Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kindergartners Taught Sex Change in Maine School

Parents of Horace Mitchell Primary School in Kittery, Maine were shocked to learn that their children were given the lesson of a sexually confused toddler encouraged by his parents to pretend to be a girl and to ask "the good fairy to change his genitalia."  Superintendent of Schools Allyn Hutton said it's a necessary lesson: "The whole culture at Mitchell School is about teaching tolerance and respect."
“When our students and their parents have questions related to LGBTQ issues, our goal is to foster healthy dialog [sic], critical thinking and inclusiveness. With that in mind, our conversations include all students and perspectives to create a safe and supportive school climate.”
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Also read how the Gay Agenda permeates public schools with "transgender rights" and read how it impacts every citizen of America.

In addition read how public school curricula indoctrinate children, even using pornography in the classroom, so it should be no surprise how students reflect this sexualization.

-- From "Kittery school put on defensive about transgender lesson" by Jesse Scardina, Portsmouth Herald 4/17/15

During a lesson on tolerance and acceptance implemented by the guidance department, the book “I Am Jazz” by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings was read to 20 of 22 classes in the Grades K-3 school. The story is about a young child “with a boy’s body but a girl’s brain,” who goes through a childhood struggle of identifying with her true self until she and her family speak with a new doctor and come to understand the child is transgender.

[Supt.] Hutton said educating students about transgender people is important because there are students within the district who identify as such.

Hutton said a majority of parents expressed support of the lesson, while others would have rather had notification beforehand.

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From "Maine School's 1st Grade Curriculum: Reading, Writing and Transgenderism?" posted by Lauren at The Sean Hannity Show 4/14/15

. . . The mother was less than pleased to learn that this book was involved in the class curriculum and says, “I feel like my thoughts, feelings and beliefs were completely ignored….My right as a parent to allow or not allow this discussion with my child was taken from me. It is very upsetting to me that I didn't have an option at all.”

The concerned parent says her son had many questions for her after she asked him about the book. For instance, he asked his mother if he was “transgender” or not and also whether or not he could be “a girl in love with a girl.” The mother says that up until time the topic was brought up in school, her son had never said anything like that before.  “I was taken aback by it,” the parent said. “Being seven, once you put something in their mind they don't forget so easily.”

The concerned parent also went to school authorities and expressed her concerns with the lesson and says, “When I spoke with the principal [David Foster] he was very cold about it. It's amazing how thoughtless the school has been with this whole thing.”

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From "Jazz Jennings has written I am Jazz for transgender children like herself" posted at news.au.com 10/25/14

This 14-year-old has written the first picture book for children about growing up transgender — an accomplishment that has seen her named one of the world’s most influential teens.

Florida teenager Jazz Jennings was born male but started identifying as a girl at the age of two.

Jazz says her parents Greg and Jeanette decided to seek advice when she asked “Mummy, when’s the good fairy going to come with her magic wand and change, you know, my genitalia?”

By the age of five she was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, or Gender Dysphoria, and started making the transition to living life as a female.

She started taking blockers that prevented the growth of body hair and with oestrogen therapy her body started to grow breasts during puberty.

Jazz will have to wait until she is 18 to have gender reassignment surgery.

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And read about myriad male teachers all of a sudden showing up at school as women.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Doctors: Abortion Causes Breast Cancer—Media Silent

As liberal media continue to tout abortion industry claims to the contrary, the American College of Pediatricians is repeating its conclusive warning of the causal link of abortion to breast cancer, especially for adolescents. A 2013 study by Dr. Rebecca Johnson, Seattle Children’s Hospital cancer specialist, demonstrates “an increasing risk of breast cancer with each subsequent abortion,” but finds no evidence of increased breast cancer risk from miscarriage.

