laws . . . They’re modeled after the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, passed by Congress in response to a 1990 Supreme Court case denying Native Americans the right to sacramental use of peyote in violation of state drug laws.

Religious Freedom Restoration Acts are controversial: If they’re consistently construed to favor individual religious beliefs over generally applicable laws, they threaten secular governance in a pluralistic nation. The federal RFRA has been invoked by secular businesses claiming exemptions from the Affordable Health Care Act’s contraceptive care mandate, and now religious conservatives are beginning to invoke state RFRA’s as defenses against same sex marriage and other rights.

Someday, perhaps in the not too distant future, gay marriage will be normalized in many states (as it is in Massachusetts), and overt bias against gay people will be generally unacceptable, even un-American. Someday, religious claims for exemptions from gay rights laws will decline along with the population of religious objectors. Until then their religious freedom claims will multiply and should be taken seriously — which doesn’t mean they should prevail.

To read the entire opinion column above, CLICK HERE.

In addition, read 'Gay Rights' Winning, Loss of Religious Liberty Documented - Washington Post writer demonstrates it's a "zero sum" game: Winning homosexual 'rights' means Christians must lose freedom of religion.

To prove the point, read Supreme Court Rules Bible as 'Hate Speech' in Canada

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Univ. Prof. Arrested for Bullying Pro-life Students

Laura Curry, professor of media studies, went ballistic on the Students for Life club of the University at Buffalo (New York) who were given permission for a pro-life exhibit with graphic abortion images.  Curry was one of several professors protesting the display, but was the only one arrested for disorderly conduct, which included f-bomb swearing at the students.
“Where does it say I can't use the f**k word in public? I can swear because that’s part of my vocabulary. That’s part of my First Amendment rights.”
-- Laura Curry, to the police
For background, read 'Higher Education' Indoctrinates Pro-abortion: Poll and also read Univ. Wisconsin Newspapers' Bias Favors Abortion as well as Liberal Jailed for Death Threats to Pro-lifers

UPDATE 7/3/13: Buffalo NY Univ. Charges Pro-life Students Extra $

UPDATE 9/2/13: Christian Free Speech Censored at Ohio College

-- From "Laura Curry, University At Buffalo Professor, Arrested For Profanity-Laced Tirade Over Pro-Life Display" by Will Wrigley, The Huffington Post 4/17/13

. . . When confronted by police officers over [Curry's] use of profanity, she claimed that her tirade was just as profane as the [pro-life] display . . .

Curry argued with police and claimed that her use of profane language was protected under the First Amendment.

However, after over two minutes of arguing, police put cuffs on her wrists and escorted her away from the display.

John DellaContrada, the assistant vice president for media relations at the University at Buffalo [said] . . . "it is a fundamental value of UB that all members of the campus community and their invited guests have a right to peacefully express their views and opinions," including the right of "protesters to oppose the views or opinions of others." But, he added, that did not include ways that would "limit or prevent the speaker's freedom of expression or interfere with university operations."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

 From "Professors Compare Pro-Life Students to Lynch Mob" by Todd Starnes, Foxnews.com 4/17/13

The professors were outraged after the Students for Life club received permission to display a pro-life exhibit that included graphic images of abortion victims along with Holocaust victims and victims of lynching.

A half dozen history professors condemned the display in a letter to the student newspaper.

“Anti-abortion protesters appear to have a lot in common with those who supported lynching,” they wrote in the school paper. “We feel it is imperative to speak out against this crass, uninformed and dangerous misuse of history.”

“Would you let my class know I’m under arrest,” she asked as officers slapped a pair of handcuffs on the profane professor and carted her off to jail.

Pro-Life students were also targeted by their peers. Their photos were posted on signs that were labeled “Indecency, Ignorance, Intolerance.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "University at Buffalo Professor Arrested After Profane Rant Against Student Anti-Abortion Display" by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Reporter 4/18/13

[Students for Life President Christian Andzel said,] "It is absolutely shameful for the paid professionals at the University at Buffalo to insinuate that anti-abortionists 'appear to have a lot in common with those who supported lynching.' As a student in the history department and President of the Pro-Life club on campus, not only am I ashamed and appalled that my professors twisted our message to suit their point of view, but I am offended due to their false characterization of our argument. We were citing the history of oppression and voicelessness of the victims who deserved human rights and justice."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read Abortion Photos Impact North Carolina Univ.

