Thursday, February 18, 2010

Obama Ever-changing on Same-sex 'Marriage'

In 1996, Barack Obama favored same-sex 'marriage' but in 2004 he opposed it on religious grounds (yet his 'church' favors it). Then in 2008 he opposed same-sex 'marriage' while campaigning for the presidency (favoring California's Prop 8), but then after being elected, he opposed Prop 8, and now favors repealing the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.

UPDATE 10/28/10: Obama says his position on same-sex 'marriage' is evolving (again)

UPDATE 1/26/11: White House won't clarify President's position on same-sex 'marriage'

UPDATE 6/17/11: Obama spokesman challenged by far left on 1996 questionnaire (video):

-- From "Obama elusive on about-face on same-sex marriage" by Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer 2/17/10

He is far from unique among presidents in changing positions he held before his election. But presidents usually attribute their turnabouts to external events or congressional resistance.

Geoff Kors, executive director of Equality California, [the state's largest gay rights group,] dismissed the president's shifting stance as "pure politics."

"When he was running for office in Chicago and wanted strong support from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community, he made it clear he supported full equality," Kors said. "Since he has continued to seek higher office, he has changed his position for the worse.

"It's especially appalling that he is citing his religious beliefs as grounds for his public government position on the civil marriage issue because he knows better," Kors said.

Obama attended the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for 20 years and has said he found his faith there. He resigned in May 2008 during an uproar over the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's sermons that labeled the United States a racist, warmongering nation.

In 2005, the United Church of Christ's governing General Synod passed a resolution endorsing "equal marriage rights for couples regardless of gender." The church, with 1.1 million members, is the largest U.S. denomination to support same-sex marriage.

Since becoming president, Obama has attended services at several Washington churches but has not joined one. Asked about the president's current affiliation, the White House press office described him as a "committed Christian" who prays daily.

The White House did not reply to questions about how Obama's religious interpretation of marriage might have changed over the years.

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