For background, read Breast Cancer Soars Worldwide, Main Cause Censored and also read Study of Chinese Women Shows Abortion-Breast Link as well as Breast Cancer Soars, Obvious Abortion Cause Hushed

In addition, read Women Who Give Birth Live Longer and Healthier

-- From "Induced abortion linked to breast cancer risk" posted at FoodConsumer.org 4/19/15

The [pediatricians group's] press release claims that "the medical community has been reluctant to acknowledge the link, induced abortion prior to a full term delivery, and prior to 32 weeks of gestation, increases the likelihood that a woman will develop breast cancer."

A study led by Dr. Johnson and her colleagues and published in Feb 2013 shows that incidence of metastatic breast cancer in young women aged 25 to 39 years has been increased in the U.S., according to the release.  Studies in China, India and Romania show that abortion is associated with risk of breast cancer in a “dose” responsive manner.

In the United States, about one third of pregnancies are terminated or aborted.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Know Your ABCs: The Abortion Breast Cancer Link" Press Release by The American College of Pediatricians 4/7/15

In February 2013, Dr. Johnson and her colleagues made national news when they reported an increased incidence of metastatic breast cancer in young women in the U.S. aged 25 – 39 years.  Other epidemiological studies from China, India, and Romania demonstrate an increasing incidence of breast cancer as abortions increased – with a “dose effect” showing an increasing risk of breast cancer with each subsequent abortion. President Den Trumbull states, “When one considers the normal anatomy and physiology of the breast it becomes clear that this link is causal not merely correlational.”

The College looks to the day when the lives and health of all children from conception to natural death will be respected and protected. In the mean time, the College urges all health care providers to educate women on the risks associated with induced abortion, including the increased risk of breast cancer.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Abortion and the Risk of Breast Cancer: Information for the Adolescent Woman and Her Parents" by American College of Pediatricians – December 2013

Induced abortion (IA) prior to 32 weeks gestation appears to increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. This association is largely ignored by the mainstream medical community, not included in sex education programs, and even disputed by some. For example, the Guttmacher Institute claims, “Exhaustive reviews by panels convened by the U.S. and British governments have concluded that there is no association between abortion and breast cancer. There is also no indication that abortion is a risk factor for other cancers.” However, as documented by the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, the vast majority of studies (57 of 73 worldwide) do show a strong association between IA and an increased risk of breast cancer. This discrepancy exists for many reasons, including bias in the selection of articles chosen for “exhaustive review,” as well as flaws in methodology (e.g. including spontaneous abortions along with IAs) of some studies that discount the association. As with any medical treatment or recommendation, a lack of 100 percent certainty and the need for constant re-evaluation is not a legitimate rationale for withholding potentially life-threatening information concerning an elective procedure.

To read the entire report above, CLICK HERE.

From "Abortion and Breast Cancer: The Stubborn Link Returns" by Joel Brind, National Review 3/10/15

Prominent abortion practitioner and promoter David Grimes bemoans that bumper stickers still warn that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, even though, he asserts, that “theory . . . was debunked long ago.” So begins Grimes’s recent piece on the Huffington Post’s blog Healthy Living. “Long ago” was, though Grimes doesn’t say so, 1997 to 2008, when there flowed a stream of “debunking” publications — largely studies that were methodologically flawed — reporting that no abortion–breast cancer (ABC) link existed. They were effective in fading the ABC link from public consciousness. But now the ABC link has returned, stubbornly, provoking renewed efforts to debunk it.

Being real, the ABC link is showing up, conspicuously, as millions of women worldwide who have had abortions over the past several decades are coming down with breast cancer at alarmingly increased rates. Dozens of papers are being published that show the trend. Grimes does not acknowledge the recent studies, however, relying rather on the discredited arguments of “long ago” — and some clever sleight of hand — in his shoddy attempt to disprove the link.

. . . Contrary to Grimes’s claim that the ABC link was long ago “debunked,” the epidemiological evidence has grown tremendously stronger. The inference of a causal association between abortion and breast cancer has become all the more compelling, with our advancing knowledge of the hormonal changes during pregnancy and of how such changes during interrupted pregnancies dovetail with the susceptibility of cells in the breast to become cancerous.

