Saturday, April 18, 2009

Texas Reconsiders Funding Planned Parenthood

The Department of State Health Services on April 2 ordered four clinics in San Antonio to stop providing unlicensed abortion services . . .

-- From "Group of lawmakers want investigation of clinics" by Jackie Stone, Associated Press Writer 4/14/09

Some conservative members of the Texas House said Tuesday that a controversy over Planned Parenthood clinics in San Antonio should be investigated more and may lead them to seek a cut in state funding for the low-income health care provider.

The conservative coalition and the Texas Alliance for Life said Planned Parenthood endangered the lives of women by performing illegal, unregulated abortions.

State law prevents the state from giving any money to abortion providers. The roughly $10 million Planned Parenthood gets from the state each year can only be used by clinics that do not provide any abortion services.

Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, R-Rockwall, on Tuesday said Planned Parenthood should be held more accountable and be further investigated.

"By receiving this money, Planned Parenthood makes itself accountable to the taxpayers and must answer to the taxpayers when it breaks their trust," she said.

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