Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Art World Luminaries Rally to Curator Accused of Child Porn Exhibit

PARIS, December 6, 2006 ( – More than 100 international figures of the art world have rushed to the defence of Henry-Claude Cousseau who is facing charges of displaying child pornography as art. Among the modern art luminaries defending Cousseau is England’s Sir Nicholas Serota, the curator of the prestigious Tate gallery.

Alfred Pacquement, director of the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris told the Times that Cousseau is a “serious figure” in the modern art world.The petition states, “We wish to express our dismay at this attack on the artistic and curatorial freedom of expression and offer our unconditional support for Henry-Claude Cousseau in the present circumstances, together with the exhibition curators Marie-Laure Bernadac (a curator at the Louvre) and Stéphanie Moisdon (an art critic).”

The exhibition called, Presumed Innocent: Contemporary Art and Childhood, held in 2000, displayed works that included video footage of children performing graphic sex acts and photos of young children with their eyes scratched out.