But Grimes makes mention of no data from this century at all, only of data from “long ago.”

With over a billion women in China and India alone, a very conservative prediction would be that in the coming decades, millions there will die of breast cancer that can be attributed to abortion. No wonder Grimes is not interested in the recent data: It’s devastating to his “safe abortion” agenda.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "The breast cancer epidemic: 10 facts" by A. Patrick Schneider II, Christine M. Zainer, Christopher Kevin Kubat, Nancy K. Mullen and Amberly K. Windisch, published in The Linacre Quarterly 81 (3) 2014, 244–277

Affecting one in eight U.S. women, breast cancer is a modern American epidemic. This review contains 10 facts that summarize the emerging epidemiology of this tragic development. . . . The incidence of breast cancer has risen dramatically during the last four decades. Moreover, a growing international acceptance of Western style sexual and reproductive practices has been associated with an increase in worldwide breast cancer rates. A number of breast cancer risk factors that are potentially preventable are now established. An early epidemiological insight was that a delay (or avoidance) of childbearing raises the risk of breast cancer. Similarly, a reduced duration (or avoidance) of breastfeeding, is a loss of a natural breast cancer preventive. A greater understanding of the cancer-protective physiological mechanisms that occur during the first full-term pregnancy (FFTP) has resulted in an enhanced understanding of the breast cancer “susceptibility window” that occurs between puberty and the FFTP.

. . . Many reports from the United States and other Western countries have also linked induced abortion (IA) to breast cancer (the abortion–breast cancer (ABC) link). Recently, there has been a surge in the number of reports from multiple, non-Western nations, associating abortion with breast cancer. Consequently, there is now sufficient evidence to conclude that IA is causally linked to breast cancer.

There is also evidence of a compounding of breast cancer risk factors in girls and young women. Recent epidemiological research found a large increase in this malignancy in young women that is metastatic (to bone, brain, and lungs) at the time of diagnosis. This ominous development has “no recommended screening practice” and a dismal prognosis. This sobering trend mandates the need for disclosure of breast cancer risk factors. A medical, legal, and ethical duty for full and accurate informed consent exists for all females. This is especially imperative for a girl (with her parent or guardian), or a young woman, who is considering the choice of an oral contraceptive (OC), including so-called “emergency contraception (EC),” IA (or both) during her “susceptibility window.”

To read the entire report above, CLICK HERE.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Celebrate Islam Day Canceled at Ohio School

Administrators at Mason High School in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio collaborated with the Muslim Student Association to create The Covered Girl Challenge — a day when all girls would wear a hijab like Muslim women.  However when the school's announcement was publicized, parents and other taxpayers educated the school on the First Amendment, causing Principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart to cancel the event.
“I do not recall ever getting an email announcing a Christian Cross Wearing day or a booth for information about the Christian persecution from Islamic terrorists. What happen to the argument of the separation of church and state? My belief is wearing these hijabs represents the oppression of women and Sharia law.”
-- Sharon Poe, school board candidate
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And read myriad examples of public schools favoring Islam.

-- From "Ohio principal cancels headscarf event, apologizes" by The Associated Press 4/18/15

"The Covered Girl Challenge" at Mason High School was intended to combat stereotypes students may face when wearing head coverings.

But Principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart says the school received numerous strong messages as word of the event spread, forcing her to reconsider the event's ability to meet its goals. She says the event sponsored by a Muslim student group should not have been promoted by the school's Student Activities Department.

The event is held on college campuses and other high schools.

