Friday, July 14, 2006

Let the Gaymes Begin! (Moody Radio text)

Let the Games begin! The Gay Games, that is. Nearly 12,000 athletes from 65 countries as well as an anticipated 75,000 spectators will descend on Chicago this Saturday for a week long series of competitions and festivities. From bath houses to gay bars to parties sponsored by a company called Sexy K. Party, there should be plenty to do.

This is Sandy Rios with Culture Campaign.

Not only has the State Department suspended travel restrictions for HIV positive international guests, the Mayor of our city, who lobbied successfully for these games is rolling out the red carpet. He is urging Chicagoans not only to attend but to “embrace” them. When asked if Chicago’s decision to host the Gay Games would enhance his administration’s reputation as “pro-gay,” he responded, “I hope so. Yes. Definitely.” You may remember just last year as gay marriage was erupting nation wide, laws ignored, chaos ensuing, it was our own Richard M. Daley who stood at the national Mayor’s conference to state unequivocally his intention to make homosexual marriage legal in the City of Chicago.

With sponsors like American Airlines, Walgreens and Kraft one would assume this event to be as wholesome as Grandma’s apple pie. And with a Mayor from a strong Roman Catholic tradition and family, an endorsement from such a man should be…well, okay...right?

When homosexual men get together, they don’t look for activities to enjoy common interests, they look for activities to find and expedite sex. The average homosexual male has hundreds of partners in a lifetime. A recent study revealed that even those in so-called “committed relationships” have an average of 8 partners per year outside of that …uh...committed relationship. Bath Houses aren’t for baths. Gay bars aren’t for drinking…it’s all about hooking up anywhere…everywhere…with as many people as possible. People die because of this. The average gay man dies 15 to 20 years earlier than his heterosexual counterpart. HIV Aids…sexually transmitted disease of all stripes…heartache…loneliness…suicide…these things mark the lifestyle of the “gay community.”

So when our nation’s State Department suspends its restrictions on seriously infected visitors, endangering its own citizens, and our Mayor enters into the charade of championing perversion along with corporations long trusted, one has to ask, “What other game is being played here?”

Do you think Mayor Daley is aware of the American Airlines pilot recently relieved of his duties? His crime? Violating a new policy which states no employee may…even in the privacy of friendship on their own time make any statement construed as negative regarding homosexuality. A simple accusation from an observer can now cost you your future. So American Airlines silences legitimate concern while encouraging a whole population of people to terminate their lives while infecting others to the sound of Chicago Blues, under the beautiful skyline of our lovely city, in the confines of beloved Soldier Field and gorgeous Wrigley….and the Mayor is encouraging us to “embrace” it?

But while the stolen rainbow glows more brightly, the world is indeed getting darker…the world darker, the judgment greater and the end nearer. Pray for the hearts of homosexual athletes this week…pray for our beautiful city and our very dangerously misguided mayor. Meanwhile…let the games begin!

For Moody Radio, this is Sandy Rios.