Monday, April 22, 2013

CBS Gives Voice to Atheists, Heretics, & Apostates

CBS News latest foray into American religion is the 30-minute broadcast Religion & Spirituality in a Changing Society wherein a variety of liberal "christians," humanists, atheists, hedonists, homosexualists, feminists and pagans explain how America is rejecting Bible-based (real) Christianity.

John P. “Jack” Blessington, the program's part-time executive producer of CBS News (and part-time school headmaster), says that his broadcast career has offered him “the largest classroom that I’ll ever have.”

This CBS News indoctrination piece equates the reelection of President Bush in 2004 (said to be caused by Evangelical Christians) and the Catholic priest sexual abuse scandal, to the 9/11 terrorist attack against America -- all three jolted Americans into an anti-religion phase.

That sounds familiar: Obama's Army Says Christians are Worst Terrorists

For background on such propaganda, read The Religious Left 'Taste' the Millennium in Obama and also read Obama's National Cathedral is the Seat of Apostasy as well as Biblical Prayer Stricken from Obama Inauguration

But don't worry, President Obama Denies Leading a War Against Christianity

-- From "For CBS producer, sharing beliefs is key" by Linda Bloom, United Methodist News Service 4/1/13

[John P. “Jack”] Blessington, the long-time executive producer of the CBS Religion and Culture series, will receive a special Wilbur award April 6 from the Religion Communicators Council during the council’s 84th annual convention.

The special award recognizes his contributions to public discussions of faith topics for more than 30 years, demonstrating, as Douglas F. Cannon, a United Methodist communicator and RCC president points out, “that faith topics can be approached as news and are not boring.”

Blessington likes to allow believers to share the stories of their own faith. “I am a church-attending Roman Catholic who argues for ecumenism,” he told United Methodist News Service in a recent interview.

Since 1989, Religion and Culture has worked with members of the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission to develop programming. “We try to find out what the people of various religions believe and what they do to help each other and help mankind,” Blessington said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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New Massachusetts 'Church' With No God

Church is About Friendships, NOT God: Study

God is Not a Being, but an Experience

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Penn. City Calls Atheists' Threats Stupid & Crazy

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) wrote a letter to Greenville, PA officials saying that opening monthly City Council meetings with prayers is unconstitutional and must stop.  In response, at a recent public meeting, the City formally decided to simply ignore the implied threat by atheists' to bring a lawsuit.

For background, click headlines below for previous articles:

Prayers in Government Meetings OK, Says San Francisco Court

Atheist Organization Swamped Suing to Stop Prayer

Atheists Misrepresent U.S. Constitution re: Prayer

Wisconsin Atheists Want Prayer Stopped in Tennessee

Ignore Atheists and Pray, Says Roanoke County, VA

Prayer Returns to Texas Town, Ignoring Atheists

Prayer at Florida County Meetings Will Continue

Washington City Continues to Pray Despite Atheist Lawsuit Threat

Atheists' Prayer Threat Rejected by South Carolina Municipalities

Ohio Town Will Continue Praying

Wisconsin County Yields Prayer to Atheist Threat

-- From "Prayer before Greenville Council meeting called 'unconstitutional'" by Danielle Cotterman, Reporter, WFMJ-TV21 (Youngstown, OH) 4/15/13

According to the [FFRF] letter, "a local complaint brought this matter to their attention."

The complaint stated, "[the] prayers often use phrases such as 'in Jesus' name,' rendering them indisputably Christian."

Greenville Council President Brian Shipley argues that each month a different denominational leader in the Greenville area offers the prayer.

"We don't have a Synagogue, we don't have a Mosque in Greenville," Shipley said. "It's not that they wouldn't be welcome, it's just that they do not exist in the Greenville area, or they would be invited to participate as well."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Prayer meeting -- Council rejects petition to end invocation" by Tom Davidson Herald Staff Writer 4/15/13

The prayers will continue, [Shipley] said.

“I am perfectly OK with prayer at meetings,” Councilman Anthony D’Alfonso said. “I think it’s a long-standing tradition that should be honored.”

Councilman Ted Jones called the complaint “pretty crazy.”

“I think it’s pretty stupid,” Jones said. “I don’t think we should do anything.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read Prayer in America: Hidden Faith, or Public?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fetuses Plugged Kermit The Abortionist's Toilet

While President Obama was in Boston speaking of Americans choosing life over those “who would visit death upon innocents” and saying that “we come together to celebrate life,” witnesses testified at the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell of live babies in his abortion clinic toilet being killed.  Although Barack Obama has often spoke in support of late-term abortionists like Gosnell, this week he said “Well, I’m familiar with it. I can’t comment on it because it’s an active trial.”