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From "School apologizes after inviting all girls to wear a hijab for a day" by Valerie Strauss, Washington Post 4/18/15

The event was supposed to take place at the 830-student, high-performing school on Thursday, but has been canceled.. . .Principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart issued an apology letter the same day after receiving numerous protests. She wrote in part:
. . . Mason High School is committed to being an inclusive and safe environment for all students – regardless of race or religion. The students sponsoring the event only want to combat stereotypes that they face when wearing head coverings. Mason City Schools’ diversity is a source of pride. I am committed to continuing to celebrate all of our cultural richness. . . .
To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Mason High School hijab event canceled over First Amendment concerns" by Joe Rosemeyer, WCPO-TV9 (Cincinnati, OH) 4/17/15

The event isn't unique to Mason High; it's held on college campuses and sometimes at high schools, said Karen Dabdoub, Executive Director of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR].

Mariam [a Muslim girl], one of the students who was helping organize the event, said her friends were excited to see what it would be like to wear a headscarf.

Mason and nearby West Chester have significant Muslim communities; school spokeswoman Tracey Carson said Mason High has several groups with religious affiliations.

"They don't leave their faith at the door," Carson said. "We want students to take leadership roles and educate their community."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Taxpayer-Funded School Faces Massive Backlash For ‘Covered Girl Challenge’ HIJAB DAY" by Eric Owens, Education Editor, Daily Caller 4/18/15

Another effort at a taxpayer-funded American high school to persuade female students — but only female students — to wear Muslim headscarves has failed disastrously.

. . . critics noted that the Covered Girl Challenge amounts to an endorsement of Islam [violating the First Amendment].

Female students who wanted to participate were supposed to have their parents fill out a permission slip and return it to the high school office or “Mrs. Jenkin’s room in Z223.”

Mrs. Jenkins appears to be Caryn Jenkins, a social studies teacher at Mason High.

For the record, Feb. 1 is World Hijab Day. . . .

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Area school cancels Muslim cultural event" by Lawrence Budd, Staff Writer, Dayton Daily News 4/17/15

The [hijab] challenge was part of an event planned by the student organization, including information tables during the school day and a discussion after school.

The announcement prompted responses in the district and beyond, some questioning the event, including on Facebook and the website jihadwatch.org.

On Thursday, jihadwatch.org posted a story headlined, “Victory! Mason High school principal cancels hijab event, apologizes.”

“On this Facebook thread, people are whining about this being a victory for ‘bigotry and intolerance,’ but of its is no such thing. In reality, it is a victory for fairness in education,” the story said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Mason principal cancels Muslim event, apologizes" by Hannah Sparling and Michael D. Clark, Cincinnati Enquirer 4/17/15

Yasmeen Allen is an Iraqi native with two teenagers at Mason High. Allen's daughter wears a hijab to mosque worship but not to school, Allen said, adding that the family is "really upset that the school is succumbing to outside pressure of racism and bigotry toward people who are different from them."

Muslim students "were robbed of an opportunity" to support their religion and counter some of the negativity it faces around the world, she said.

This is not the first Muslim-themed controversy to hit the Mason school community. About a decade ago, former school board candidate Sharon Poe and then-board member Jennifer Miller publicly blasted school officials for allowing Muslim students to have a separate lunch hour for fasting during Ramadan, which occurs during the ninth month of the Muslim calendar.

That is a holiday practice still continued at Mason schools. The area, however, is open to any student, regardless of faith, Carson said.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Students Required to Pretend Being Muslim in Wisc.

10th-grade world history teacher Beth Urban at Union Grove (Wisconsin) High School assigned her students to imagine they were Muslim and describe how difficult it would be to live in America based on recent (propaganda) documentaries.  Ms. Urban did NOT require the students to write about ongoing genocide of Christians in Muslim countries.
“The more I look into this [assignment], I do think it needs to be modified some for next year. But I need to let this die down some first.”
-- Superintendent Al Mollerskov, Union Grove Schools
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Tennessee School Denies Teaching Islam, Slams FOX News

UPDATE 4/19/15: Celebrate Islam Day Canceled at Ohio School

-- From "Union Grove High School assignment: Pretend you are a Muslim" posted at Wisconsin Daily Independent 4/13/15

According to the e-mail obtained by popular radio show host Vicki McKenna, the students were to write a five paragraph essay pretending to be a Muslim. . . . The assignment begs to have a few questions answered.

