Friday, May 11, 2012

Judge Rules Against Religion, Favors Hospital

Texas State District Judge Michael Gomez ruled against the parents of 2-month-old Gabriel Zepeda whom doctors said could benefit from heart surgery.  The parents said their faith precludes them from subjecting their child to the will of the hospital, but the judge's order allows doctors to take control from the Jehovah's Witnesses parents, whose faith refuses blood transfusions even in life-or-death situations.

-- From "Hospital can perform baby's surgery that parents declined" by Todd Ackerman, Houston Chronicle 5/10/12

"It is the opinion of Dr. Douglas Moodie, Gabriel's cardiologist, that the boy will suffer permanent harm or death unless he receives this operation," hospital lawyers said in the court petition.

Gabriel's parents, who were not identified in court documents, declined a Chronicle request for an interview made through the hospital. The court petition said that despite being told of the possible need to administer blood products, the parents "refuse to consent."

Blood products were required in Gabriel's case "even though the surgery will be performed in a minimally invasive method," the court petition said.

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