For obvious reasons, the mainstream media has failed to fully report this trial.

Read background on the Gosnell trial.

-- From "President Obama ‘familiar’ with Kermit Gosnell trial" by Katie Glueck, Politico 4/17/13

President Barack Obama reaffirmed his commitment to abortion rights as he stressed the importance of “medical ethics” in an exclusive interview with NBC’s “Today” show when he weighed in on the trial of Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

In the interview, he noted that he was “familiar” with the trial of Gosnell, which has sparked outrage from some on both sides of the political spectrum, as many on the right — and some on the left — have charged that the mainstream media has not sufficiently covered the case, which involves gruesome allegations including of murder. Obama said he couldn’t comment, however.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Obama in the Cathedral: 'We Come Together to Celebrate Life'" by Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSNews.com 4/18/13

The president was speaking at in interfaith prayer service for those who killed or injured by the bombing at Monday’s Boston Marathon.

“You showed us Boston that in the face of evil, Americans will lift up what is good,” said Obama. “In the face of cruelty, we will choose compassion. In the face of those who would visit death upon innocents we will choose to save to comfort and to heal. We will choose friendship. We will choose love.”

“We build and we work and we love and we raise our kids to do the same,” Obama said. “And we come together to celebrate life and to walk our cities . . .

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Kermit Gosnell Murder Trial Update: Phila. abortion clinic worker says she saw more than 14 babies born alive" by Associated Press & CBS News 4/19/13

Prosecutors chose 28-year-old Kareema Cross as their final witness before resting their case against Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Cross said she saw more than 10 babies breathe, with their chests moving up and down.

"I thought they were breathing," Cross testified. "He would say they're not really breathing."

Cross also described seeing three babies move, one after being born in a toilet, and heard a fourth give a "soft whine." Gosnell explained the movements as a last reflex amid the death process, she said.

She said Gosnell and others snipped the backs of the babies' necks after they were born "to ensure fetal demise." And she described the clinic as filthy and the equipment as outdated.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Gosnell Trial Witness: Baby Abortion Survivor Was 'Swimming' in Toilet 'Trying to Get Out'" by Elizabeth Harrington, CNSNews.com 4/18/13

Adrienne Moton, an employee at the clinic, then took the baby [from the toilet] and snipped the back of its neck while the mother was still in the room.

. . . [Another] baby was born alive, [while the mother, Shayquana] Abrams was sleeping.  Cross said Dr. Gosnell took the baby boy, which she described as 12 to 18 inches long, and put him inside a plastic container the size of a shoebox.

“The baby was still breathing,” she said. “He didn’t cut the neck right there.”

The baby was too big for the plastic container, with his arms and legs hanging over the sides.

“The Doctor cut the back of the baby’s neck but didn’t do suction—normally Dr. Gosnell would do suction … to suck the brains out,” Cross said.

“I called people over to come see it [the baby] and we took pictures,” she said.

The baby boy had curled himself into the fetal position and laid on his side in the box.  An image of the baby taken by Cross was shown to the court, showing him laying lifeless on his side.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Toilet In Abortion Clinic Needed to be Lifted to ‘Get the Fetuses Out of the Pipes’" by Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews.com 4/19/13

If “a baby was about to come out, I would take the woman to the bathroom, they would sit on the toilet and basically the baby would fall out and it would be in the toilet and I would be rubbing her back and trying to calm her down for two, three, four hours until Dr. Gosnell comes,” [clinic worker Latosha] Lewis told the grand jury.

Gosnell preferred to have the babies expel “because it made his job easier,” reads the [grand jury] report, which adds, “If fetuses had not precipitated, Gosnell would often have his staff physically push them out of their mothers by pressing in the mother’s abdomens.”

The report continues: “James Johnson, who supposedly cleaned the clinic and bagged its infectious waste, confirmed Lewis’s account. He testified that sometimes patients ‘miscarried or whatever it was’ into the toilet and clogged it.”

“He described how he had to lift the toilet so that someone else – he said it was too disgusting for him – could get the fetuses out of the pipes,” reads the grand jury report.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

For further background, read Live-Birth Abortion? Just Kill the Baby Afterwards, Says Planned Parenthood and also read Lead Abortionist Joins Obama Full-time as well as President Obama Makes New Promise to Fund Killing Babies

In addition, read of Barack Obama's opposition to protection for infants born alive during abortion procedures. and also listen to Barack Obama argue that abortionists can be trusted to care for live babies born during an attempted abortion (audio):

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'New Gay Disease' Spreads in New York & California

In a desperate attempt to ensure "safe sex" among homosexual men, health officials in gay enclaves on both coasts are urging sexual deviants to be on guard against the spread of bacterial meningitis.