First of all, what documentaries were watched and who produced them?  The Middle East is known for producing several “documentaries” that are full of propaganda and anti-American sentiment.  Is that truly the type of video that our students should be exposed to?  Were there other videos shown to balance the debate on the subject?

Is this assignment a conflict between separation of church and state?  There have been many documented cases of Christian students being denied the ability to pray in public school and today’s history books have been mostly stripped of Christian history.  Why is Christianity allowed to be shunned in our public schools while teachers are allowed to assign an assignment as religious based as this?

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Public High School Assignment: ‘Pretend You Are Muslim’ And Consider ‘Struggles You Face’" by Eric Owens, Education Editor, Daily Caller 4/15/15

A public high school in small-town Wisconsin is under fire for giving students an assignment in which they are to pretend they are Christians and give examples of the hardships they face — getting bullied by public school teachers for reading the Bible, for example, or the inability to start a campus club.

No, wait. Scratch that. That didn’t happen. That’s totally wrong.

The assignment asked students to pretend they are Muslims, reports EAGnews.org.

“I feel that the purpose of the assignment is to show prejudices towards Muslims in America or to invent them or exaggerate them,” one parent who fears being identified told EAGnews.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "High school writing assignment asks students to ‘pretend you are a Muslim’" by Kyle Olson, EAGnews 4/14/15

EAGnews reported on another controversial lesson two years ago – almost to the day – at the same high school.

At that time, students were given a crossword puzzle that defined conservatism as “the political belief of preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms … ”

After EAG’s report, the publishing company, Cerebellum Corporation, announced it would discontinue selling the “skewed” assignment.

“Although we are careful to screen the quality of our products, we are not always able to identify the problems seen in Liberalism vs. Conservatism,” Cerebellum President James Rena said in a statement sent to EAGnews.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "School snubs Christianity in 'be Muslim' assignment" by Leo Hohmann, World Net Daily 4/16/15

Al Mollerskov, district superintendent for Union Grove Schools in Union Grove, Wisconsin, told WND he received nearly 50 calls from irate people all over the country after the story was reported Wednesday on Fox News and many conservative websites.

WND asked the superintendent if the school has given a writing assignment asking students to put themselves in the place of Christians living in a Muslim-majority country such as Iraq or Syria. No such assignment was given, Mollerskov said.

Mollerskov said this was a “point of view” assignment, where the student is asked to write from someone else’s perspective, in this case a Muslim living in America.

Mollerskov said the teacher is covering five major world religions in a world history class over a single semester. The intent is to give students an “overview” of how Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism developed in history. “This was a snippet, not an in-depth study,” he said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Univ. Recruits Teens for Experimental Abortions

Much research is being done on oxytocin, the hormone that increases during pregnancy and causes a strong impulse for a mother to care for her baby.  Now the University of Hawaii and the University of Washington are conducting studies on mothers as young as fourteen who abort their babies to observe various effects of oxytocin, or lack thereof (possibly death of the teen girl).

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And read Planned Parenthood President Asks, Who Cares When Life Begins?

-- From "Oxytocin may influence maternal social behavior, study finds" posted at Medical News Today 4/16/15

Oxytocin is often referred to as the "love hormone," hailed for its role in sexual attraction and maternal bonding. But according to new research, the hormone may also influence maternal social behavior.

The study, recently published in the journal Nature, reveals how oxytocin increases the processing of social information in the left auditory cortex of the brain, prompting female mice to respond to distress calls from their pups.

Next, the team plans to gain a better understanding of the way oxytocin is released in the brain under natural conditions after childbirth.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Hormone oxytocin jump-starts maternal behavior" by Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times 4/15/15

[Oxytocin] surges each time a mother's milk becomes available to nourish and comfort her baby. It spikes when she gazes at her infant, or hears its cry from another room.

“We found that oxytocin turns up the volume of social information processed in the brain," said Robert Froemke, the study's senior author and an assistant professor at New York University's Langone School of Medicine and its Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine.

That makes oxytocin both more powerful and less powerful than many have believed, said Froemke. The hormone should be understood not as a fast-acting love potion, but rather as a well-timed neural nudge toward more social behavior.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "University Recruits Teens to Abort Their Babies in Name of 'Scientific Research'" by Kristan Hawkins, LifeNews.com 4/15/15

Researchers in Hawaii are recruiting girls as young as 14 to participate in second trimester abortions, where the preborn baby is 18-24 weeks gestation, in order to test whether or not oxytocin can reduce bleeding in mothers during and after abortion.

The clinical study in Hawaii is seeking 166 participants and supposedly started in October of last year and is expected to finish in July of this year. . . .

This study at the University of Hawaii is seeking to abort babies 18-24 weeks gestation, putting mothers at a high risk of complications and even death.

The study is currently under way at the Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu, led by Bliss Kaneshiro and Kate Whitehouse. The center does not mention they do abortions on their website nor does it mention they are housing this study and aborting possibly viable babies.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Late-Term Abortion Bleeding Experiment" by Mark Stricherz, Aleteia 4/9/15

Aborting a pregnancy in the second trimester carries risks, physicians say. Irregular bleeding is common for two weeks after the procedure and nine American women who have abortions after 20 weeks gestation die every year, according to figures from medical and abortion-provider groups.

In the randomized trial, researchers experiment by either providing or denying intravenous oxytocin to abortion patients. Oxytocin is commonly used to minimize blood loss and decrease the risk of hemorrhage. However, some doctors are concerned that denying oxytocin during surgery may put patients, especially teen girls, at risk.

Researchers will follow patients until they leave the clinic and gauge their "satisfaction, pain score, and postoperative bleeding," according to the study.

Culturally progressive news sites have not reported on the trial. But Planned Parenthood cites two studies to show that women who abort their pregnancy in the second term are still less likely to die than women who give birth.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Income Inequality = Demise of Married With Children

The politically incorrect data continues to pour in, and of course it's continually ignored by mainstream media, feminists, homosexualists and other sexual revolutionaries:  Marriage and procreation is critical to societal stability and success, including personal economic achievement for both men and women.

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-- From "Don’t be a bachelor: Why married men work harder, smarter and make more money" by W. Bradford Wilcox, Washington Post 4/2/15

. . . Marriage has a transformative effect on adult behavior, emotional health, and financial well-being—particularly for men.  (Parenthood is more transformative for women.)

Our research, featured in a recent report, “For Richer, For Poorer: How Family Structures Economic Success in America,” indicates that men who are married work about 400 hours more per year  than their single peers with equivalent backgrounds. They also work more strategically: one Harvard study found that married men were much less likely than their single peers to quit their current job unless they had lined up another job.

Men who get married work harder and more strategically, and earn more money than their single peers from similar backgrounds. Marriage also transforms men’s social worlds . . .

1.  After marrying, men assume a new identity. . . .

2.  Married men are motivated to maximize their income. . . .

3.  Married men benefit from the advice and encouragement of their wives. . . .

4.  Employers like married men with children. . . .

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Income Inequality: Married Couples With Kids Make Average of $107,054" by Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSNews.com 4/15/15

Married couples with children under 18 years of age, according to the Census Bureau's Current Population Survey (Table HINC-04), made an average household income of $107,054 in 2013 and a median household income of $85,087.

. . . married couples with no children under 18 had an average household income of $91,870 in 2013 and a median household income of $70,995. That was about 86 percent of the average household income and 83 percent of median household income earned by their married counterparts who did have children under 18.

