Thursday, March 21, 2013

Law Needed to Keep Men out of Women's Locker Room

After the Phoenix City Council granted the right of citizens to claim opposite-gender identity (so-called "transgender rights"), the Arizona state legislature is now considering a bill to forbid men who claim to be women to enter the ladies' room, and vice versa.  The bill states that sex is based on a person's birth certificate, rather than his/her feelings.
"This law simply restores the law of society: Men are men and women are women.  For a handful of people to make everyone else uncomfortable just makes no sense."
-- Rep. John Kavanagh, regarding Senate Bill 1432
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-- From "Arizona bill ties restroom use to birth gender" by Cristina Silva, Associated Press 3/20/13

The bill would require people to use public restrooms, dressing rooms or locker rooms associated with the sex listed on their birth certificate or face six months in jail.

With more people identifying as transgender, state and local governments are increasingly banning gender-identity discrimination to ward off legal battles, but opponents and proponents alike complain the laws don't explicitly demand businesses provide equal access for transgender people, creating confusion over how governments, restaurants, clothing stores and other establishments must act.

The term transgender covers men and women whose identity does not match with their birth-assigned sex, including cross-dressers and people who don't want to alter their bodies hormonally or surgically.

More than 100 cities and counties have passed laws prohibiting gender-identity discrimination . . .

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From "Phoenix mulls law limiting transgender restroom use" by Dustin Gardiner, The Arizona Republic 3/20/13

At the center of the controversy is a debate over whether Phoenix's new ordinance allows a person born a man but identifying as a woman to use the women's restroom and vice versa. There's no legal consensus, but city attorneys have said that a transgender person might, in some cases, have a discrimination claim under the law if blocked from using the restroom.

Critics of Phoenix's move have repeatedly raised fears that the city opened the door for sexual predators to share bathrooms with women and girls. They labeled it the "bathroom bill," a nickname gay-rights advocates said was an inflammatory distraction.

[Phoenix] Councilman Tom Simplot, who is openly gay and pushed the reforms, said if SB 1432 becomes law, it would criminalize the "very nature" of being transgender, a term used to describe people who identify as a sex different than that they were born as.

[SB 1432] includes exemptions for children who need assistance, the physically disabled, people giving aid to others and those who must enter a bathroom as part of their job responsibilities, such as a janitor or maintenance worker.

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