UPDATE 6/6/15 - New Gay Health Risk in Chicago: Meningococcal Disease

For background, read Federal Government Reports Majority of New HIV Cases from Homosexual Behavior and also read HIV Infections Rampant Among Homosexuals Says Fed. CDC as well as Anal Sex is Main Cause of HIV Pandemic: Study

UPDATE 5/7/13: New Sex Disease, Worse than HIV/AIDS, Identified

UPDATE 7/4/13: Florida health officials warn homosexuals of latest death risk

UPDATE 5/26/14: Another U.S. Deadly Gay Disease Epidemic: Syphilis

-- From "LA County meningitis death sparks call to action" by The Associated Press 4/16/13

[The pro-homosexual] AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein said Tuesday the deaths of two 30-year-old men should be investigated for connections to the bacterial meningitis that killed 33-year-old Brett Shaad Saturday.

Public health officials would not confirm the cases, though one of them was announced by San Diego State university, where one of the men was a graduate student.

Shaad's case brought warnings from West Hollywood officials to sexually active gay men to beware of the threat.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Meningitis Spreading Via Anonymous Sex in NYC" by Katie Moisse, ABC News 3/22/13

New York City health officials are urging some men to get vaccinated against meningitis amid an outbreak that has sickened 22 New Yorkers and killed seven.

The dangerous strain of bacterial meningitis appears to be spreading through sexual encounters between men who meet through websites or smartphone apps, or at bars or parties, according to the City’s health department. More than half of the infected men have had HIV, a virus that attacks the immune system making infections more likely and more severe.

Bacterial meningitis is an infection of the brain’s membranous lining, called the meninges. Early symptoms include fever, headache, vomiting, stiff neck and a rash within 10 days of the infection. If left untreated, the disease can cause severe brain damage and even death, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“I strongly recommend all men who have intimate contact with other men get vaccinated,” Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz said in a statement. “This disease is both potentially fatal and extremely contagious, so increasing the public’s awareness to this growing issue and encouraging vaccination are of the utmost importance.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Two more men died from meningitis last year, group says" by Anna Gorman and Ari Bloomekatz, Los Angeles Times 4/16/13

Public health officials have not said whether the cases were the same strain as the one that caused the death of a 33-year-old West Hollywood lawyer last weekend. State officials said they were investigating the additional deaths and would report their findings if bacterial meningitis is confirmed.

Officials from the county's Department of Public Health did not immediately return phone calls and emails Tuesday. But in a health advisory posted on the agency's website earlier in the week, they said: "At this point in the investigation, Public Health has not identified any other cases of meningococcal meningitis associated with this patient, nor identified any linkage between this patient and outbreaks that have been reported in other areas of the country."

The agency says meningococcal meningitis disease "is a rare infection of the lining of the brain and the spinal cord" and is "spread by very close exposure to sneezing and coughing or direct contact with" saliva or nasal mucus. While it is generally rare, and harder to catch than the common cold, meningitis can be deadly

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read New York City Plagued with Sexual Immorality Diseases

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pope Cracks Down on American Liberal Nuns, Priests

Pope Francis is wasting no time in calling out apostasy and hypocrisy in the Roman Catholic Church, while recognizing the world-wide persecution of Christians. The Pope told priests to "practice what they preach" and intends to replace feminism with Church doctrine in the American Catholic women's group.

For background, read Pope Francis Says Gay Agenda is Work of the Devil and also read All Religions to Team Up Against Gay Agenda as well as Pope Says Gay Agenda & Abortion Dooms Society

And remember the assurance from Pope Benedict XVI: Public Opinion Won't Liberalize the Church

-- From "Pope Francis reaffirms crackdown on U.S. nuns" by Tom Kington, Los Angeles Times 4/15/13

The Vatican said in a statement Monday that Francis had reaffirmed the doctrinal evaluation and criticism of U.S. nuns made last year by the Holy See under his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. The assessment accused the Leadership Conference of Women Religious [LCWR], an organization that represents most U.S. female Catholic orders, of promoting "radical feminist themes" and ignoring the Vatican's hard line on same-sex marriage and abortion.

At the time, the Vatican dispatched an archbishop to rewrite the group's statutes and set up reeducation programs to bring nuns back into line, alleging that leaders of U.S. orders had challenged the church's teachings on women's ordination and ministry to homosexuals.