Unmarried couples with children under 18 had an average household income of $65,337 and a median of $50,031. That was only about 61 percent of the average income and 59 percent of median household income of their married counterparts.

Unmarried couples with no children did only a little bit better, with average household incomes of $76,609 and median household incomes of $62,126. That was only about 72 percent of the average household income and 73 percent of the median household income of married couples with kids.

Nonfamily male householders with no minor children had an average household income of $53,217 and a median of $36,600. That was only about 50 percent of the average household income and 43 percent of the median household income of married couples with kids.

Nonfamily female households with no minor children had an average household income of $39,781 and a median of $26,355. That was only 37 percent of the average household income and 31 percent of the median household income of married couples with children.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "The Marriage Benefit--Married Men Make More Money than Singles (They Also Work Way More Hours)" by Donald Liebenson, Spectrem's Millionaire Corner 4/8/15

A new study conducted by W. Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, and Robert Lerman, an economics professor at American University, finds that married men work harder and earn more money than their single counterparts who may be just as qualified.

Is there a correlation between marital status and wealth level? Yes, the Wilcox and Lerman study finds. Married men ages 28-30 make $15,900 more their single counterparts, while married men between 44 and 46 years old make $18,800 more than single men of the same ages.

The Wilcox and Lerman report further posits that “declines in the propensity to marry, along with normative shifts in the acceptability of nonmarital births and fatherlessness, have led to major declines in stable two-parent families, which in turn have exacerbated problems of poverty, increased inequality, and weakened opportunities for economic mobility… We find that men and women who hail from an intact family (where both parents are present) are more likely to flourish in the contemporary workplace and to enjoy an ‘intact-family premium.’”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Strong Nuclear Family Is Crucial To Nation’s Financial Stability" by Richard Larsen, Western Journalism 4/13/15

Drawing from Department of Labor data, [Robert I. Lerman and William Bradford Wilcox] showed how American families experienced an average 80% increase in their real income from 1950-1979. Family income inequality was relatively low, and more than 89% of prime working age men were employed. All of those trends have reversed, and are accelerating to the downside, with the composition and structure of the family playing the most crucial role in this reversal.

In 1980, married parents headed 78% of households with children. By 2012, that had dropped nearly 20%. . . .

Even adjusting for race, education, and other factors, if the share of married parents remained at 78% through 2012, “the rise in the overall median income of parents would have been about 22%, substantially more than the actual growth of 14%.” And if the post-1979 immigrants, coming mostly from low-income countries, are adjusted for, the “growth in median family income would have been 44% higher than 1980 levels.” They therefore conclude that the decline in the share of “married-parent families with children largely explains the stagnancy in median family incomes since the late 1970s.”

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From "Op-ed: Decline of marriage is a primary reason for inequality" by W. Bradford Wilcox, Deseret News 4/5/15

. . . Men who aren’t married to the mother of their children are much less likely to invest financially, practically and emotionally in those children’s lives. That’s because families formed outside of marriage (or split by divorce) typically end with the kids living with mom, while dad’s day-to-day involvement declines.

What’s more: because the decline of marriage is concentrated in working-class and poor communities, these disconnected dads are most likely to be found in the very communities that can least afford to support lots of single-mother headed households. By contrast, the vast majority of college-educated parents manage to get and stay married. The decline of marriage thus ends up being a major contributor to economic inequality, gender inequality and social inequality. . . .

The retreat from marriage also fuels two kinds of gender inequality that rarely get airtime in the mainstream media. First, working-class and poor mothers end up carrying a much bigger share of the load associated with raising children than do (absent) fathers: The parent who lives with the children, in most cases the mother, is predictably going to do most of the day-to-day household and child care chores.

Second, boys from working-class and poor communities struggle more than their female peers to navigate life without the steady involvement of their fathers. . . .

