Saturday, January 07, 2012

Archbishop to Priests: Support Marriage or Be Quiet

St. Paul-Minneapolis Archbishop John C. Nienstedt, in an ultimatum to his underlings, said that if they can't speak out in favor of the Minnesota one-man-one-woman marriage referendum on the 2012 ballot, then they must remain silent.

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-- From "Archbishop Nienstedt to priests: Support marriage amendment or be quiet if you disagree" by Joe Kimball, 1/6/12

Any priests with "personal reservations" about the [pro-marriage] effort should not share them publicly, the archbishop says in a letter to priests and deacons . . .

In the letter, Nienstedt says it is no exaggeration to say that "the movement to protect and defend the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman we are faced with one of the greatest challenges of our times."

He says he expects "all the priests and deacons in this Archdiocese" to "support this venture and cooperate with us in the important efforts that lie ahead," noting that when ordained, each "made a promise to promote and defend all that the Church teaches."

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From "Minnesota Archbishop Tells Priests Not to Oppose Church Teachings on Marriage" by Ben Johnson, 1/6/12

[Nienstedt] believes efforts to redefine marriage now threaten to overwhelm the culture and confuse a generation of children. “Today we can say with clarity what the natural reality of marriage is,” he said.“That may not be possible in years to come if we fail to be successful now.”

Although the Church’s ultimate goal is promoting the spiritual life, Abp. Nienstedt views the defense of marriage as part of the New Evangelization. He has appointed teams consisting of one priest and a married couple to explain the Church’s full beliefs on the sacrament of marriage in Catholic schools.

“I want the focus here to be a positive one - let’s celebrate the reality of what God designed from the beginning as affirmed in the first chapter of Genesis and that Jesus reaffirmed in the 19th chapter of St. Matthew’s Gospel,” Archbishop Nienstedt said.

Catholics seeking to change the Faith’s constant teaching on sexual morality were outraged by his actions. “When I first read this letter I couldn’t believe that the Archbishop was telling priests and deacons to be silent if they were opposed to the marriage amendment,” said Paula Ruddy , an editor at The Progressive Catholic.

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Excerpts from the Archbishop's letter:
Dear Fathers and Deacons,

. . . The end game of those who oppose the marriage amendment that we support is not just to secure certain benefits for a particular minority, but, I believe, to eliminate the need for marriage altogether. This can only lead to continued destabilizing the family unit itself. Both those realities will happen if marriage is redefined or, perhaps better put, “undefined.”

We did not choose this challenge nor do any of us relish the confrontation it will bring, but neither can we remain silent in order to get along. We must witness to the truth so as to realize the common good of our society.

May God bless us all.

With every good wish, I remain
Fraternally yours in Christ,

The Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt
Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis