Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Students Want Christ De-linked from Calendar

The 'diversity police' at San Antonio's Trinity University don't like diplomas that include the phrase 'In the Year of Our Lord' because it could evoke Jesus Christ.

-- From "Students want ‘Our Lord' phrase off diplomas" by Melissa Ludwig, San Antonio Express-News 3/29/10

[Sidra Qureshi, president of Trinity Diversity Connection,] who is Muslim, has led the charge to tweak the wording, winning support from student government and a campus commencement committee. Trustees are expected to consider the students' request at a May board meeting.

Other students and President Dennis Ahlburg have defended the wording, arguing that references to the school's Presbyterian roots are appropriate and unobtrusive.

Founded by Presbyterians in 1869, Trinity has been governed by an independent board of trustees since 1969 but maintains a “covenant relationship” with the church.

The debate started last year when Isaac Medina, a Muslim convert from Guadalajara, Mexico, noticed the wording while looking at pre-made diploma frames in the Trinity bookstore. When Medina applied to Trinity, university staff told him it wasn't a religious institution and that it maintained only a historical bond to the Presbyterian Church.

At first, Qureshi and Medina sought a change only for students who desired it. But university staff told them the school would not print custom diplomas, so they requested dropping the words “Our Lord” from all diplomas issued.

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