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Abortionists Stymied by New Oklahoma & Kansas Laws

Whereas abortion advocates routinely challenge virtually every new state law limiting abortion, they appear starkly hesitant to sue to block first-of-a-kind second trimester pro-life laws enacted this month in Kansas and Oklahoma.  Apparently abortionists are reticent to defend, publicly in court, the gruesome D&E procedure wherein the unborn baby dies as he/she is literally torn limb-from-limb.

For background, read Illegal to Rip Babies Limb From Limb in Kansas, New Law

-- From "Oklahoma Governor Signs Measure Banning Abortion Procedure" by The Associated Press 4/13/15

Oklahoma has become the second state to ban a common second-trimester abortion procedure that critics describe as dismembering a fetus.

Republican Gov. Mary Fallin signed the legislation Monday after it was overwhelmingly approved by the House and Senate.

The abortion measure prohibits doctors from using forceps, clamps, scissors or similar instruments on a live fetus to remove it from the womb in pieces. Such instruments are used in dilation and evacuation [D&E] procedures performed in the second trimester.

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From "Doctors condemn Oklahoma banning ‘safest’ abortion practice" by Payton Guion in New York, UK Independent 4/14/15

“With this law, Oklahoma has joined Kansas in an alarming trend toward substituting politicians’ agendas for the judgment and expertise of doctors, and then threatening those doctors with criminal charges if they disagree,” Nancy Northup, CEO of the Centre for Reproductive Rights, said in a statement.

Twenty two doctors sent a letter to Steve Brunk, the chairman of the House Federal and State Affairs committee warning the state government about the implications of the law.

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From "Kansas Limits Abortion Method, Opening a New Line of Attack" by Erik Eckholm and Frances Robles, New York Times 4/7/15

In the procedure, the cervix is dilated with medication and the fetus is removed with forceps, often in parts. With a new legal approach intended to highlight what for many are uncomfortable aspects of abortions, groups like National Right to Life hope to expand their efforts.

“The Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act is the first of what we hope will be many state laws banning dismemberment abortions,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “This law has the power to transform the landscape of abortion policy in the United States.”

“The law raises very grave constitutional concerns,” said Janet Crepps, a lawyer with the Center for Reproductive Rights in New York.

It might also be possible, some experts said, for doctors to comply with the law by killing the fetus with an injection of the heart drug digoxin before starting a dilation and evacuation procedure. This is commonly done in very late abortions, after perhaps 18 weeks, but not earlier because, experts say, it seems unnecessary and adds uncertainties to the procedure.

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From "Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb" by Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com 4/14/15

[Gov.] Fallin issued a statement Monday afternoon: “HB 1721 is an important pro-life measure that outlaws gruesome mid-term abortions. I am proud to sign a law that will strengthen protections for unborn children in Oklahoma.”

Rep. Pam Peterson, R-Tulsa, and Sen. Josh Brecheen, R-Coalgate, sponsored the bill and thanked Governor Fallin.

Brecheen said: “I am more than pleased with the passage and signature on the bill. In the last 15 years, over 1,500 unborn children in Oklahoma were aborted through the dismemberment procedure.”

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From "Oklahoma becomes second state to ban dismemberment abortions" Ben Johnson, LifeSiteNews.com 4/14/15

The bill, which takes effect on November 1, passed the state legislature by lopsided majorities, clearing the state House of Representatives 84-2 in February, and the state Senate last week by a 37-4 margin.

D&E abortion accounts for approximately 96 percent of all second trimester abortions, according to the National Abortion Federation – an estimated 100,000 abortions a year.

“So, yes, a dismemberment ban would stop many babies from being aborted,” pro-life newshound Jill Stanek wrote. But she adds that the educational value may be more important yet, since it was during the time that bills banning partial birth abortion were “introduced throughout the states and federally during the 1990s that public opinion began to change on abortion.”

Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist, graphically described D&E abortions on the floor of the House of Representatives in 2012, from removing each part of the body at the joint to finally decapitating the child and extracting the skull and body fragments. “Many times a little face may come out and stare back at you,” he said.

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