Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Massachusetts Supreme Court Admits It Exceeded its Authority in Legalizing Same-sex Marriage in MA

January 2, 2007
By Bob Unruh
, WorldNetDaily.com

A leader of the Parents' Rights Coalition in Massachusetts says he believed all along that Gov. Mitt Romney chose to implement "gay" marriages in that state, and now a court has confirmed that it did not have the power to order that change.

John Haskins, associate director of the family-support organization, told WND that three years after the Goodridge decision by the Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts, "Americans merely have to note that the judges admit now … that they have no power over the other branches of government, and that the state constitution says that only the legislature can suspend laws."

His reference is to last week's ruling that concluded the state legislature is bound under the state constitution to vote up-or-down on voter initiatives presented to the lawmaking body. That group so far has defied that responsibility on a proposal signed by 170,000 Massachusetts residents calling for that up-or-down vote on an initiative that would allow voters to define marriage in Massachusetts.

The lawmakers voted to recess until today, the last day of the current legislative session, without voting on that measure.

That Supreme Judicial Court opinion noted that the vote is a constitutional requirement, even though the court held no power to force a vote.

However, when that same court three years ago ruled that "gay" marriages must be recognized by the state, the governor began implementing those rules changes, even though there was no such requirement, Haskins said.

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