Sunday, November 11, 2012

San Fran. OKs Taxpayer-funded Sexual Mutilation

The San Francisco Health Commission has expanded its universal health care covering patients suffering gender identity, but NOT by providing counseling and treatment for their mental illness, but rather by providing hormone and other treatments exacerbating their problems, and now as well as surgery to remove healthy female breasts, male and female genitalia, etc.

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-- From "Transgender surgeries to be included in SF health plan" by Lisa Leff, Associated Press 11/11/12

The city’s Health Commission voted Tuesday to create a comprehensive program for treating transgender people experiencing mental distress because of the mismatch between their bodies and their gender identities. San Francisco already provides transgender residents with hormones, counseling and routine health services, but has stopped short of offering surgical interventions, Public Health Director Barbara Garcia said Thursday after the vote was announced.

The idea for a new program that included surgeries came out of conversations between public health officials and transgender rights advocates who wanted mastectomies, genital reconstructions and other surgeries that are recommended for some transgender people covered under San Francisco’s 5-year-old universal health care plan.

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From "San Francisco Offers Transgender Health Care As Part Of City's Universal Health Care Plan" by Aaron Sankin, Huffington Post 11/09/12

San Francisco became the first city in the nation to offer universal health care to its citizens through the Healthy SF program, which provides government subsidized health services to uninsured residents. Now, with a unanimous vote of the San Francisco Health Commission, the Healthy SF program will extend to transgender patients.

A report by LGBT [Gay Agenda] advocacy group Human Rights Campaign noted that in 2004, only one percent of Fortune 500 companies offered transgender-inclusive health insurance policies. By 2011, that number had grown to 25 percent.

The San Francisco already offers transgender-inclusive plans to city employees.

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From "Gender spenders: San Francisco to foot bill for sex changes" posted at 11/9/12

Backers say it will help ease the mental anguish of people who feel they are trapped in bodies of the wrong gender, but critics wonder why the taxpayers should foot the bill.

“Taxpayers cannot afford this, as there are unintended costs and unintended consequences unrelated to the actual surgery, such as their longer-term hormone treatment, psychology needs and other longer term health issues,” said Thomas Moyer, a City by the Bay resident and author of “A Conservative Survival Guide to San Francisco.”

“This surgery is not an essential health function, especially when it would be taking money away from those suffering from chronic illnesses like cancer, Aids, and heart disease,” Moyer said. “We are already stretched too thin as San Francisco is facing a budget deficit and won't be able to afford the costs of this.”

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From "San Francisco to Expand Healthcare Insurance to Cover Transgender Surgeries" by Amber Moore, Medical Daily 11/9/12

"This decision will help get critically needed medical care to countless transgender Americans. More and more medical authorities finally agree: nobody should be denied healthcare simply because of who they are," said Herndon Graddick, president of GLAAD [a Gay Agenda advocacy organization].

In May this year, Argentina approved a law that would give people a right to change their gender and even get required surgeries covered by medical plans.

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