The move was denounced by Pat Farrell, then the head of the organization, as creating "pain and scandal." Protest vigils were held outside churches, and a petition attacking the Vatican's decision attracted 50,000 signatures.

Since his election, Francis has won positive reviews for his informal style, his off-the-cuff homilies and his desire to reach out to the poor. But he has long been known for his conservative views on social issues.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Pope Francis reaffirms Vatican's call for reform of U.S. nuns' group" by Carol Glatz, Catholic News Service 4/15/13

Archbishop Gerhard Muller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, told the U.S.-based nuns' group that he had "recently discussed the doctrinal assessment with Pope Francis, who reaffirmed the findings of the assessment and the program of reform for this conference of major superiors."

LCWR is a Maryland-based umbrella group that claims about 1,500 leaders of U.S. women's communities as members, representing about 80 percent of the country's 57,000 women religious.

Last April, the doctrinal congregation issued an assessment of LCWR, citing "serious doctrinal problems which affect many in consecrated life." The assessment called for the organization's reform to ensure its fidelity to Catholic teaching in areas including abortion, euthanasia, women's ordination and homosexuality. LCWR's canonical status is granted by the Vatican.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Christian credibility undermined by hypocrisy, pope says" by Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service 4/15/13

"One cannot proclaim the Gospel of Jesus without the tangible witness of one's life," the pope said April 14 during a homily at Rome's Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls.

In his homily, Pope Francis said people outside the church "must be able to see in our actions what they hear from our lips."

"Inconsistency on the part of the pastors and the faithful between what they say and what they do, between word and manner of life, is undermining the church's credibility," the pope said.

Pope Francis said St. Paul teaches Christians that following Christ requires a combination of three things: proclaiming the Gospel; bearing witness to the faith in one's life, even to the point of martyrdom; and worshiping God with all one's heart.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Pope Francis Prays for Persecuted Christians" by Katherine Weber, Christian Post Reporter 4/15/13

"Let us pray especially for Christians who suffer persecution," he said during his sermon on the third Sunday of Easter at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy, in front of a crowd of nearly 80,000 Christians.

"[The apostles'] faith was based on so powerful and personal an experience of Christ crucified and risen, that they were not afraid of anything or anyone, and even saw their persecution as a badge of honor, that made them capable of following in the footsteps of Jesus and to be like Him, bearing witness with their lives," the pope said.

"… and in these times, there are many Christians who suffer persecution, a great many, in many countries: let us pray for them from our heart, with love, that they might feel the living and comforting presence of the Risen Lord."

According to International Christian Concern, 200 million Christians across the world suffer persecution due to their faith

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE 12/16/14: From "Vatican offers olive branch to US nuns" by The Associated Press

A sweeping Vatican investigation into Roman Catholic nuns in the U.S. that began amid fears they had become too feminist and secular ended up praising the sisters for their selfless work caring for the poor — a major shift in tone that reflected the social justice mindset of Pope Francis.

The report was most remarkable for what it didn't say, given the criticism of American religious life that prompted the Vatican under Pope Benedict XVI to launch the investigation in 2009.

There was no critique of the nuns, no demands that they shift their focus from social justice to emphasize Catholic teaching on abortion, no condemnation that a feminist, secular mentality had taken hold in their ranks.

The average age of U.S. nuns today is mid-to-late 70s. They are facing dwindling finances to care for their sisters as they age and haven't had much success in finding new vocations. The report asked the sisters to make sure their training programs reflect church teaching and ensure their members pray and focus on Christ.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE 12/16/14: From "Vatican report calls U.S. women religious to continued dialogue" by Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service

Although initially seen by many religious and lay Catholics as a punitive measure, the apostolic visitation concluded with the publication Dec. 16 of a 5,000-word final report summarizing the problems and challenges the women themselves see in their communities and thanking them for their service to the church and to society, especially the poor.

The visitation process, carried out between 2009 and 2012 with detailed questionnaires and on-site visits, mainly by other women religious, "sought to convey the caring support of the church in respectful, sister-to-sister dialogue," says the final report by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.

In summarizing the results, the congregation called for special attention in several areas, including: formation programs for new members; the personal, liturgical and common prayer life of members; ensuring their spiritual practices and ministries are fully in harmony with church teaching "about God, creation, the Incarnation and redemption" in Christ; strengthening community life, especially for members living on their own or with just one other sister; living their vow of poverty while wisely administering financial resources; and strengthening communion within the church, especially with the bishops and Vatican officials.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read Vatican 'Gay Mafia' Reports; Cardinal Resigns