Thursday, November 05, 2009

Judge Halts Abortion Parental Notification in Illinois, Again

[Cook County Circuit Court] Judge Daniel Riley granted a temporary restraining order sought by the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois in the late afternoon, hours after Illinois' medical disciplinary board decided the state could begin enforcing the law.

-- From "Abortion law: Court blocks Illinois' parental notification law" by Sara Olkon, Chicago Tribune reporter 11/5/09

The restraining order was based on an October lawsuit filed by a Chicago physician and a Granite City women's medical clinic who believe the 1995 law is unconstitutional and would harm minors by preventing them from obtaining safe abortions or force them to carry their pregnancies to term.

During the hourlong court hearing Wednesday, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Ioppolo argued that the state was well within its right to enforce notification.

Debate has shadowed the notification law for more than 30 years. In July, a federal appeals court in Chicago lifted an injunction on a 1995 version of the law, clearing it for enforcement. In August, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation gave doctors a 90-day grace period before enforcement would begin Tuesday.

Critics of the delay say teens from neighboring states with stricter rules drive to Illinois to avoid talking to their parents about a pregnancy. Iowa requires notification, and with some exceptions, doctors performing abortions in Indiana, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin must have parental consent before doing the procedure.

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